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Breakfast Topic: Is WoW inherently sexist? {WoW}

May 17th 2011 8:25AM No, WoW is not sexist. The sexes are different, appealing and distinct for different reasons, and in any POPULAR art form, the reasons for each gender's appearance and behavior differences will be accentuated. Yes, I for one think either gender in full body plate looks pretty darn neat, but I also think the female form is considered more physically appealing in modern culture and, as this is a fantasy game, should be liberally expressed (to the point of appropriateness delegated by the ESRB). One could note that there is also some degree of erotic clothing for males too, from the tattered short shorts to the bare chest suspenders. The genders are not identical, nor are they represented identically in this game. To do so would homogenize the identities, both good and bad, that make men and women who and what they are, and frankly would be pretty bland, and possibly construed as insulting. There is a difference between men and women that should be celebrated and illustrated at will.

THAT SAID, I think the only reason people even notice these kinds of things is because men don't have as many identifying fashions, styles or unique physical representations of their gender. For example, anything from boxers to a thong on a woman is fine, yet men do not have a distinct MAN underwear. They can certainly wear women's underwear styles, albeit to hilarious effect (G-string vs. ass hair), but nonetheless, halter tops and short skirts are generally reserved for females.

Honestly I don't know why anyone would complain, there are plenty of thick and heavy armor sets for female characters as well as plenty of skimpy barely there sets. Men pretty much only get the heavy sets, with the exception of a few hilarious deviations.

And to answer the question of what a chain mail bikini would be protecting, given the proclivity towards rape in the aftermath of warfare, I imagine wearing an effective chastity belt wouldn't be an entirely bad idea.

TLDR version, no, it won't ever change, human nature dictates that men love seeing hot women in small clothes, and most women don't mind it either. And women generally don't care what male avatars are wearing.

Drama Mamas: Much ado about funsuckers {WoW}

May 13th 2011 3:16PM Ok, I think you really need to make a distinction between "veterans" and "trolls", because as a veteran who's in full heroics and tanks randoms every day (I want my raptor ^_^), I've taught literally hundreds of people how to run the new content in a polite and concise manner. However, what I've found is that there is just as much rudeness and disrespect coming from the bottom of the spectrum as there is from the top.
In regards to PvE, People who are undergeared and simply choose not to learn the fight will expect the tank or the healer to hold the group together on poorly executed pulls because these people not only fail to dps properly, learn gemming or enchanting properly, as well as ccing properly, but on top of that place the blame for failure on the tank or the healer (usually whichever one is the quietest and easiest to pick on). Any parallel that can be drawn between veterans and "trollishness" can be applied doubly so for ungeared players or "casuals", especially considering that the latter greatly outnumbers the former. The biggest reason that I've seen veterans get irritated or rude generally revolves not around initial mistakes or the occurence of "newbly" behavior, but the persistent and unrepentant defense of that behavior as well as the unwillingness to develop, learn or adjust one's playstyle for the wellbeing of the rest of the group.

As far as PvP is concerned, however, I'm afraid that's just a fault of the game design. Every class is designed to potentially be played as a standalone juggernaut in PvP, and because of that, a lot of PvP fans that you'll find in random BG's are ego-centric pseudo-adults who are purely selfish by habit and behavior yet want to win by merit of their perceived greater personal value, which they of course can not achieve if you're slowing them down with your lame poopy gear. I'd recommend doing Arenas and RBGs with a group of friends or an actual pvp guild, as these people tend to be at least marginally more focused on the teamwork aspect of pvp and are usually more open to teaching and working with you as a player.

Shifting Perspectives: Patch 4.0.1 for cat druids {WoW}

Oct 12th 2010 2:25PM Couple of things to note:

Rip is the highest source of damage in your rotation now, it takes priority over savage roar,
Rake as well.

All of your haste on all of your gear (or crit if there isn't haste on that piece) should be reforged to Mastery, this will give a substantial boost to your damage.

shreds and ferocious bites are downright puny, and keeping Rip/Rake up takes priority over everything else. A ferocious bite crit will crit for around 9k in ICC gear, and a Rip will crit for 8-9k PER TICK. get hit capped if you're not already, and get close to expertise cap, because your white melee damage follows a close second.

Buffing for BlizzCon: No pigging out at the Great Feast {WoW}

Aug 27th 2010 10:48AM Be a man, eat everything, lift weights and exercise, become awesome, have two children, be a good father figure, raise them, send them to college, die fighting space mayans in apocalypse.

Also mustache-beard.