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Breakfast Topic: Sightseeing in Pandaria {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 8:32AM I totally LOVED the water/iceberg scenery in Northrend and my comments even appeared in an article about the Northrend Scenery :) So to my amazement I set foot in Pandaria and felt that rush or a new area and the temples, ocean side and hills were breathtaking. I didn't really take my time in the Panda starting area for the most part, I intend on doing another panda and to just sit back and take my time and relish the conversation AND the scenery to it's fullest!

Win a trip to BlizzCon from Steelseries {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2011 11:48AM Yep, I can't enter the contest either, tried several times, keep getting error messages.

Breakfast Topic: What's the best WoW-themed gift you've given or received? {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 8:43AM I had WoW special days last year...My husband gave me for my Birthday the Celestial Mount and a subscription to the WoW Magazine (lovely to look through, but stinky delivery !), then for Christmas I got the Pandaren Monk, KT and this really lovely Character Shirt for with my Shaman on it :)

Breakfast Topic: Your first WoW memory {WoW}

Jun 27th 2010 8:14AM I was given the game when it came out for the Mac by my husband as an Anniversary Present, it was our 1st Anniversary together and he gave me WoW. I was hooked from day one and my first time was as yours was as a Human at the Abbey....I decided on a Warrior as I figured it was the easiest to play and I went on to become massively addicted. I ended up returning the favor to my husband that Christmas when he got his own copy of the game :)

We are about the celebrate our 6th anniversay, so we have been at this for awhile, WoW that is :)

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

May 18th 2010 7:00AM Sounds awesome!

Breakfast Topic: What we don't know {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 9:50AM Thanks all :) It took a long time before I even slightly understood meta-gems an slots, and I was the first JC in my guild.

I agree with Phaelan, seems that should do a gem article :)

Enter to win a Creative WoW headset from and Creative {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 9:12AM Sign me up :) It looks awesome!

Breakfast Topic: What we don't know {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 9:09AM Ohh.....never knew this...

Breakfast Topic: What we don't know {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 9:07AM So how does the meta-socket work then...I have a very difficult time putting in a meta-gem into a socket when there are so few gems that will work for me sometimes.

Does this mean I can still put any gem into a meta-socket? Is there a downside to this?

Breakfast Topic: What we don't know {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 8:58AM Gems in any color slot? OMG....I am so good about reading patch notes and passing them along to our guild list, but somehow I missed this one...

The CW flying at 68 never ceases to maaze me at the number of folks who don't know about it...I am getting stopped on my 72..Dude, how can you fly in Northrend at level 72???