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Ready Check: Catacysm raid changes a tier later {WoW}

Jun 17th 2011 6:22PM I respect your opinion. I empathize that the Cataclysm raid changes seemed to drive away the 25-man guilds. As someone who has experienced guild struggles, and a guild of any size can struggle, I can only guess that you and your guild are working hard to remain together and raid in the group size that you prefer.

But as a 10-man raider I have to say that this:

"...serious players aren't interested in 10 mans - 10 man content is played by players that want an easy win, easy loot and little skill period."

is NOT why my guild raids.

I don't want to start a discussion on if one group size is more difficult than the other but I do want to say that my 10-man raiding team does not just waltz into a raid with complete disregard for talent specs, gear, gems, enchants, flask and food buffs, raid composition, and encounter strategy and expect epics to be handed to us. We expect the best from ourselves and each other in, I'm guessing, the same way that you expect the best from yourself and the 24 other people on your team.

I agree with your point that if less 25-man guilds are raiding this creates less opportunities for players to raid, gain experience, and develop as players. It's not that there is no turnover for 10-man teams but it does happen on a much smaller basis.

I worry that in the WoW community this 10-man vs. 25-man raiding discussion is creating a divide the way the "casual" vs. "hardcore" discussion does. While any discussion is healthy there is no reason to paint stereotypes over the side that you don't belong to. Each side has their own concerns, their own problems, and their own benefits. Just as we should not generalize that all "casual" players are lazy n00bs wanting epics for 30 minutes of game play we also should not generalize that all 10-man raiders are lazy n00bs, probably in a PUG, wanting epics despite their un-enchanted blues and complete lack of encounter knowledge.

"A guild is a collection of players - forming a community - raiding - having fun. "

This statement you made is true for a raiding guild of any size. Somewhere down the line I know that you and your 25-man team will be standing over the corpse of Deathwing with a feeling of great pride that you have all accomplished something amazing together. I hope you can understand why it will be just as amazing for me and the other 9 people on my team.

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Nov 13th 2008 6:25AM Ungodly hour? As I write this it is 1:15 AM HST.

I've just finished installing WoTLK. I stood in line for 1.5 hours and got my CE about 30 min after 12 AM. The whole situation was well handled at my local GameStop. While opening my CE I was shocked to see that I got my very own Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits! I can't wait to try those out on Frosty. =D