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A very crabby Hallow's End {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 7:34PM Poor, poor Pumpkadins. I guess this fine specimen who was so cruelly carved into, and had its guts eviscerated (five combos points worth it seems) into the likeness of a Gostly Crab... was just too slow in retreating from Mom's mutilate spec. And as a mockery to all pumpkadins now, its corpse rends the image of the vile pumpkadin betrayer, THE DEVIL CRAB WITH MANY NAMES! THE BLIND IDIOT MINDLESS CRAB WHOSE BLACK PEARLED THRONE SITS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SANDS OF CHAOS ITSELF!


Wow, that pumpkin must of took hours to carve to get the shading right. I wonder if they used real candles, or a lightbulb. Looks like a lightbulb to me anyway.