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The Achievements of Winter Veil part 2 {WoW}

Dec 24th 2008 3:00PM @aphrodytee

lol you just do "Let it Snow" (and all such things) in Shatt or Dalaran - no need to try and snow-flake people out in the wild and have them misunderstand you :D

PS: Maybe I am missing something, but as for Brew of the Month - isn't the acheivement just to drink each of the beers? Perhaps you can buy the beer from a member, or even from the vendor ... ? I guess I don't recall that it is BoP cause I just don't pay attention ...

Breakfast Topic: What's your questing style? {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 1:30PM I have always tried to complete every quest in a zone - although I was never one for rep grinding, and thus skipped a lot of those in certain vanilla wow areas ...

I am also a non-guilded mostly solo player, so I tend to skip dungeon/3+ group (I can usually handle 2's or even 3's as a lock) quests unless a group is advertising at the moment .. otherwise I go back later when my RL friends are available to assist me.

I eventually plan to go back all the way to vanilla and finish every quest if it kills me, but ... seems a long way off.

For now, I am really enjoying leveling and exploring.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 0 - BlizzCon loot bag with Polar Bear Mount {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 3:51PM Wow, if I win I can pretend I actually went to BlizzCon instead of just fruitlessly trying to buy tickets for 10 hours and then getting hosed.

Preparing for Wrath Day 1: Get your act together {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 5:15PM I have never been sadder to go on a vacation ... I scheduled a trip to visit my sisters TOTALLY OBLVIOUS to the fact that it coincides with the release of Wrath ..

Now my bf and friends will all outlevel me for a week and I will have to come home and do the grind all alone ... QQ!

Maybe I can convince everyone to skip leveling and just make deathknights instead. ..

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 6 - 60-day game time card {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 1:01PM Wow if I win 60 days here, that would make 5 months where I did not pay for my sub fees!

And would make WoTLK that much sweeter!