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Forum post of the day: The tank surplus {WoW}

Jan 25th 2009 4:38PM I'm kinda wondering which fight people have in their mind when they say that the OT has the more intresting job ?

Only Sartharion (with drakes up) and Grobullus come remotely close to having an intresting OT job. Some fights require a second tank, but most fights currently are 1 tank job, or the 2nd tank is only very short part of fight he actually has to do anything.

Most raiding guilds have a huge surplus of tanks, biggest reason is the huge different in tank requirements between fights, going from 3 on sartharion with drakes, to 1 on malygos. With 3 tank required for some fights, guilds need 4-5 active tanks. And when some fights only require 1, rotating with 4-5 for that 1 spot is kinda over the top.

Yes, you could have tanks respeccing, but most guilds i've been in, prefer to take that real dps that is sitting instead of the respecced-tank that is never going to come close to putting out the same dps. Besides, I'm a warrior, and rarely raids need or even want another dps warrior.