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E3 2011: Hands-on impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic {Massively}

Jun 13th 2011 4:40PM @(Unverified)
"So let me get this straight... You guys self hyped yourself into thinking this game was going to be something they never said it would be and now you are disappointed? That makes zero sense to me."

This is what has me mystified as well. Bioware I felt has been completely open with there game for awhile now. All you have to do is watch a few videos on there website to understand that the basic combat mechanics found in MMO's like WoW are there. Yes supposedly they are cleaning up that combat by making lightsabers hit blasterbolts and having some fluidity with melee combat. But yes its a 123 button press kinda deal and always has been.

Thankfully I can say that for every story like this one and comments like those on here ragging on this game I can find 10 others saying how awesome this game is and will be.

E3 2011: Hands-on impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic {Massively}

Jun 13th 2011 4:28PM /rant
Look I don't know about you guys here on Massively. This site seems to be becoming more and more like with its negativity. I can't put myself in these contributors shoes as I have yet to play the game myself. Though I have watched the demo's, walkthroughs and watched others play and from everything I have seen this is my kind of game.

Some might say this is to much like WoW mechanics wise. I say who cares. Some might not care about story in a game. I do. And I can't wait to go through the story in this game and see what my choices do to affect it.

In fact I find it kinda funny how fast some of you guys here in comments jump on board this story as if you feel somehow justified now with your biased hate towards this game. I know some of you wanted a Kotor3 or something that just isn't SWToR. And I can't really say I disagree with that. I would of loved a KoTOR 3 But instead i'm getting a game even greater in scope. If you liked the story and the universe of KoTOR you should have some likeness for this game. But hey this is the internet where its kool to be jaded.
/end rant puts on the suit.

Goblin cinematic: Escape from Kezan {WoW}

Sep 30th 2010 1:30PM They are the major force again because the King is back baby and while he had to hurry up and press towards defeating the Lich King now he can push towards his original goal. YOUR DEFEAT! For The Alliance!

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 2:48PM Just thought about it but they better not release this till its done as well. I remember wanting to play Star Trek Online and it shipping with missing content and people were admirals with in a week or 2 . I still haven't played it as i'm waiting for it to grow and get some more content and settle in.

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 2:44PM I know right lol.

Personally when i was completely involved in WoW. I was putting in more time then a full time job. Which will probably happen with this game. Which means we definitely can beat the game and they better be prepared to launch expansions at least yearly with content patches in between like WoW does.

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 2:42PM SantaduJuan.

I understand that there is a story to most MMO's. But Bioware wants to take that story a step further. And yeah there will be kill x amount of people. But the idea is making a game that is like ME and DA:O and making that game into a multiplayer game. So it seems more cinematic and immersive. I think even a dev said to think of this game like playing Kotor III,IV,V, and VI due to the amount of story being put into the game. I dunno I don't really want to argue I just want to stress that this game is trying to deliver something a lil different then other MMO's that they are trying to get you even more into the games story so you don't just skip the quest dialogue.

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 2:37PM

Heres a video most of you should have seen. I remember someone saying something about the checkmarks above everyones head before the fight started but at least you can see more then just one guy and that there is a multiplayer component to the game.

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 2:29PM Dblade.

But don't you think they've thought about your concerns?

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 2:03PM Dblade.

I think some of you are not understanding this concept that they are making. This isn't WoW, AOC,Lotro,or any other MMO. There goal is to make this MMO more like a single player game like Kotor. So while there will be people who will just bum rush through the game they will have just wasted there money. Because the whole point of this game is its storyline and having you immersed in that said story. And while that might not pertain well to the crowd of people who seem to have a problem with taking there time in a game. It does pertain to those like me who enjoy the story and being immersed in said game.

Bioware's Erickson: TOR is your dream game {Massively}

Jul 10th 2010 1:57PM "MCRaider"

How is taking what they've learned from ME, KOTOR and others and implementing it into a MMO bad design decisions? And what is wrong with having a Single player experience in massively multiplayer persistant universe where you get to interact with real people? Also have you not seen there latest Multiplayer video? Where it shows that not just the leader makes the decisions but its based on group thinking? I think you and others are just disillusioned by the fact that this won't just be another typical MMO which is sad as you all complain when those type of MMO's are made as well. Damn people can never be pleased.