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Lichborne: Buttons more death knights should push {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 4:15AM it's true that it could take 4-5 or even 6 seconds after a pull for RS to proc and that's the reason i tell my guild once i pull: wait till i announce that runestrike has procced and hit the boss, then you can all go nuts.

if a dps can't wait 4 seconds in a raid than he has no place to be there but should go and annoy tanks in random 5-man.

Know Your Lore: The Third War part one {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 5:00PM Now that i have read this awesome article:

How far and how varied could Medivh look into the future?

Did he keep silent about arthas fate coz he knew that much like ödipus, no matter what he tells arthas, arthas was still bound to become the lich king? If he knew arthas couldn't run from his fate, how come the other parts of his vision could be changed?
Did he forsee that archimonde would be summoned and than defeated by the world tree?

Did he forsee cenarius's death? Couldn't he have saved cenarius? Or was his death needed in order to make grom feel guilty and sacrifice himself to defeath mannoroth?

Know Your Lore: The Third War part one {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 4:53PM the story of the game is LOOOOOONG. so much lore. and the cutcenes are really fun to watch.

the game btw is also awesome. one of the best RTS that you can play as a singleplayer and not be bored.

Encrypted Text: The art of the gank {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 4:06PM EITHER!!!

my level 30 toon has been ganked by a level 42. after 4 deaths i logged onto my pvp toon and ganked the living hell out of him and he soon logged onto his rogue and he tried to gank me and i called a friend he called his.

this is how the world of warcraft goes.

live with it. on a pvp server or if flagged for pvp you are not safe. from lvl 1 to 80 someone can be there to gank you.

Encrypted Text: The art of the gank {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 4:02PM why are you rating Chase's comments down o.O`??

and yeah ganking is an old tradition. Ever leveld a toon in Stranglethorn in classic???

one'd gather more honour in a hour than exp...i had to go to desolace to level and Stranglethorn to skirmish around.

Whoever walks into strangle knew he had it coming.

it a pvp server and live by it's rule: wether you are in ashenvale killing boars or in stormpeak herbing some weeds > BEWARE AND STEP WITH CAUTION.

and you know what? ganking leads to the most fun battles.

sometime you go down in 5 secons or you survive and fight it out for the next 30 minutes. you call a friend, you logout onto a stronger toon.

ganking is as part of the game as is raiding and farming.

The Queue: In which solidarity is shown {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 4:02PM but they are releasing D3 and SC2. SC2 is split into three parts and D3 will have an addon i guess.

WC4 may come out in 15 years or so but i won't say never.

Officers' Quarters: Super PUG showdown {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 2:08PM the things you chat in a guild chat can also be discussed in the raid channel and on the raid forum. as i mentioned in my post above this one: a raid channel is as good as a guild chat.

The Queue: In which solidarity is shown {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 1:21PM i'd really enjoy discussion the articels on a forum than this stupid comment system...

Officers' Quarters: Super PUG showdown {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 12:18PM See that the reason we mostly don't have this problem: Raiding Guild XY opens a channel XY and whoever is a part of that raiding guild joins channel XY. The invite is announced in this raiding channel.

No one is forced to join the 'guild'. Raiding Channels just work exactly like guild channels.

Know Your Lore: The Lich King, Page 2 {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 12:01AM it was only a TINE ITSY BITSY shred of arthas humanity that hold the scrouge back. it was done unintentionally by arthas, totally without his knowledge. Arthas even destroyed the boy in the dream-state. What he have now is a vicision monster and not someone who is purposefully holding the scrouge back.