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Spiritual Guidance: Wrath Priest leveling guide from 70 to 75 {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 11:27AM I agree with the spec for the most part, but I think you have your rotation wrong. If you start with Holy Fire instead of Smite, you are losing at least a second, maybe two, in your rotation.

My rotation is:

PW:S -> Smite -> Holy Fire -> Mind Blast -> Smite (hopefully free from Surge of Light) -> SW: D. If it's a larger mob, I throw in a SW:P before the second smite and usually wand them a bit too.

If you cast Smite first, you get your longest cast time out of the way before the mob charges. That allows you to fire off both the Holy Fire and Mind Blast before the mob even hits you.

But if you lead off with Holy Fire, you have to cast the longer smite while the mob is running, leaving you in the middle of your Mind blast when he hits you. That results normally in pushback of .5 seconds. Not only do you lose the 1 second cast time by casting smite second, but the pushback drops your efficiency as well.

To the person who stated you should use PW:S after your first two casts, I think that works for small mobs, but if the mob is going to drain your shield then the shield should be cast first. That allows you to start burning the drained soul time before the cast so you can get the shield up faster.

I leveled from 0-60 as straight holy. It was painful and had a lot of drinking involved. At 60 I discovered the IDS build and Spirit tap. I never drink. It's amazing. That, and I think I can down mobs as fasts as most DPS classes except for mages.

My favorite thing to do these days is draw 5-6 mobs and holy nova them to death. With Surge of Light you proc a free spell every 1-2 holy novas, so as you are killing them you can throw a flash heal out to stay alive. This works great if you are a skinner: those herds of rams and mammoths go down easily and by the time you are done skinning them, spirit tap has your mana full.

Ask a Wrath Player: From the ashes {WoW}

Nov 14th 2008 1:10PM Get the "Mounted" Addon. It allows you to specify what mounts get what priority in the random number generator and is smart enough to pick the best mount for the situation you're in (fastes flying if available).