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Enter to win a Blazing Hippogryph and other loot {WoW}

Jul 28th 2010 7:09AM Yay for prizes:)

Mike Morhaime: Real names will not be required on official Blizzard forums {WoW}

Jul 9th 2010 1:51PM Oh god, you won already for christ sake. No corporation sets anything in stone, its always possibilities. And they don't have a damn thing to make up for. They floated an idea, it wasn't liked, so the stopped the idea. They never actually enacted said idea. No apologies needed. They were turning on the fans, or breaking any contract. They would have made you agree to a new agreement before you could use their stuff, and therefore full-filled all legal requirements. This whole thing should not be something that makes you distrust blizzard, it should be something that makes you trust them more, because they listened,

Know Your Lore: Current Alliance politics -- the humans, part four {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 7:14AM @Khylenne

Really, you like Jaina's approach to all of this? She may have been a strong leader in WC3, but all she has really done since has been to preach peace, when all the Horde has done is commit Acts of War against the Alliance. Jaina can be great, but she needs to get her thumb out of her ass, get over her infatuation with Thrall, and realize that he can't control his own people. Seeking peace is all well and good, but when the other side invades your land, you kick their asses out before you bring up peace again, unless of course your gonna surrender and give them the land they want.

You and every other person who leaves a comment about how bad Varian is really need to Actually Read the previous KYL articles about him. He has done A Lot to try and mend things with the Horde, more than he really can be expected to considering that the majority of the Horde show no desire for peace, and outside parties keep messing it up. All the Horde has ever shown him is the same old brutality and warmongering, other than their leader of course.... If only he could get the rest of his people to follow him.... As for you people saying that Varian needs to get over all the shit both the Old and New Horde has done to him personally or he can't be a good King, I say to you that He Has Tried, and they Just Keep Doing Shit. Lets say we throw out everything they ever did to him personally. Now lets say you are Varian. You have tried to make peace with the Horde twice. First time you get kidnapped, but you can forgive that because later you find out that it was Onyxia. You were still held as a slave and made to fight for your life. Oh Wait... we threw out the personal things... Ok, so you try again. This time you are almost assassinated by an Orc, the same Orc that killed your father for the Old Horde and you can't know that the Orc wasn't really working for Thrall. Oh Wait... personal stuff again. So you can't hold the Slave stuff against them, you can't hold the Assassin against them, thats all personal, and a "good" King can't allow personal things to influence his rule. Well how about this then. The whole time this has been going on, over the course of about 3-4 years, the Horde has been invading Ashenvale, Arathi and Alterac. While their leader has been preaching peace, his people have been wantonly commiting acts of war. Think people would mind if you held That against the Horde? I'm sure the Night Elves won't mind. Stromgarde, and I imagine all the other humans, won't mind. The Dwarves won't mind. I don't know though, all those commenters who think your dumb probably won't like it, how dare you try and hold the Horde accountable for their on going violence. You would be stupid to think the Horde is all but waging full war on you as we speak. You need to forget all this stuff and take care of your people by trying for peace instead of deciding that Enough is Enough and take the fight back to the Horde to show them your damn tired of the double standard.

Eh, went off on a rant there, sorry. But its all true. What else is Varian to do at this point?

Know Your Lore: Current Alliance politics -- the humans, part four {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 6:35AM @Kylenne

Actually, the first alliance had Terenas as the Leader of the Alliance, agreed upon by all members, and Lothar as Supreme Commander of the Alliance army. Terenas handled the political end, and Lothar had total control of the military. By the time of Warcraft III the Old Alliance had already begun falling apart due to the many disagreements, including what should be done with the Orcs (BTW, Varian was a supporter of keeping them all Alive).

I think its beyond foolish, and to use your own word "stupid", to assume that Varian doesn't meet with the other Leaders, and that they would just allow him to take over on his own. Do you really think the other Leaders of the Alliance are just pushovers like that? Just because he doesn't hold Council with them in full view of us, doesn't mean that he doesn't. Remember if you can that the in-game Pre-Wrath event Horde side had Thrall and Garrosh arguing about going to Northrend. Sylvanus was obviously there because she very much wanted to get Arthas. They were then interrupted by the Lich Kings assault. It wasn't a full on council of all the Horde Leaders. Varian returned to Stormwind, from a Peace Conference with Thrall, because Stormwind was being attacked by zombies, and the full attack started after he got there. He didn't have to consult with anyone to defend his home, and obviously he was gonna respond to the attack by heading to Northrend, and the Alliance was gonna go with him. His declaration of War in the Undercity was after almost being assassinated in a way that made it looked like the Horde, the Horde, as far as he truly knew, had just slaughtered his people in Northrend, and he saw the torture and experiments the Forsaken had been doing on humans. Sounds like he was just reacting to yet more acts of war by the Horde, and as Supreme Commander of the Alliance Army, he may very well have been given that power to do just that.

Also, if you want to throw out the word stupid, how about the stupidity of saying Anduin was a charismatic leader and a banner to rally around? He is a kid dude, yes a very smart kid, but I can promise you that neither Tyrandre, Magni, or any of the Alliance leaders or heroes rallied around a 10 year old. For all outside intensive purposes Bolvar was the leader of Stormwind. As for Jaina, she hasn't done anything big for the Alliance at large since Warcraft III, no one but Theramore has rallied to her calls for peace since.

Before you throw out words like stupid, maybe you should get some facts together, or at least provide a reasonable background for why things might be like you said, other than just "OMG, Blizz has terwable riting, they suxxzors!!". Blizzard has had to change some things around to fit the evolving story through out the years yes, but they had an entire comic series full of lore planned out for Varian, and are good enough writers to make a damn fine story even when they have had to change things. Give them enough credit that maybe, just maybe, they know exactly why and how Varian became the figurehead of the Alliance.

There were set backs yes, but they continued to push forward at all times. Hell, the Alliance recovered enough from the Wrathgate to be a day or two from having a foothold in Icecrown itself. If not for the Horde they would have had it. Yes the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade did alot, but neither of those factions would have succeeded without the help of the Horde and the Alliance, and vis versa. In the end it was a combined effort, one that accomplished its goal. I would say that it qualifies as a Great victory for all factions in the end. It is all perception as far as that goes though, of course.

Know Your Lore: Current Alliance politics -- the humans, part four {WoW}

Jul 4th 2010 7:00AM Of course your correct, she is technically still Royalty, but she will never be able to claim the throne she is descended from, there would almost have to be total rebellion.

It could be a writing mistake, but I really do think they are trying to set Jaina and Varian up. Which honestly, when he had a good wife he was definitely a better King. It could be a great thing for the Alliance, bringing together the two most active human factions.

Know Your Lore: Current Alliance politics -- the humans, part four {WoW}

Jul 4th 2010 6:41AM I'm not really liking this article, not nearly as much as I liked all the previous ones by Anne, including the Horde. Mostly because there is more speculation and assumption then any other to date if I remember clearly.

You say that Varian hasn't had contact with the other races? I don't buy it. We know he spent time in the comic books helping other alliance races. We also know it has been a certain amount of time sense his return and Cataclysm. How can you say that he didn't have meetings with the Alliance leadership? He can teleport at will to all of the Alliance capitals, and I am pretty damn sure he has spent time discussing some things with them. Here is how I see it: Due to his actions in the comics, and his immediate victory against the attack on Stormwind, the Alliance leadership (all of whom have other things to worry about, and smaller standing armies), chose Varian as their Supreme Commander for the Northrend Campaign. He easily could have had this meeting after pushing back the Scourge assault, see "teleport". That is why he had full control over all Alliance armies in Northrend.

Now Arthas is dead, and the armies are on their way/all ready back home depending on the time line. Suddenly, Deathwing strikes. Well nothing we have seen says Varian is calling the shots for anyone but Stormwind now, but assuming he does, why would they not grant the title of Supreme Command right back to the man who was so successful in the role in Northrend? He obviously did well leading the combined forces then. Also, each race has their own issues to deal with as well. Look at it like this, each race sends a certain amount of troops to the Combined Alliance Army. The rest of their forces are used in A) Defense, and B) Independent operations (for example, the Silverwing Sentinels under Shandris Feathermoon in Feralas). Varian is tasked, as Supreme Commander, to use his troops to both counter the main Horde armies, and expand Alliance influence where possible. He also only sends a certain amount of troops to the Alliance army, using the remaining Human troops much like the other races, defense and Independent expansion.

Remember that Varian can pop in for a chat with any of the Alliance Leaders at will. So the above lays out exactly how Varian could be seen as the Leader of the Alliance. He doesn't tell them how to run their kingdoms, never has, nor does he tell them how to live their lives. He controls the Combined Alliance Army in times of war, because he first proved his martial and leadership abilities in relatively small affairs, and then performed exceedingly well in Northrend. If he ever really fouled up, the other Leaders could replace him.

As for making amends with the outlying prefects under Stormwind control, he has also had plenty of time to do that. He obviously did well with Westfall, they folded their militia into the general army. Who can say that he hasn't done just as well with Redridge and Darkshire?

Jaina and Theramore is just as easy to explain. Jaina was royalty, in Kul Tiras. She abandoned Kul Tiras and went West, rightfully it turned out, but abandoned them just the same. She then opened her gates and called off her forces from backing up her Father, the King of Kul Tiras, and his Kul Tirasian forces, in doing so allowing the Horde to kill them all. Imagine if you lived in Kul Tiras and found this stuff out. Would you still think of her as your Princess? I wouldn't, no matter how anyone else in the world sees what she did, to the people of Kul Tiras she must surely be considered a traitor and an exile. Her last remaining brother is now King in Kul Tiras, and you can bet your bottom dollar he has declared her as such. Where does this leave Jaina? She is the ruler of Theramore. Not Queen, not Princess, simply the ruler of an independent City-State. Would it be so hard to imagine that, recognizing this fact, and the fact that the Horde, if it ever chose to, could wipe her and her people out with little effort if she was alone, became a protectorate or even a Province of Stormwind? Hence the reason she called Varian "My King", because unless she proclaims herself the Queen of Theramore, she is no longer truly Royalty, and is out-ranked by Varian.

Now, finally, my biggest pet peeve about these comments, and some of the articles. You all talk about Varian being a good or a bad King, and why would his people follow him. He IS the King of Stormwind. The people of Redridge, Westfall, and every Stormwind Settlement will follow Varian, or he will crush them. Remember that a Kingdom is vastly different than the Democracies or Republics we live in. In a Kingdom, all the land belongs to the Crown. All the citizens are the Kings subjects. Any attempt to disagree with the King is treason, and disobeying his orders is rebellion. All of which lead to death. Look back at our Dark Ages, and you will see why Varian can and will do whatever he wants to do with His Kingdom of Stormwind. With all the wars and crap back then, Varian is comparatively a freaking Saint as a King. Also, as to why he is leaning towards war.... HELLO, the Horde is attacking the Alliance on so many fronts it's not even funny. Varian would be a bad King if he Didn't respond in kind to the many acts of war the Horde commit on a daily basis. Lets see, they are invading Ashenvale for lumber, claiming the human lands of Alterac (the Frostwolves do not have as much claim to that land as any human refugees that may reside in Stormwind or Arathi, and the Dwarves are allied with them), invading Arathi when there is still an established human Kingdom in place there (Stromgarde, admittedly in a bad spot currently but still a recognized Kingdom), and that is just the Battlegrounds. He has to protect his people, and his allies, and asking them nicely to stop hasn't done a damn thing. He has to blacken a few eyes, break a few bones, and yes, sacrifice some of his subjects, to get his point across. "You attack us and we will fight back, even unto your own lands" is the message he needs to send, and Jaina needs to stand back and watch "her King" do it, because her method of talking while they run right over you has failed. He is obviously open to peace, he has tried a couple times to make it happen, but it won't work until they know your serious about protecting yourself.

I will end my novel now, sorry for it being so long, but this had to be said.

The magical alchemy of mouseovers plus a Razer Naga {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 5:15PM Agreed!! I have to use my 4th and 5th button with my pinky instead of my thumb, lol.

Know Your Lore: Current Alliance politics -- the Draenei, page 2 {WoW}

Jun 6th 2010 8:33AM I would say the Draenei don't have much of a problem with most of the Horde races, since they really haven't had to bump heads with many of them. Anne was right in saying that the Draenei would realize that the Blood Elves they had a problem with were the Kael followers. However, get to the Orcs, and you have a far different story.

The vast majority of the current Orc leadership were directly involved with the mass slaughter of the Draenei. Yes the Orcs were tricked by demons, but read Rise of the Horde and you may, like me, offer little sympathy with that excuse. There was only one full Clan that really even stopped to use their own minds when presented with the demons offer of "help", and that was the Frostwolves. All the rest willingly jumped right in line with the mass stupidity of jumping from peaceful tribes that the Draenei had never harmed, to a mindless horde intent on slaughtering some newly perceived threat. The fact that the Frostwolves knew something was up proves that the Clans could think for themselves, but the Frostwolves either had to follow along or be destroyed by their own people.

The Draenei, exactly like Varian, have not been given a single true sign that the Orcs have repented, or changed, at all. And now that Thrall, one of the very few Horde leaders willing to try to show these signs, is leaving Garrosh in charge, its going to hit the fan. Garrosh is declaring War on the Alliance, and begins sending a new rampaging Horde to destroy the entire Alliance, including the Draenei. The Draenei WILL fully mobilize their forces to help defend themselves, and their allies, from yet another mass Genocide, because they all still Remember what the Orcs can do.

So, my prediction for Cata. The draenei will play a big supporting role in all the following: The healing of the land with Shamans, The Defense of the NE lands including backing up Malfurion against Ragnaros in Hyjal, Aiding those devastated by Horde attacks with their Holy powers, Supporting Dwarven Shaman in the Twilight Highlands, and their largest role of all will be Vindicators at every battleground they can reach against the Orcs.

As for the question of where to take the Draenei in the future, that one is actually easy. The Draenei story arc is FAR from over. Draenei means "Exiled Ones". Sargerous himself went to their home world of Argus and recruited/corrupted the Eredar. The two leading Eredar that joined him, Kil'jaeden and Archimonde, became his right and left hand lieutenants. It wouldn't be a stretch for the Devs to say that Sargerous made Argus his main base, and left his actual physical form there. An expansion to finally end the threat of the Burning Legion forever, retaking and cleansing the Draenei home world, killing KJ and Sargerous, would be the true finale of their 20k+ year story arc.

Sorry for the novel, love the Draenei:)

Know Your Lore: Current Horde politics -- the tauren, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 2:24AM @Heirloomvictim

You, sir/madam, are the worst type of lore nerd. The completely wrong about everything but insists they are right and will fight to the bitter end to win the argument.

The writer of this article never says, in any instance, that Magatha is running the horde, simply that she is an adviser to Cairne, which is obvious from all respectable lore sources. But she is the Leader of the Grimtotem, who will follow her orders over Cairne Bloodhoof.

Every race in this game has multiple internal factions, who believe and follow their own beliefs and ideas. To say that the entirety of the Horde is at WORST neutral is ludicrous in the least and completely Oblivious to the facts. A FACTION of the Forsaken were responsible for the Wrathgate, willingly helping Varimathrias in their mutual goals. A Faction of the Horde, under Garrosh, willingly ambushed Alliance soldiers that were fighting Scourge forces at the Broken Front, attacking from behind. The Horde has been invading NE lands in Ashenvale for years, including several Forsaken poisoning the sleeping druids at the Dor'Danil Barrow Den, SLEEPING DRUIDS! The list of New Horde atrocities is long, with far too many specific instances to list in this post, and to suggest that the Entire Horde is innocent or neutral is laughable AT BEST.

That being said, no writer on this site has ever said that the entire Horde was responsible for the actions of the RAS, or any other incident. And no one has said that the entire Horde is 100% ok with the killing of Cenarius, just a small question as to why there was no uproar. Just possibly a few leaders of the Horde being a "bit" unobservant not to notice any of the signs that any of us as PCs noticed. It was just certain factions within the Horde doing bad things. Most of the New Horde can not, and never have been held accountable for the actions of a few.

As for your accusations against the Alliance and the supposed "biased" articles, they are written the same as any of the Horde articles. The enslavement of the Blood Elves after they were sent on a suicide mission was due to them allying with the Naga, but it was wrong to imprison them. Garithos, the Alliance General and default leader of the Ally forces left in Lordaeron was a racist Pig, who turned on his Allies, driving them to making that deal with the devil. But he was just a Faction within the Alliance. The humans who invaded Durotar were Kul Tirasian marines, a faction of Humans who are not even currently PART of the alliance, who inhabit and control their own Island Nation, and who haven't communicated with the Alliance for years. So that little reference of yours can't even be attributed to a Faction of the Alliance. When the Alliance is at fault, the writers here at point it out, same as with the Horde. All the writing I have seen for the last couple years has been pretty balanced.

So, to sum it all up, both sides have bad apples, which is to be expected. This site points them all out equally, and if you want to debate that, then at least wait until All the races get their write up. I'm sure that when all the Ally races get done, everything will be fair and unbiased.

Oh, and your a Douchebag. TY, GL and HF.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 9:00AM Signing up.