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Blizzard to focus on battlegrounds more {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 11:41AM As long as the developers refuse to balance the game around dueling, arena is the second best way to balance class to class interaction. Let me explain:

When you meet mid-field in WSG, an average amount of time it's 5v5.
When you ride off to capture a flag in EOTS or AB, an average amount of time it's 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5.
When you defend a flag alone or with someone else, most of the time you're alone or with someone else after you've called for help. (2v2)

All of these interactions are simply arena interactions but without walls and with rez timers. Trust me, Blizzard has come a long way in balancing WoW, and you do not want it the way it used to be.

If the best gear was offered in BGs, you would see a complete return to organized battlegrounds that would make you sick to your stomach because after 6 seasons of arena, people KNOW how to play. They know how to CC, train a target, peel, and do all the things you don't experience because you play with PUGs and AFKers.

This website has a well known bias against arena. I've read the comments, and only a few of you truly 'get it.'

Disembodied skull confirms new Battleground, your grim future {WoW}

Mar 24th 2009 6:26PM Know what amuses me to no end? All the calls for a Deathmatch BG when you've got plenty of that in the arena system. Don't you realize that arena people will play the deathmatch BG and make it just as miserable for you as arena is? Or do you just want puggable arena? I can never tell with these average wowinsider baddies.

Slorkuz tells you how to win Arathi Basin {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2008 8:36PM I've read most of the comments here and most people here never premade their way to rank 14 . The people who PvP'd for ranks and gear pre-2.0 knew AB backwards and forwards. For example, if you have BS and you make an assault on stables, but then BS gets compromised, where do you rez? What if you have both LM and mines? Old schoolers knew this and can counter attack accordingly.

A 5-cap AB is the fastest possible honor you can make in this game, but only if you 5 cap.

All you need to know is this:
1. Rez timers > attackers. Unless you're zerged with an overwhelming force, keeping them from capping the flag is the single most important thing you can do. Your reinforcements every 30 seconds will defeat them.

2. Always ride to, and fight on, the flag. The road is for people filming PvP videos.

3. Always capture stables if you're horde (or farm if you're alliance). This splits the raid in half and eliminates reinforcements to other nodes. Your backfield can 'clean up' the rest of the nodes, then push them into base for a 5 cap.

4. If you insist on 'holding just 3 nodes' the best three to hold are BS-LM-Farm because of the ease of travel between them and line of sight.

5. Most people are going to hate this last one, but I'm going to say it anyway: "Play like you're on an arena team." ZOMG arena in my bgs? no wai. If you're a healer, you need to heal. Warlocks fear. Mages sheep. Shamans bloodlust and drop totems. Rogues/Ferals cut down healers. Melee assist train 1 target. Keep mortal strike up. Interrupt spells. Do your role.

Most people don't realize that all the pre-2.0 'premades' that everyone used to hate went to arena in TBC because it had the best gear. If some of the best gear is in 'rated BGs' in WOTLK, those premades are going to come back.

You've had four years to 'lern 2 play' Arathi Basin, I'm surprised by some of the comments I see here with a overall lack of knowledge about the game.