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WoW Moviewatch: Do you speak English? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2008 12:31PM LOL - was just watching this at work. Almost got caught by manager with my laughing

Breaking down Blizzard's world event so far {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 9:34AM I'm still LOL'ing at the picture:

"lol guyz broke ur AH"

Breaking down Blizzard's world event so far {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 9:19AM MMORPG - its an online world just like the real one, just in a fantasy setting.

So such an event as this one had real world effects. Whether you wanted to or not, you knew about the plague, just like the credit crunch thats going on at the moment. The plague is being spread like any real disease or fear, could have been the plague of nazis across europe with hitler, world war being declared, whatever it caused "panic", even on a bigger scale the economy (or wow terms, AH people dying, vendors etc just like a real war would take a big toll on the economy & lifestyle)

Just like real life, you cant escape the effects of the credit crunch or a world war just like you couldnt escape the zombies or Arthas' presence.

Pure genius. We are all playing in the same WoW world, so when big world events like this happens like real life, you shouldnt be able to pick and choose what effects you and what doesnt.

WOTLK is really living up the blizzard standards and it isnt even here yet. Sure the zombies annoyed me some, but on a whole i loved it, there was always that "whats happening? what next?" in the back of my mind and across the realm.

Right now i really love blizzard even if they are nerfing my beloved paladin class "Too The Ground!!"