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The OverAchiever: Farewell to The Exalted {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 9:04PM I am one of the many who is extremely narked about my stolen title, and have a ticket in with the GMs asking when the hell I'll be getting it back.

The real irony is that I'd have been happy to have ground out another ten reps for a new title. However, I really cba to do it to regain a title I had whipped away from me without warning. All those long hours killing bloody pirates...

This combined with the complete failure to appreciate why people do achieves (2010 stein anyone? can Blizz really not find an hour or two of an employees time to recolour an Icon and reword a feat of Strength? Or give someone the job of checking holidays each year before they occur and everyone complains).

I shan't be cancelling my subscription just yet - most of Cata was great - but my commitment to the game is dropping fast.

Breakfast Topic: Should Blizzard take away earned titles and rewards? {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 10:32AM I have to say, I just noticed that my Exalted had gone today as well. That's a title that took perhaps hundreds of hours to get. Normally I'm not too bothered by these types of changes but I'm really narked about this one. They should also have been up front about it in the patch notes, rather than sneaking it in without noting it, shows serious disrespect for the time and effort people put into it.

Seriously grumpy now. 8(

Insider Trader: Jewelcrafting nerf incoming {WoW}

May 29th 2009 2:54AM Well, I've never really enjoyed JC which I picked up when it was new, never made any money from it, and only didn't drop it because I'd spent a fortune on the hundreds of recipes. The nerf is a pain, but won't change my game experience in the slightest.

Now engineering, (my other tradeskill) may not be so good for end-raid bonuses, but it sure is fun. Roflcopters, Jetboots, explosives of all kinds, repair bots, waving dummies, stealth detecting beeping robots*, invisibility devices, bomblings, dodgy teleporters that may kill you or turn you into a chicken, the ability to dismantle dead mechanicals, a motorbike you can ride with a friend, the list goes on.

What's not to like?

*though to be fair these should have a long CD, not be one shot items...

The Undead Plague ends today {WoW}

Oct 31st 2008 5:46AM I enjoyed the Zombie plague, but I think the timescale could be improved. I'd like any event to last at least two weeks - I travel frequently with my work and so if its just a few days I may well miss it entirely.

I also felt there wasn't enough time to build up the menace - spreading the phases over five or six days gives you chance to discuss with guildies and get excited.

Still, all in all a lot of fun, thanks Blizz, keep it up.