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Breakfast Topic: The effect of nerfs and buffs {WoW}

Jan 10th 2010 9:46AM My biggest frustration comes down to decisions like the Prot Warrior nerf recently.

A nerf that was not for PVE reasons, but for PVP. A nerf that will have ramifications in PVE. It just highlights how much the efforts to "balance for PVP" are affecting the game play of PVE.

Since BGs and Arena is already instanced out of the real world, I wish they would just change the laws of physics and have the nerfs only apply in the PVP instances.

Or undo the changes in 5man, 10man, and 25man runs to not hurt the PVE.

Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 9:38AM Sweet!!!! Action Figurines......