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Raid Rx: In the spirit of regeneration {WoW}

Nov 5th 2010 10:21PM Knowing Blizzard scaling will get completely out of control leading to that exact scenario and in the later dungeons we'll get a Radiant Chill of the DragonThrone debuff decreasing all mana regen by 50% or something.

Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective: Naxxramas {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 9:47AM @rob: apparently you were in the only casual guild in the world that didn't use the corner exploit on heigan.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 11:19AM This is a comment

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage Analysis {WoW}

Apr 11th 2010 7:20PM "Flame Orb will be our first new spell, learned at level 81, and is an undeniably intriguing concept. New mechanics are always chancy propositions, and this one seems exceptionally difficult to balance. A powerful DPS spell that's tuned for single-target damage, but can also damage multiple targets if aimed properly? That seems easily exploited. If Blizzard's stated aim is to make the spell a useful part of the rotation on bosses, how can it possibly do AoE damage as well? "

Uh, there are lots of abilities like that... whirlwind (right now anyway), consecrate, divine storm, heart strike to name a few. Most classes have ways to do aoe damage without sacrificing much dps on their primary target.

Raid Rx: Cataclysm raid healing thoughts {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 4:58PM Unless Blizzard does something drastic like not putting more intellect and spirit on higher tiers of healing gear from raid instances, I predict that mana management will be an issue for the first raid instance of Cataclysm and then be ignored completely for the rest of the expansion, once people are running around in their ilvl 300 epics with 80k mana pools, just like in BC and Wrath. The current design where each tier of gear gives you more mana then the last one is fatally flawed and Blizzard seems completely unwilling to address this issue.

Breakfast Topic: Are boss mods cheating? {WoW}

Apr 5th 2010 9:48AM If Blizzard didn't fully support the idea of boss mods and intend for every serious raider to use them than they wouldn't put every boss ability on a very precise timer.

Spiritual Guidance: Bleeding the Blood Queen {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 7:04PM A correction: Mind Flay does not work on kinetic orbs. Only mind blast, shadow word: death, and probably devouring plague do.

Spiritual Guidance: Raiding Icecrown Citadel, Part 2 {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 6:00AM As a shadow priest you should never, ever move during the Festergut fight unless you get targetted by a spore. Hitting dispersion for a second or two just as pungent blight goes off is far less of a dps loss.

Breakfast Topic: It's the little things {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 4:26AM A few favourites:
Nefarian's commentary during the Rend encounter in UBRS
Umi's mechanical yeti
The booterang
Tormenting the softknuckles
Lazy peons! lets you ask and answer Warcraft questions {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 12:23PM I've never heard of stack overflow, but this site sounds exactly like yahoo answers to me, and that's not a good thing.