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WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 1:35PM Looks like i missed one...

Please turn off Aspect. - Palun võta maha see aspekt.

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 12:47PM Hei, i would like to list the estonian translation for these words.
We are playing mostly in the EU Blackout battlegroup.

* Hello - Tere
* Goodbye - Head Aega
* Please - Palun
* Thank you - Tänan
* Yes - Jah
* No - Ei
* I don't know. - Ma ei tea

* I'll tank. - Ma tankin
* I'll heal. - Ma ravin
* Can you share quests? - Kas sa saad jagada seda ülesannet

* Buffs - Täiendused.
* Fortitude - Meelekindlus
* Divine Spirit - Jumalik Hing
* Mark of the Wild - Metsik Märk
* Arcane Intellect Müstiline Intellekt
* Blessing of Kings - Kuningate Õnnistus
* Blessing of Might - Jõu Õnnistus
* Please turn off Aspect.

* Ready? - Valmis?
* Ready! - Valmis!
* AFK - Eemal
* BRB - Tulen kohe tagasi - TKT
* Wait, please. - Oota palun

* Follow me. - Järgi mind
* Go. - Mine
* Stop. - Seisa
* Which way? - Mis teed pidi
* Right - Parem
* Left - Vasak
* Straight - Otse
* North - Põhi
* South - Lõuna
* East - Ida
* West - Lääs
* Up - Üles
* Down - Alla

* Let the tank pull. - Las tank tõmbab
* Don't pull aggro. - Ära tõmba äggro
* Move! - Mine!
* Wait here. - Oota siin
* Need heals. Vajan ravi

* Need - Vajan
* Greed - Ahnin
* Need on items you want for any reason. - Vajan asju mida sa mingil põhjusel tahad

* I need this quest. - Vajan seda ülesannet
* I need to kill [X]. - Vajan tappa
* I need to gather [X]. - Vajan korjata
* Let's run back from the graveyard together so we don't get lost. - Jookseme tagasi surnuaiast nii et me ära ei eksi
* Would you like to run another? - Tahad veel ühe joosta?

The Queue: Going to a party party {WoW}

Dec 18th 2009 7:58PM Question: When will we be able to see some quests in Crystalsong Forest, i remember reading when wrath launched that there would be some quests there but its completely empty.

Blizzard cinematic team appears at Chapman University {WoW}

May 8th 2009 8:22AM Old? Haha, if i had my way no gnaams would ever exist in warcraft.
Blizzard realized that in wc3 but somehow they made a mistake and put the gnaams in WoW (propably becouse the Alliance missed a fourth race ).

The dude who said gnaam warlocks are cool, seriously if you look at the in-game characters the ugly hideous smiling faces ugh...

Also why would a fan of WARcraft play a stupid small character with that stupid voice.

"gnomes are arguably one of the coolest races in WoW" - rofllololololololololololgaylol

Varian Wrynn hates the Horde {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 8:36PM Hail Wrynn! Sieg Alliance!

Im dissapointed that Varian didt take back Lordaeron City(undercity for u who dont know ur lore) for the alliance would of been cool to see the rebuilt city, but then hord would have 1 less and alliance 1more and that would go against blizzards holy "balance" ingame,(wheres the justice lore wise?).

And why arent there any alliance siege machines outside of UC isnt the alliance supposed to be takeing back UC?, even tough Jaine ported everyone back to SW, i doubt that someeone as insane as Varian would just live it be and say "ah hell were back home, i dont wanna go back to that dump again".

Also after trying to kill Thrall and declaring WAR on hord being ported back to SW and say now go conquer northrend, wouldt u think hed be more focused on the hord and say go kill some hord?