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Breakfast Topic: Blizzard made me quit {WoW}

Jan 17th 2008 8:31AM I quit back in December to spend some time with the family and I was getting bored of the game anyway, the changes to AV particularly put me off, but also the struggle of playing a priest was no longer fun. I wouldn’t say blizzard made me quit or one change, the game was going down-hill for me since TBC release. (I keep checking this site for game changes and news on WOTLK).

European No More Heroes removes bloody gameplay {Joystiq}

Dec 8th 2007 4:08PM I’m a little confused as to what has changed, the colour of the stuff pouring out of the enemies when you hit them? Really, is seeing blood when you hit someone the real problem or is it this pathetic idea people have these days about violence.
You can’t exactly sensor people getting hurt, this game is for adults, we aren’t going to be affected by seeing blood (completely fictional characters and blood, might I add)...
Just Imagine if movies where changed like this, Saw would be more of a comedy than a horror.
People need to get a reality check if they play a game like this then go on a rampage with a modified light sabre killing people (I think I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent now so I’ll stop).

Night elves are latest shrinking shoulder casualties {WoW}

Sep 6th 2007 1:56PM I am really not bothered about having small shoulders, the problem is that Blizzard won't come out and say what is going on. Are they making them small on purpose, or is it really a "bug"?
I don't see why it is so hard to give a straight answer on such a simple thing...

Epic mount price drop rumors {WoW}

Jul 29th 2007 2:46PM Yeah it would be a bit unfair to drop the price at this point; I almost have enough for an epic flying mount and will soon start my Netherdrake rep grind, if the price was to drop so soon after me earning the money I would demand to get some money back.

It all depends on how much the next expansion relies on mounts, Like at level 70 everyone "needs" a flying mount so it is quite cheap; the epic one, however, is more of a luxury thus the price is much higher.
So if a new "must have" mount is introduced then the price for the skill may drop so everyone can pay for the new skill.

Mysterious Mysteries: UFO spotted above Honor Hold {WoW}

Jul 18th 2007 6:14PM Phantasmal Lash (I think its called), I think I've seen them before in moonglade. They look just like that one. What it is doing above Honor hold, I have no idea...
They can be found there.

Demon water wings {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 11:19AM One of the last few patches the Priest move Levitate was changed so when you stood still you hovered with your feet pointing down, instead of just standing there. I don't remember seeing it in the patch notes but I was please to see they took the time.

Known 2.1 issues (and a few more besides) {WoW}

May 29th 2007 8:31AM I've noticed a few problems when playing my priest; the first is a strange problem with resurrection, the person I rezz can’t see me or doesn’t appear to move so they have to log. The second problem is the Shadow fiend (I have no problem with him running to me but...) the pet bar sometimes doesn’t appear so I cant tell it to attack, this glitch seems completely random and its kind of annoying.
Has anyone else noticed this?

Final College Fantasy {Joystiq}

Jan 5th 2007 1:10PM Ha Ha, that was awesome. Is that the same person who did Ultimate Utopia XXIII?

Nintendo's Wii launch party (Times Square, NYC) {Joystiq}

Nov 19th 2006 2:42PM Ahhh they shouldn't have put the games in buckets, there will be drool all over them :(

Great Coverage Joystiq ;)

ESA head doesn't like term "video game" {Joystiq}

Nov 9th 2006 10:35AM If they changed the name to "entertainment software" would that make me an entertainment software player?

...I think I'll keep myself as a gemer for now.