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Breakfast Topic: Big Mistake {WoW}

May 1st 2010 9:52AM Way way back in Vanilla, I went fishing in Ratchet. I'm an RPer on an RP server, so I had a whole little fishing outfit and everything. Got dressed up, did my fishing and then went to the fishing vendor to buy more lures and clean out my bags of the useless junk I fished up. While at the vendor, I decided, eh, I think I'll just be done fishing today and started putting all my armor and weapons back on. When I was done, I looked at my character and she didn't have her armor on and was like wth? Not in my bags anymore, not on her, wth?

Vendor's window was still open. >.<

And this was before the buyback option existed. >.<

Luckily I was able to contact a GM and was given the line about limited restorations before they said they'd get it back for me, heh. But still, I was a day or two without useable gear. I felt naked. ;_;

Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 10:40AM I agree, the epic isn't there anymore. A challenge is, but not the epic. There is something to be said about the comraderie that develops among a larger number of people who trudge together for 4-6 hours a night through giant rooms, dealing with the constant wipes, the wait, the organizing, the strategizing and prepping. The multitudes of congratulating and whooping when something goes down. I loved my 40 man experience because of that feeling of hard work and accomplishment. I also came to hate it because of the trudging for hours, waiting, organizing, prepping. Heh. Once Ragnaros was on farm status I never wanted to go back. In my mind we were done, need to do something new. BWL! But, of course, you had to keep going to MC because people needed loot drops to improve so we could do BWL. Ugh. I haven't been back since those days. The idea of going back to MC or BWL still makes me shiver. Though part of the reason I refuse to step back in there with a 3-man 80 group is because I also don't want to spoil the nostalgic memories I have of how epic it was with 40 people. I really do appreciate having had those experiences and do miss some of those grand feelings.

Having said all that, I am also still glad that I can do a 10 man in all raids. The epic feeling is no longer there, but I can do things now with my small guild which I love too much to leave for better grander raiding pastures. It allows us to see content together we couldn't before. 10 mans have given us the opportunity to do things together at a more relaxed atmosphere and pace that allows us to enjoy each other's company. The 40 man raids did not allow us that opportunity. We could not form a 40 man on our own for various reasons, and so were forced to join other raid groups in order to raid. And many of us just could not be in the same group. So it split the guild up into different raid groups and times and as a result strained our own guild connectivity. TBC and Karazhan brought us back together and I am grateful for that. We even tried forming 25 mans after a time in TBC. They were shortlived but fun.

TBC still had some of that epic feeling too. I honestly think it is because you needed to get 25 people to see certain content. And there is a marked difference between herding 25 cats and 10. There was something about the exclusivity in Vanilla and TBC raids which helped make it feel more special.

I do miss that epicness. But given the choice between grandoise encounters and doing things with the folks I've known for years now, I'll choose my peeps. It would be great if we could have both, heh. I don't see that happening though.

Breakfast Topic: The motivations of guild leaders {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 10:05AM I took over my guild in late 2005 when the founder just couldn't lead anymore because real life took precedence. I had no intention of ever leading a guild. I actually originally never had any intention of ever joining one. Heh. But when he just couldn't do it anymore, I took over because I believed in the idea behind the guild too much to let it die. I was well aware that a guild can't survive without leadership.

I don't regret the decision. I love the guild and I've always naturally gravitated towards managerial positions anyway. I guess I just really enjoy the guild management meta-game as well. It's been an especially intrigueing challenge since I've spent the last 5 years trying to maintain a casual social atmosphere in an RP guild that raids. It's been a good experience trying to find a way to find a balance between providing for the guildies and playing my own game as well the way I want to. Not always successful, admittedly. But we keep chugging along.

Cataclysm dispel mechanics {WoW}

Apr 5th 2010 11:51PM I'm trying not to get all up in arms about these changes. After all, I don't know anything about the encounters and the other changes yet to be announced in Cataclysm. I do, however, noticed this. That with new set-up as it is, with all the healing classes only having two other dispels outside of defensive magic, it is basically forcing a raid group, particularly 10 mans, to choose specific combos of healers in order to cover all the dispels they may be subject too. In other words, I would not be able to use a druid/shaman heal team if there was any disease in the encounter. There would be 'ideal' healing groups, and that isn't one of them. Which sucks because that's what we currently run with. Making me have to choose a class over my friends and the class they like to play is not a happy thing to me.

Someone can tell me if I'm interpreting that wrong.

Breakfast Topic: I don't have one of those {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 10:25AM Paladins. Can't do paladins. They frustrate me from the get go. I've tried several times. Can't get past lvl 19. They feel so limited in the beginning to me. And everyone always tells me, you just have to get them higher levels before they become fun. Well, that's the problem then, isn't it? I want it to be fun from the beginning. Heh.

Warlocks I haven't been able to play either because they're too easy. Not enough risk, I feel. I get bored.

Rogues, I've actually managed to get into the 20s before deleting. But I really don't want to go back. They're too measured in they're attacks. Having to sneak around and behind to get the best out of their abilities. Lack the patience. Guess that's why I really like my warrior. Charge and wail, RAWR! :)

Breakfast Topic: Fear is the mind-killer {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 10:17AM I actually agree with Bornakk's comment about laziness. It is one of a number of factors, admittedly, but it is a huge factor. All other factors almost boil down to laziness, in the end. If you listen to a number of reasons why people hate/fear HHOR, or any instance for that matter, they just don't wanna deal with something. Tanks don't wanna do it because will take too long because the DPS is 'low', the DPS don't know what they're doing. DPS don't wanna do it because they can't just AoE things. One wipe happens and you have people drop. They'd rather wait 15 (soon to be 30) minutes, instead of figure out the wipe was something really simple and a simple short explaination would fix it. People in general just don't want to do it because it's not easy AoEing or they don't want to deal with the newbies low DPS. They don't want to take the time to teach someone, or to use more than a kill button, they don't want to use CC or they don't know how and refuse to learn. Don't want to take a simple moment to work together, let the tank grab proper aggro, consider kill priority and listen to marks.

It's laziness, whether that has been acquired by frustration from multiple runs with 'bad' players or how easy Blizz has made instancing. There's been a huge drop in communication and education of players which has lead other players to just give up and just choose not to deal with it. Insta-queueing and fast runs and anonymity have made people develop a lack of patience.

Note - This is not everybody. But there are enough people in the mix that it has become a pervasive part of WoW life.

Looking to the future, when Cataclysm comes out, IF instances begin to have more than 15 minutes length and become 'difficult' because people have to think up a strat that use things like CC every once in awhile, focus fire on anything more than a boss, and not just AoE zerg things, there's gonna be lots of whining that it's too hard. I, for one, hope for more use of skills other than kill buttons in the future. I'm getting bored and tired of dealing with people who don't know what focus fire and trap in a mob group means.

Ready Check: To Warsong or not to Warsong {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 7:57PM I'm hoping this buff doesn't increase too quickly. Every week is just much too quickly. I like the 5% buff and would like to play around in ICC with just 5% for a little while. See how far we can get with that and still maintain our normal schedule.

Being a strict 10 man casual raid that's struggled with Fester, Rotface, Princes, etc, we used it just the other day and were finally able to get that final 2-3% we just weren't able to get past. It was a bit of a godsend because weeks of dying so close to a kill were taking a mental and emotional toll on our raiders who are there to have a fun raid only 2 days a week. And while we're certainly not the best, we were good enough to be able to learn the fights in Naxx, Ulduar, ToC after a few learning wipes or within a week or two of seeing it for the first time. Hitting the wall in ICC became a major frustration for us and made people question if raiding was still fun and we had a few people just burnout on the numerous wipes and start taking game breaks. :(

It felt good to finally get past that wall. In just that one day, morale shot back up, everyone is eager again, and we're hoping that the new bosses we will now be able to tackle will be things we can learn within a couple weeks and several wipes instead of a month or more of nothing but wipes.

Frozen Orbituary: The Death of Rolling 'Greed' {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 6:58PM Oh, I'd also like to add, rolling GREED itself isn't necessarily dead. Given the choice between greeding and disenchanting, I sometimes roll greed because I'd rather have the item to AH/vendor for gold instead of turning it into another piece of dust that my gbank is already heavy in.

Frozen Orbituary: The Death of Rolling 'Greed' {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 6:54PM Rolling NEED on the orb just rarely happened in our battlegroup until the announcement of the Frozen Orb exchange. It really makes no difference to me, and yes, almost makes no sense why people didn't start doing it sooner. Old habits die hard, I suppose. I remember it took awhile for people to get used to not passing and discussing when the now current loot window came into being. I see one or two people still doing it, but it's no longer the norm.

I do, however, now announce to all when joining a dungeon group, as well as have discussed it with my guild, to start rolling NEED on them because it's started to become the normal pattern. People still roll GREED out of habit but they can't say I didn't warn them when some folks roll NEED because I did. And surprisingly, I've had one or two people actually drop from the group when I made the "roll NEED" announcement. Guess they'd rather take advantage of people still not savvy enough to catch onto what is becoming the norm.

15 Minutes of Fame: Getting strict about 10-man content {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2010 12:12PM We're a strict 10 man raid both because of circumstance and choice. The history of raids in our small guild goes back to the days of Molten Core when we would ally with other guilds to do the 40 man. The unfortunate part of this was that our schedules varied too much, some had started raiding sooner than others, and so we were all in seperate groups. It hurt the connectivity of the guild a bit. When BC came out it was a thrilling idea to be able to do raid content in 10 man form, at least to start, and be a guild that actually raided together. We would grow if we needed to.

In BC we tried to expand to 25 mans and did get to do quite a few fights, once again gathering allies from other guilds to do it, having a few folks who fit our guild actually join for raiding (we're an RP guild at our core, so there were some requirements outside spec/gear to join our guild). But it became too much of a hassle 'herding the cats' in the end, and so we gave it up. Especially when we learned that WotLK would allow us to do all the raid content in 10 man. And also having ZA10 come out. That was a godsend for our guild and omg, so much fun. There was no point in us forcing the maintenance of 25 mans any longer.

10 mans have been perfect for us because we are a small guild and because the social dynamic of 25 mans just don't fit us. We've found we start losing that casual comraderie we have in our 10s when we do 25s, so we've made the choice not to push 25 content anymore. Some will do it to help friendly guilds on occasion, but not steadily and not enough to kick us out of GuildOx's strict progression list. What makes our strict 10 man work is that most of our players have no ambition to get the best gear. Their ambition is to see and beat the content and enjoy it. Casually. And some of us do believe that being able to do 10 mans in majority 10 man level gear (including myself especially) is a decent and challenging accomplishment to strive for. It is not an easy path, but it isn't harder than 25 mans either, as many have already pointed out. It's just different.