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Why won't Blizzard let me change my race? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2009 8:18AM I think it's the zombie factor, not the fact that they're more aesthetically pleasing.

Zombies are, after all, on your lawn.

Hunters discover "new" Worgen pet {WoW}

Jul 5th 2009 7:54AM Just because you're on break from WoW doesn't mean that you have to ignore everything about it. A break is just that, a break, and some people prefer knowing what has changed while they were gone without having to find all of it at once.

Storm Peaks daily quests reward a polar bear mount {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 9:46PM The Amani bear looks like a turtle. You can't say it's any better.

The Tuesday Morning Post: It's quiet. Too quiet. {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 9:41PM What if we do it in slow motion? At .0001% walk speed?

Enter to win one of two giftpacks from SwagDog and WoW Insider {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 9:34PM Flaming Pinatas? Madness!

Ask a Lore Nerd: Shared tongues and other oddities {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 9:32PM A great, amazing few are Day of the Dragon, Night of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, Of Blood and Honor, and the Guardian. Those are my favorites, atm.

Loken the most dangerous mob in the game {WoW}

Dec 5th 2008 12:08AM Delete your WTF folder. :)

Wrath 101: The Sons of Hodir {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 11:47PM @fu

Just because you swear it it doesn't make you right. People will respect your terms if you're not grouping casuals up with whiners who don't even DO the content and whine for more.

Is Wrath too easy? {WoW}

Nov 19th 2008 6:22PM I'm amazed mostly over the fact that people believe it's a big deal. It's not.

To put it simply, the new merged guild has probably balanced it so it's with their best when they raid. Not just the random people from both SK and Nihilum. They're far above average, in terms of competence and skill, at least.

New continent, old friends {WoW}

Nov 19th 2008 6:03PM Most people are. The quests make you feel more involved also. The progression is great, hopefully in the future, D.E.H.T.A. Returns, as they would make an interesting comeback in a place, for example, like the Emerald Dream.

On topic though, the reminiscing of times from when Vanilla WoW was the only WoW through the questgivers and NPCs in general is great, in my opinion.