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Mr. T promotes the Mohawk Grenade {WoW}

Nov 18th 2009 4:49AM You know who hammers on about Vanilla wow being so much better? People who aren't very good at the subsequent content.

Also Cath? You win the award for bitter troll lashing out whenever anyone writes anything.

And Thundr? Your friends thinking wow is 'ghey?' That is just sooooo str8t.

If only this grenade worked on army of the dead! Mr T army to cut out that Jibba Jabba and take down that fool arthas!

Patch 3.3 PTR: Lich King audio files mined from latest build {WoW}

Nov 12th 2009 4:18AM Epic! I can't wait for my paladin to go with Sylvanas and get vengeance for Quel'Thalas. Your ass is mine Arthas!

The Queue: Trinket-Palooza 2009 {WoW}

Sep 18th 2009 4:29AM I was wondering, after reading the Arthas novel and seeing how she really built up te conflict between kael'thas and Arthas, and knowing how much input Blizz had in the subjects handled, what do you think the chances of Kael'thas being raised by arthas are? If he did and Kael became a boss in Icecrown, it could leave interesting situations in its wake, perhaps he is freed and regains his pre fel magic madness mind leaving him technically the ruler of the blood elves. Also the lore behind raising him isnt too much of a stretch, after all we killed him and left him for dead in a room. arthas raised his horse after so long, isn't it possible he could raise him too?

Zombie invasion phase 5.5 - quests to the faction leaders and Shattrath [Updated x4] {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 10:25AM I just think that Blizz tried so hard to make this event amazing and to please us and IMO they succeded. Its huge! Plagues dont pick who they infect and someone said before, the exodar and silvermoon are always empty and can therefore be used to push proffs etc. low levels dont usually hand in quests in capitals and I dont see the problem. I dont complain when allies raid my cities, i dont throw a fit and threaten to leave and tbh if you cant enjoy the new things in this game then leave! Its the same folk who complain about gettin the new pvp gear and arena gear in wrath, you cant handle change. change is good! it keeps wow alive! two weeks of some zombies and your suddenly crying? fight for your side! kill those zombies! or if you truly want a game experiance which doesnt change play final fantasy. an MMO is an experiance for everyone and realisticlly you cant please everyone. If wrath just sneaked in and nothing happened you would moan, something happens and you moan. if you are low level do some qs and level, not many zombies in the ghostlands or azuremyst. I just think some of you guys like to sit and judge, and itll never be good enough. so cancel your accounts cos i dont want the likes of you little old ladies ruining the biggest thing in wow in two years and the reason why I love the game. *takes bow, turns into zombie and eats all naysayers*
ps happy hallows end!!