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Officers' Quarters: An exclusive party {WoW}

Sep 21st 2009 2:08PM If they don't care if you stay or leave, just /gquit and they probably won't even notice.

Raid Rx: 14 patch 3.2 trinkets to check out {WoW}

Sep 21st 2009 1:32PM oh jesus those shards look pretty godly for pvp.

500+ hp5? damn...

World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Druid Guide {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 5:23PM I am going to go ahead and guess you have an arena rating of 1200.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Druid Guide {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 2:08PM Allison...

What are you on about with innvervate? Innervate got a straight buff. heals 1/2 as much 2x as often. That's FANTASTIC for arena, and useful for PvE.

Basically this means that instead of popping innervate when you're at 0 mana, you pop it when you're at 50% mana. This is especially useful in arena because in order to use innervate effectivly anyways, you have to LOS while it's up. Previously, with a 20 sec innervate... well lets just say LOSing someone for 20 sec is exponentially harder than 10sec. You're still going to be rolling 100% mana most of the match, you're just going to be able to get the most out of it by coordinating innervate uses to get both max mana and when it's safe. This also means that with the glyph of innervate, druids are now bottomless pits of mana.

I also don't know if you've fought resto druid/dps vs resto druid/dps, but if you pop innervate at the 50% mana mark you can very well win if the other druid waits till he's empty to pop his. Basically because you can throw out another innervate at the 8min mark and his will still be on CD, that's the critical time point.

In PVE it means that you can split up your innvervate. Ie. if you're getting too much mana back from innervate you can split it up to help other healers, or maybe even dps.

The major "nerf" to innervate is that it's no longer covered by barkskin. This was a risky scenario anyways. You could never really rely on just having the barkskin up during innervate to keep the dispels away. You had to cover it with hots, and even then be careful. I've lost a few matches when barkskin was up and I was innervated near 0 mana.

You shouldn't need the dispel resist anyways with 10 sec only. In 10 seconds, you have a variety of options for keeping lifebloom up. LOS defensivly. Cover in HOTS. The best, of course, is to chain cyclone the dispeller and focus his partner down. When he comes out of the cyclone, most likely he's going to have to heal or peel for his partner and isn't going to have time to dispel your innervate, and even if he can you're innervate is pretty much done. Even an instant cast dispel costs a critical GCD.

World of Warcraft Patch 3.2 Release Patch Notes, Part II {WoW}

Aug 4th 2009 11:50AM You run 25 man collusium. Your months spent running through naxx mean diddly squat 2 patches later. Being the best is about continually working at it, not working hard one time and then resting on your laurels. Go out there and prove yourself in the emblem of triumph raids.

Officers' Quarters: Best in slot {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 12:59PM Vegeta, you're looking at the short term rewards only. Yes, in the short term you have a large increase in power for the pally. In the long run, you are wasting loot. Law of averages.

Unless you count the feedback effect of less wipes/more kills more loot all around.

But I'm more or less talking about an equilibrium situation, at the point where everyone's not rolling on everything that drops cause they need it. This is BIS, after all.

Officers' Quarters: Best in slot {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 12:12PM This article approaches the issue from the point of the raid, and fails to consider not only the individual but all circumstances as well.

Let us consider why we pass armor classes at all.

If you pass an item of a specific armor class, you are basically saying that there is a better one you can get for yourself. Therefore, the raid gets more loot all around. Ie. there are 2 pieces of mail that are upgrades and 2 pieces of plate. The faster upgrade path for the entire raid is for the pieces to go to indivdual armor classes.

Best in slot however. There is only one piece of best in slot. That is mail. There is no best in slot plate. "Best in slot plate" is not best in slot at all. By denying the pally the roll, you are basically removing a piece of gear from his progression list. In some situations, this is warrented. I would not give a BIS mail belt to a pally wearing a blue belt over a shammie wearing the next best belt. But I would give a BIS mail belt to a pally in next best gear over a shammie not wearing the next best belt.

Your arguements about raid loot effiency and waste management only hold if you use linear progression, and under that premise, you must logically accept that the BIS mail belt is the top point of the pally's gear list. The rest of the gear list is of course plate, but you need to seriously map it out. Fail to consider this, and your basic axiom is contraditory and your arguement falls apart.

Why Varian Wrynn is a fool, part II {WoW}

May 28th 2009 10:49AM So you're saying that if I F*** up and then fix my mistake, that I should be celebrated?

Grom did nothing that could not have been done by cenarius if he were alive, ie. defeat mannaroth.

Why Varian Wrynn is a fool, part II {WoW}

May 27th 2009 7:12PM >>Because the (primary) one who did it paid for it with his life. Just look at how pissed Thrall was after Grom drank the blood.

Also, it ended up working out for good, because if the Orcs hadn't been there, Archimonde would have wtfpwned Azeroth.


Cleaning up your own mess shouldn't get you status. Cenarius would have been able to take mannaorth and free the orcs anyways.

Orcs could also have run instead of taking demon blood.

>>Cenarius isn't dead. His spirit is alive in the Emerald Dream, where Malfurion is helping him combat the Nightmare.

Just because your spirit lives on does not mean you are not dead. If you said that einstein isn't dead because he lives on in heaven, you'd get laughed out of the room.

>>He'll almost certainly be in the next expansion. And while it's true Grom "killed" Cenarius, the Night Elves attacked the orcs first. The orcs were cutting down trees and instead of, I don't know, saying, "Hey, do you mind not doing that?" NE sentinels started shooting. Blame "your own" people if you're upset about the repercussions of messing with the wrong dude. :)

Next expansion is the malestrom, not emerald dream. Also, orcs were demons that invaded in the third war. Night Elves had sent out scouts to investigate opening of dark portal and had discovered the corrupted orcs. It is reasonable to assume that they saw the arrival of the orcs as invasion.

>>Grom is revered because he gave the orcs as a race a chance at lasting freedom. Sure, he was flawed, and made some bad calls, but culturally, you can overlook that sort of thing when someone liberates an entire nation with a single, heroic, self-sacrificing act.

Cleaning up your own dump. If I unleashed a bio engineered virus on earth and then came back a few months later after it killed millions with a cure, would I be a hero.. no.

for contrast, look at Moses from the bible. he was a murderer, not confident in himself, wasn't even raised as a jew, and clearly had a heck of a temper. but he freed his people, and is justly revered for it to this day.

Moses also didn├Ęt get to go to the promised land thanks to his bad traits, and god had him die in the dessert. People seem to forget that part where god judged him and found him wanting.

Why Varian Wrynn is a fool, part II {WoW}

May 27th 2009 4:57PM Nightelves hate Orcs. You killed Cenarius. You drank demon blood, willingly, for the second time to kill him. We would have died before drinking demon blood. But apparently Grom's lust for power was stronger than his morals.

And the Horde worships Grom.

Sure he killed Mannaroth. Cenarius beat the shit out of Mannaroth once before, and could do it again.

But the Horde still worships Grom. Even if he is the epitome of someone with no morals. His goals were in line with the rest of us but we would have died before we did what he did.

Elune may not have struck down the horde for killing her son, but you had best hope Ysera has gone mad from the emerald dream, cause if she wakes up and learns the Orcs killed Cenarius and the Horde worships that Orc, the horde are going to have to fight the green dragonflight backed by the night elves.

Also, how the hell do the tauren druids exist in a society that worships the being who killed Cenarius?!?!