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Reader UI of the Week: Tyrias' UI {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 4:27PM Here are answers to a couple of quick questions raised by your eagle eye Boom:

2 Chat windows : The first (left) is strictly for party, raid and guild chat with no other distractions included. The second (right) is made up of a small group of tabs for everything else... i.e. general, trade, boss text, says, yells and etc. One of the tabs on this side is indeed the combat log, while another is a special Blood Queen tab, that I set up to work with the bite mod. So.. the left is focused communication, while the right side, is my all-purpose/catch-all side. I'm weird and I hate excessive scrolling.. So, as much as is reasonable, having two wide chat frames suits me well.

Power Auras: You're right that all of these particular screen shots show a similar image - which is that my battleshout is active (except for the ICC raid shot which shows a similar but different color aura telling me that the blessing of might is operational and is replacing my battle shout. Its set like this so that I can monitor it without having to, mid fight, look at the top of my screeen). What's not shown is that I have 5-6 more, very distinct auras that show up during certian abilities and procs. The trick here was to make them all unique enough that I could distinguish each ability/proc while having them layered on top of each other and also still be able to see through them to the environment beyond. This is where the different graphics, color and animations of the auras comes into play. Too bad these screenshots don't show all of that in action, but its hard to capture a good pic with everything firing off.

That all said, don't worry with all of this installed, my addon memory is still below 15 mb and my comp. is beastly enough to handle it all. :)

Reader UI of the Week: Tyrias' UI {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 4:30AM Oh and yeah.. I had the portraits turned off, but I turned them right back on again. For me, an image is a much faster way to confirm that I'm on the right target. So, I'm not sure how this is a "pro-tip", but again maybe it's more a statement of preference based on what you find more advantageous to you.

Reader UI of the Week: Tyrias' UI {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 12:30AM Nez,

Not sure if you play a DPS warrior or not, but all of my central abilities can actually be used during a single raid. So, while I have a number of my prime abilities key-mapped, I still watch the Omni CC counter on them to ensure my timing is as precise as I can make it. For, the rest - no way I'm going to assign all of those to a key map. So, they stay visible.

As for power auras, though it may be flashy, it is super usefull..and partly because of its flash. I have unmistakeable visual effects that help me monitor procs and timers. In my case, it does at times overlap with my Sexy Cool Down Count and Omni CC, yet there are some things unique to it as well. As mentioned in the article. I use all three to coordinate and countdown abilities. It's not at all excessive for my purposes.

Now its true, that some of the side buttons don't really need to show up (the mounts, food and etc.) but, this is where the UI is a tad personal. For resons of my own, I like having these things as they are. Opie and mount cycling mods do not do what I want. Were I constructing the UI for others. I'm sure I'd have hidden them too... Yet, It's my own quirk and I see no reason why there can't be room for that in a players custom UI... oh and trust me My comp can handle all of this.

Finally, yea it is the default sexy map animation. That is on purpose too. I use the glowing rune motif again in my various power aura displays. So, while in action the elements visually tie together a bit. It appeals to my graphic sensibilities, but it might not be for everyone. I do not find it distracting in any way.

Anyway... Of course I could hide more elements and streamline things down to the gnats @ss, but that's not for me. This works for how I like to play and is very effecient for my needs. Your needs and tastes might differ.

Analyzing WoW's growth by the numbers {Massively}

Jan 14th 2009 8:47PM Who knows for how much longer WOW will continue to grow, but I would expect that we won't see it plateau yet this year.

There are a host of reasons (some even admittedly attributable to luck) as why this particular MMO was initially successful. Yet, had this formula no longevity, surely its player base would've dropped off in late-05, or in 06, 07, or 08. The mere fact that it hasn't, means that there is something inherently captivating in its mix. - something that holds the vast majority of its players' interests for durations that other games almost never do. In fact, WOW's most staggering accomplishment is not so much that it has garnered 11.5 million active subscriptions (Lord knows how many game sales that has equated to), but that it has done this 4+ years after its initial lauch. That achievement does not at all discount the importance of its two expansions TBC and WOTLK (which only serve mutiply the impressive sales figures guessed at above). As any player might tell you, these are simply ravenously desired continuations of what they are already enjoying. Moreover, given the critcal success and continued refinement of the game, through these expansions (and to a lesser extent, the regular patches), fans have come to expect not just more, but better experiences each time new content is released.

For every post like the one above, be-moaning some quibble, that they have with the game... a quibble that is compelling enough for the poster to cancel their subscription (assuming they actually go through with it), Blizzard has managed to replace them many times over. In no way is there the slightest of signs that instances, like these, suggest a downturn in the volume of subscriptions.

Similarly, the other contention that the success of WOTLK will be short lived, simply because its current sales and subscription increases are attributable mostly to old players returning to the game, after having previously canceled their subscriptions, also seems to ignore all data published to date. While, there may be some of this going on, had so many players left the game, certainly subscription's figures would have taken a noticible dip or would have shown a more conclsive plateau. For the charts to read as they do, a million +/- players (recent WOW gains over the last 3 months) would've had to stop subscribing, while being replaced by almost double that number. This simply doesn't stand to reason.

I also doubt that any other MMO competition (including Blizzard's own rumored next MMO) will be poised to usurp a noticible amount Blizzard's WOW momentum within the next 2+ years (factoring in time for the titles to hit the public and time for them to accrue popularity).

In truth Blizzard's biggest, near term, competition is likely themselves. Is their formula one that they can keep alive - can they continue to hold players interest and happiness the way they have over the past 4 years? Can they continue to reach new markets that haven't yet become hooked on the game? Time will tell.

I will say this however, should Blizzard find another way to enter the focus of the mainstream, you can count on WOW becoming vastly more popular - i.e. what would a WOW based, massively successful, major motion picture do for current subscription numbers?

At any rate, certainly there is potential for a few missteps or even a severe one, that could halt the game's growing popularty, but Blizzard hasn't made them yet.

Addon Spotlight: Eye Candy {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 6:31PM Does any one have a suggestion for a unit frame mod that has a good choice of skins? I know there are a bunch of unit mods out there, but they tend to be pretty bland in the art department. I guess I'm looking for one that might have similar textures to Power Auras and Sexymap (non animated, of course). hopefully someone out there has used an excellent one.


Why they shouldn't make the Warcraft movie {WoW}

Oct 31st 2008 6:00PM Now for some obvious logic.

Is a Warcraft movie a good idea?

It all depends on how it comes together. With good wrtiting, a good director, good actors and an appropriate budget, you can make anything work. Look at the Batman films. Love them or hate them, I don't think most people would argue that some were handled better than others - certainly the box office returns would suggest it. Its almost always about the team that's making the movie.

Too much confusing back story to tell? Why should this be an issue? Sure Warcraft has a huge amount of story already written for it, but why would they need to tell the audience every last little bit of it for them to catch on and enjoy themselves? Besides, even if they decide to tell some of it, complex movies are only confusing if they are written that way. It seems that the wealth of material would only benefit a great writing team - as they could, if they so desired, cherry pick from the strongest elements. Furthermore, not being confusing does not also have to equal oversimplified or dumb. Its an equally bad mistake to assume the audience is stupid. Its a balancing act. There are not many truly great and enjoyable films that have not had balance complexity and entertainment value.

As for the notion that it would not make money, it's a supremely silly argument. Make it Great (story/visuals/acting) and make it Epic in scope and I guarantee that it will break records. Given those qualities, you would not even need to rely on the current player base to help it be sucessful (not that they wouldn't ultimately contribute)... Its not about it being a video game, when so many movies based on video games are terrible. Likewise, its not about being a Sci-fi/fantasy property that's as recognizable as StarWars, Bat Man, the Lord of the Rings or even (as mentioned elswhere in these posts) the Transformers. Sure, such recognition may initially bring in the crowds, but again as the Bat Man films appear to illustrate, their staying power and revenue potential are stronger when they are better films. Even so, Star Wars was not a known commodity when it first hit in the 70's and suddenly began to rake in enormous box-office proffits. And how many other critically and monetarily successful movies have no precedent in another media? Shrek, Indiana Jones, and the Matrix to name a few. I may be repeating myself here, but its all about how well its done.

That all said, should the writing fall down and/or the production be too skimpy or should the acting be terrible, then yes, the worst fears of the fans could be realized and their beloved universe be forever tarnished - Wing Commander, anyone? That is why, just as they do with their games, Blizzard should guard it ever so closely as they help shepard it into being. A mega-successful film or film franchise would continue to pile triumph upon triumph for Blizzard and their Worlds of Warcaft. In such a case, back on the MMORPG side of things, I believe it could be the catalyst for us to see 11 million players become 15 million.. maybe..? maybe even more? It would certainly bring more resourses to Blizzard and we would certainly feel the benefits along with them.

So is it worth it? Absolutely!! 100%!! but only if....