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Drama Mamas: Should a WoW widow become a WoW player? {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 4:49PM We really don't have enough info., IMO, to take either Lisa's or Robin's perspective. It might be true, it might not -- too many "what ifs" in the picture.

The bottom line is she isn't happy and feels excluded.

She claims she is too busy to get included but might try anyhow (meaning she isn't that busy to try).

This sounds more like, "they like to play something she doesn't, she doesn't have anything else to do but work... so she works and then resents them for playing" instead of spending time with her.

Obviously being unhappy means it's time to talk. Playing a game she isn't inspired to play is unlikely the answer. Discussing how much free time everyone spends on free activities (including WoW) as well as balancing the chores does make sense. Feeling excluded shouldn't.

My wife knows when I raid it's my time and she plans her activities around this. I know when she hangs with her friends and I plan my activities around that. But we also work together on things and always make some time for each other -- it doesn't take tons just to let someone know your still connected.

One gear set for PvE and PvP in Mists of Pandaria? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2012 4:58PM People will almost always take the path of least resistance -- the easiest way.

Unless both paths are equally time consuming, the easier path will become the default and everyone will eventually abandon the other path.

The new 5-man -> LFR for VP is a perfect example. We used to pound 5-man heroics for VP. Now, we hit two short LFR's and weekly raid and NEVER touch 5-mans. Some might, but I imagine not near as many as used to do this.

So, the question is, which path will die out or do they want to die out, if they chose to make this change.

What type of loot system works the best? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 7:55AM + this old concept that everyone must have RNG determine if they get something and have people beat themselves into boredom for a chance at that one piece nothing that the next expansion replaces everything is like getting kicked in the nuts.

If you had points like PvP and just bought what you wanted (stats) and what you wanted (mog looks), then you get rid of the loot drama. Every kill everyone that was there earned something by participating and should get something.

Who REALLY cares if everyone has the latest sets... people can mog... people that do play this game too much.

What type of loot system works the best? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 7:50AM Get rid of loot from bosses and give loot specific points to all players... let them buy what they want from a boss vendor.

The curious case of Cataclysm potions {WoW}

Feb 6th 2012 4:45PM As a healer, I DO carry mana potions and they are critical to the job. And the fact that DPS don't use healing potions means you likely burn more of a healer's mana. But your job is to DPS, right?

As a tank, I DO carry heal potions. Because I am also a healer, I know there are only so many OH CRAP buttons. Heal potions are one.

So, I think heal for tanks, mana for a healers and dps potions for DPS perhaps?

I just wish all professions had more consumables.

Officers' Quarters: The plight of 25-man raiding guilds {WoW}

Jan 30th 2012 4:02PM Well, as the article points out, running a 25-man is exponentially harder to do. If Blizz wants more customers, they are indirectly eliminating the raid size that is harder to do. If they announced it being eliminated, they would have complaints and quitting left and right. But, by ever so slightly nudging 25-mans out, they will fade away with the result of a happier player base that is less stressed.

That is, perhaps this is good for the players, and blizzard is indirectly steering in this direction.

Drama Mamas: The case of the mass guild eviction {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 10:47AM No, I don't think just signing gives you ownership. However, my point is that Blizzard requires more than one person to create the guild, and yet, once those sigs are gotten, only one person owns it. Like I said, though, how it should work is wasted debate since we have no control over it other than to just tell Blizzard we don't like it.

I think they could deduce that participation in the guild or some other factors should give players some say in how it goes.

Drama Mamas: The case of the mass guild eviction {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 9:12AM Bottom line, Blizzard didn't design a good concept of guild ownership. If it requires 10 people to create it, then the GL shouldn't be in complete control. The exact system is debatable and a waste of time since only Blizzard can implement it. In short, the system is broke.

Lesson learned, if you have a GM that only logs in a few minutes a month, it's time to leave.

I have a toon in a guild that was all hot an heavy in Firelands, then SWTOR came out and no I'm the only one left. I could take the guild now, but I'd rather just leave it.

Breakfast Topic: What is WoW's most lucrative profession? {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 8:41AM By Blizzard making red the primary gem for almost every PvE build and THEN making it no better drop rate than other colors.... bottleneck = profit.

Think about profs. We upgrade gear so often in this game, gems and enchants are always going to be the big profs. Enchants aren't as high in my book because everyone gets enchant mats from group DE or vendors. You can't buy Gem's this expansion except in DS raid. Also, some enchant slots are different profs like LW and Tailors for legs. Only JC's can do gem slots... no competition for those slots. Hands down... JC.

Others can make money... but JC wins.

Ol' Grumpy and the Dragon Soul nerf {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 4:40PM LFR as with any change, will change the end-game. That is, some will no longer attempt to raid normal or heroic. So, essentially, some of the potential part-time raiders no longer raid and that's it. Therefore, the number of Normal raid completions should go down as a percentage of players.

Another factor is SWTOR. Face it. I have toons in two guilds. One of those guilds collapsed on 12/20... no one except myself logs in. In my other guild, 2-3 of 19 players are online off-raid nights. On raid nights we still manage, but if things go bad... the SWTOR lovers say... I'll just bail and play SWTOR. Hitting the wall in DS isn't helping there.

But this article is essentially correct. LFR isn't fun for the same reasons as normal.