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Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 8:55PM Not entertaining? That's because people these days have such a sense of entitlement they want things for free without having to work for them.... Oooo, it's too hard to do Naxx and gear up for Ulduar. oooo, Ulduars too hard so it's not fun. Ulduar is one of the best instances to come out in a long time. the dynamics and graphics are incredible. Finally, the players that work hard, learn the game, and have skills can put put a gear gap between them and the players that sit in chat all day, cant even run in a successful 5 man, and cry about AH prices. But it's not fair right.... because now good players have gear and skills, so Blizzard has to water down the content so that every player in the game has the exact same T9 full set by running Heroic Utgarde Keep and to make things worse, all T9 gear looks identical now because Blizzard is too lazy to create more than 3 models for all the classes. So now, Ulduar, will go by the way of Black Temple because the new Kara is coming. Lame....

Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 8:21PM Who cares who's in charge? This actually explains a lot. It's not been a secret to anyone the recent downfall in implementation and support being offered in World of Warcraft. It's the paying customers that are suffering because of it. Authentication servers going down for an hour before any attention is payed to it, weekly maintenance downtime weekly instead of monthly, entire battlegroups suffering primetime outages, bosses regularly bugged, and when's the armory going to work again? It's really sad that a game that at one time the developers took pride in has fallen to the back burner even though it is still one of their top earners.

Patch 3.2 gives Wintergrasp a queue {WoW}

Jun 20th 2009 7:19PM Sorry bub... I work in the industry and it comes down to poor and fragmented code from doing so many halfass patches to the game over years of development and the utter disregard to attempt repair of this code because they figure the same addicts will stick around if they promise new content. Therefore all the R&D budget goes to this rather than fixing what's already broke. I gotta love all you bleeding hearts that defend poor maintenance of the game by sayin....ooooh, give them a break, it's really hard. Yeah, deal with it, It's hard to make a game that gross's 234 million dollars anually.

Patch 3.2 gives Wintergrasp a queue {WoW}

Jun 20th 2009 1:49PM Yep, I agree, this is stupid. What it essentially does is change WG from an open world PvP zone to just another battleground. It would really be nice if Activision could just get their crap together and make it work. It seems making this game work properly seems to pose too difficult a problem for Blizzard to resolve ever since Activision came on board.

We Know Girls earn Champion of Ulduar [update: not] world first {WoW}

May 12th 2009 4:02PM Thank You Sir....

and look..... once those guilds were queued, Guildox shows the rankings correct.

We Know Girls earn Champion of Ulduar [update: not] world first {WoW}

May 12th 2009 3:56PM Maybe you should have done your journalistic duty and checked the facts before you posted the article. I'm sure had the exact information your were seeking, or maybe you could come up with a better method of query for 50 million armory registries than guildox has devised.

We Know Girls earn Champion of Ulduar [update: not] world first {WoW}

May 12th 2009 3:51PM This is exactly how it is intended to work. Otherwise 2 different players from one guild could pug in to an organized run from another guild. After several weeks it would look like the guild that sent 2 pugs over every week had 10 players with an achievement. However, that is not a guild achievement. It's piggybacking players into another guilds runs and claiming guild progression for it. This is the exact dynamic that was bs on Wowjutsu. 2 players could pug into a 25 man raid group with 23 players from another guild. Both happen to be awarded loot while the guild with 23 members only one 1 piece of loot or a tier piece. The guild that had 2 players pug in would get credit for progression, while the guild with 23 players would not. I'm glad there are new alternatives that make an effort to ensure it is a guild effort and not a couple pugs with lucky rolls.

We Know Girls earn Champion of Ulduar [update: not] world first {WoW}

May 12th 2009 3:44PM How dare you blame Guildox for this?

First, it would be nearly impossible for Guildox to crawl every single player and every single guild on every server, every single day. The overhead for the bandwidth would be incredible. It is the Guilds responsibility if they care at all about their progression rankings to add their guild to the guildox update queue daily.

Second, this likely isn't a Guildox issue at all. On one of the servers I play on, the "Still in Beta after 2 years" Armory wasn't updated for any player on that server for 2 entire weeks after 3.1 was released and there have been periods of time since when characters armories were not being updated. Therefore it appeared for 2 weeks that no guild on the server progressed any further than Flame Leviathan which obviously was not the case.

It isn't Guildox's fault they do not have an updated database to pull from or that certain guilds do not care enough about their progression rankings to request an update. Guildox and Guildprogress are an absolute godsend. Much better than the failed systems of loot tracking for progression that came before them.

Give Bloodlust to Rogues {WoW}

May 5th 2009 7:40PM Why TF do Rogues need a buff? They already got PvE buffed so much last patch that they top the charts along with druids while mages and warlocks are once again left behind.

If you want to raid, dont roll a lame @ss Rogue or Fury Warrior.

The Azeroth Ethicist: Special I.W.I.N. edition {WoW}

May 5th 2009 4:50PM The Marvel Family wiped several times on Flame Leviathan 10 man?
OMG, who can blame them. This shirt was the only way such a fail guild was going to get through the content anyway.