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Noblegarden: Sexy or Sexist? {WoW}

May 1st 2009 3:09PM good to see ignorant neanderthals responding to this thread in numbers. objectifying of women is, and will continue to be a problem. it's not the act of putting bunny ears on that's dangerous, it's the fact this ingrained sexist attitude is so commonplace across the world that it has a knockon effect. sexism and objectification of women in pop culture illustrates the fact we live in a very lopsided world and nothing is being done to change it.

if we lived in a balanced, equal world, this would be fine. but we don't, and it isn't. love seeing hormonal virgins screaming about "hippie feminist attitudes". what did you do before playboy and internet porn?

Blood Pact: Destruction, my guilty pleasure {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 4:31AM I've been rolling full Destro, messing about in 10 and 25 mans with this rotation: Curse of Elements, Corruption, Immolate, Chaos Bolt, Incinerate until Immolate is almost out, Conflag, Shadowbolt x 3, and repeat. I have pretty terrible gear and thats 1400dps for me on most bosses. the inclusion of the 3 shadowbolts is justified to myself by the fact that a) I'm not wasting a Backdraft proc on immolate, b) my shadowbolts still hit for roughly the same, sometimes more than an incinerate does and c) the combination of corruption ticking and the 3 shadowbolts is enough to see Molten Core active for most of the time.