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25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Mar 31st 2009 10:11PM This is by far the worst article i've read.

1. 10 mans are by far more easy than 25 mans. You dont only get new mechanics that you need to fight against, you get more damage, need more heals, bosses have more HP so you need more dps.
1.1 Except from 10 man Sarth+3D wich is more difficult than 25 man version but, the same drake drops, and its easier to get that loot in a 10man, so at the end the most difficult fight atm gives a better chance on drake wich is the "reward" everyone wants from that figth, its a 10 man.

2. 10 mans are for casual, 25 man for hardcore... yeah you can pug a 25 man, but its hard to finish it unless its a joke like Sarth no drake. Any player with little time to play can log, ask for an invite in a 10 man pug and get some free loot. But the actual 25 man raider has to study strats, farm for mats for pots and stuff, need to have the enchants on their gear and has to improve himself everytime. Why wouldnt 25 man raiders get better loot?

People asking for same loot from 10 and 25 just want free epics and be able to say that they are skilled when they arent. And 25 mans can be as fun as 10 man... everyone has their nieche but that's no reason for people not putting same effort as hardcore raiders get at their same level.

This game is easy to play, people that say there's a learning curve are just lazy and dont want to think that its pretty simple, for year it has bean Fire = Bad for you... and it has been for years if you dont get it by now, please go play some solitare.

And no im not an elitist, i like to help people in their first time in a heroic or raid, and if they fail first, sencond even a third time its ok, but 4th time killed by a lava wave... c'mon you are just playing stupid.