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Player reaction to the 5-man Trial {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 4:50AM After everyone is dismounted, simply run out. Once everybody is out, run in again: the champions will reset and will be fightable, on foot and standing close together -- far easier than picking up aggro from them scattered all over the floor and 2-shotting your healer.

Insider Trader: Inscription from 0-100 {WoW}

Oct 31st 2008 4:33PM Since the patch I've spent many hours in the AH reshuffling my Glyph auctions; I have about 20% of all the Glyphs on my realm. It's been great fun.

Before the patch I bought up many low-level herbs thinking I'd get rich reselling them, but that there would be little money in glyphs - how wrong I was. Everybody needs glyphs, and they'll want the same glyph whether they are level 15 or 70.

The biggest monymaker at the beginning (and still now but not selling at 70g each) are the minor glyphs - I had a 24 hour period where I was the only one selling "Slow Fall" and it went for almost any price. Research them and keep close eye on the AH -- every glyph is essentially its own little market with different prices and turnover.

There's a glut of major glyphs but you can still make a buck if you corner the market. People make them when levelling up and dump them at nonsense prices: take advantage of that and buy them at lower prices and slowly resell them. With herb prices what they are it will cost a few gold to make a glyph; that inscriber selling at 50s cannot keep up. Auctioneer is great for this: I had to e.g. buy up 40 Overpower glyphs @ 50s but I've now sold 4 at 20g each. If you buy a dozen glyphs don't auction all of them off at once though.

If you do it that way, concentrate on just a few useful glyphs, don't try too many different ones. My biggest sellers now are Judgement, Hunter's Mark, Battle, Wild, Overpower, Corruption, Sunder Armor, Holy Light but YMMV.

I'm up 8000g or so (and most of it earned with 150 Inscription skill). Now my income is perhaps 500g/day with 1.5 hour spent reshuffling acuctions.