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Arcane Brilliance: PvPing as a Fire Mage after 3.1 {WoW}

May 10th 2009 4:25AM If you want a nice mage addon for procs get an addon called Mage Fever, and once you start up after installing it type in /mfever options and set up what spells you want it to alert you about. Another thing that helps is getting Parrot floating text since it allows you to keep better track of whats going on damage wise and pretty much everything else that has floating text.

Breaking down Blizzard's world event so far {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 3:19PM While I didn't mind the zombie invasion at first, it did start to piss me off when I realized that my MAGE which hits from a RANGE (AKA Distance) and NEVER COMES IN CONTACT WITH THE ZOMBIE can be infected by just killing a zombie. Learn to make zombies Blizzard and then I won't care. I mean how hard is it to do zombies right? We don't get into melee fights with zombies so we don't get infected. Simple as that. But no Blizzard had there heads up there arses when they put the zombie mechanic in the game and decided to make it so if I even tried to fight the zombies I was turned somehow by casting frost bolt from 36 yards away well out of zombies infection range via bite (which was what was implied when you were infected by just fighting them). So kids keep in mind frost bolt gives you zombie aids, or at least according to Blizzard, who if they did the event right would have gotten no QQ from me. And if you say anything about me being a mage I will retort with I also have a hunter and it did the same thing on my hunter. So that makes two things that shouldn't give you zombie aids that do, arrows and frost bolts. So learn to make zombies Blizzard and try again. Oh and if any warriors complain that they can't fight from a range my response is Blizzard also screwed up the melee aspect of fighting zombies I just didn't go into that part because I didn't feel like going and talking about it.