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The Mog Log: Throwing out the barriers {Massively}

Sep 18th 2011 1:36AM I've been looking at screen shots for years now of this game... tried it in 2008 on xbox 360, and just could not get into it... Now I'm giving it a fair second chance and I must say, I love this game. I'm so so so glad I gave it a second glance.

For the sole reason as to why I love it so much is that Its so rewarding to do the most mundane things in other games. Want your mount? Wait 6 real time hours checking back in each hour, then once your done you don't even get to keep it, you worked that hard for the privilege to pay the game vendors for rented chocobos! (seems silly right? but when you mount your first chocobo you know you earned that damn thing)

Recently I was flying though the levels in level sync party's (aka raids) just killing mobs that give me like 10 exp, but the secret are the grounds of valor book quests that you can just repeat over and over for heaps of exp. so you kill 6 monsters that it asks you to kill, bam 1/4th a level. So I'm moving along and just enjoying myself until I hit level 50, That's when things got fun.

When I got to level 50 I noticed my exp was capped at 1exp off from hitting 51... For an hour I tried to gain the point till I asked my party, that's when they figured out I was new player after asking me if I was a mule who had memory issues >.< There are barrier quests set in place that you must finish at level 50 and each 5 levels after that all the way to the cap! Don't get me wrong, I love this idea, but most people are not willing to help and these quests are so far from solo friendly that it will make you cry blood.

All in all, this is a damn wonderful game and once you get past its caveman like age and walls that square has set in front of you to enjoy their game, the game is just so rewarding that you are forced back into it for more pain, but its a good pain. When you pour blood, sweat and tears for a reward it makes it that much sweeter! In no way is that a game for someone who thinks wow is hard should play... I left wow 4 months ago after 7 years of saying meh to the content, and this game has shaken my foundation of what I find difficult in an MMO.

Answer your beta-related questions, Star Wars: The Old Republic does {Massively}

Sep 8th 2011 9:06PM Gosh I can't wait for them to put in 25 dollar sparkle speeders!

The Mog Log: Far too much accountability {Massively}

Sep 3rd 2011 7:00PM POL is one of the biggest turn offs as a gamer I've ever run across in my 12 years of playing assorted MMO's. I tried FF11 a few years back in 2008 for the xbox360 and it was the most hoop jumping I've ever had to do!

Now a few years later I wanted to give it another go, this time on the PC because I just felt the game needed another look and After again, all the painstaking work of getting the account to run and work, Though this time I am really enjoying myself.

My mistake this time is downloading via steam, so not only do I have lame POL to deal with, I need steam running to play it as well. I really wish SE never thought of POL (and yes I understand they needed it for ps2) so that many more players like myself who were turned away from such a great game had a better first look. Not many gamers shoot a second glance at an MMO.

Marvel Universe Online will be free-to-play, penned by Bendis {Massively}

Apr 30th 2011 6:54PM @Tempes Magus AnathemaOne said IMO... lay off, We get it... you like the F2P Model. Quit commenting on anyone who says it sucks, These are our opinions... Nothing more, just like its your Opinion that F2P is a gift from god and that we would never be nickle and dimed by your god given awesome no name game company's. 15 bucks a month to assure a smooth and awesome game is one "Ransom" I can handle.

Marvel Universe Online will be free-to-play, penned by Bendis {Massively}

Apr 29th 2011 9:46AM Marvel is hands down my favorite comic company, Spider-Man is bar none my favorite super hero of all time, But does that mean I wanna play as him? No... I don't want to play through a story as someone's already made character!

All I got from this interview was a major let down, for a number of reasons. FTP means I'm gonna be nickle and Dimed my way through the game with a character I didn't even create? Pass.

While we are on the subject of Disney... Hey Disney, Where is my Tron MMO?

The Daily Grind: What bug has been around forever? {Massively}

Feb 15th 2011 8:51AM 6 years strong and im 98% sure the Vanish bug is still a problem in wow. Its just one of those bugs that will continue to be there, That and hunters pet cower bug.

Undelete your DDO or LotRO character with Turbine's new service {Massively}

Feb 15th 2011 3:22AM As to the people who were hacked in wow, First off, get an authenticator or button your lip... seriously, its 7 bucks, I'm unemployed and managed to get one.

Second off, My roommate, who I had been hounding to get an authenticator for months got hacked around the time ICC hard modes were being opened up by most guilds. He was down for about one full week. Not only him but around 3-4 people in my guild got hacked in the same month, it was getting bad and we assumed that our guild website got hacked and our emails given to people who could use them to get to the accounts.

In all cases the accounts in question were restored to there former glory in less then one full week, and in most cases your restored with more then you had taken. Ive been playing for 6 years since week one of game launch. The only time I've heard of people not getting back what was stolen boils down to two options.

One, they waited too long and blizzard couldn't track what was stolen and when.
Two, You opted for the recovery package that all blizzard employees are required to offer a hacked player. (normally a few hundred gold and some badges to get you started) Now I really wanna stress this next part... You have EVERY right to say NO to this package and blizzard has to respect your wish to restore your character. if you take it... then its water under the bridge and your loss.

I know this because this is what they tried to offer my roommate, and he just laughed at them. He had around 50k gold and full heroic ICC epics... he got it all back after speaking with his second GM and waiting the standard 3-5 days it takes to recover stolen goods.

Bottom line, DON'T say yes to the first thing someone offers. I don't know the time limit on a hack, but if you were away from the game for months and your trying to restore something now then maybe you should have been more aware of your account, but then again that's just my two copper.

Final Fantasy XI's February mini-patch dated {Massively}

Feb 11th 2011 2:06AM Simple question that ive always pondered about this game. I got to play it for like a week on the 360 and hated the controls witch lead me to quit before the free month was up.

I currently play world of warcraft, and only truely value an mmo's End game content Ive been doing wows end game for 6 years now (and its had its ups and downs).

What does this game have to offer in that department? Are there raids or something close to what a raid is? Or is it just farming mundane mobs to collect items to summon an even bigger mob for rare items?

Im not trolling, just simply bored of wows new expansion and just poking my head around other MMOs without spending money. Feel free to PM me if the response is huge, i fully intend to read it all and ask more questions that i just simply cant find easily on the net. thanks guys :)

Mog Bonanza winners announced for Final Fantasy XI {Massively}

Feb 4th 2011 12:07AM @Drunken Irish Sniper. I recall wanting to try the free trail on the PC a while back, and the trouble i went through... man, so not worth it. I had accidentally signed up for the non US version so my email was used up for that free trail, then I made a whole new email address to try and get US trail and still something screwed up and I never got a chance to play it. Its like there archaic system is holding them back, Hell even Everquest has a trail that's fast and easy to use and that game is almost 12 years old! I just don't understand all the hurdles they set up... who the hell are they blocking by being THAT secure.

I blame most of my hate on the play online viewer. It just makes any ordeal with them Feel very foreign and unnecessary.

As for your response to me, Yes I was aware that all of the platforms play together, but I was referring to the basic controls, with a basic 360 controller it felt really clunky, like it took me 25 minutes to figure out how to view my buffs, I assumed if i was playing on PC i could just hover over them to answer my question. I would have liked to try it on the PC, but now more then ever I don't wanna try it due to my stated reasons and fear the game is at an all time low of player population thanks to FF14 feeding on its own.

Mog Bonanza winners announced for Final Fantasy XI {Massively}

Feb 3rd 2011 11:01PM I've never given this game the chance I wanted too, I searched high and low for the collectors edition for the x-box 360, and after taking FOREVER for it to download, and setting up an account i think I played it till around level 22? I got to some dunes/sand area and just couldn't find any groups. The controls on the 360 were clunky at best for the way i was used to playing mmos.

I remember some point in the last year I was gonna try it on the PC to see if it was any different, but having to go through so much trouble with there websites and remembering the hell that the play online viewer was... blah i just said screw it and went back to playing wow.

its really quite sad, because underneath it all, it really had a lot of the elements I wanted in an mmo, strongly group based, mob grinding, and dynamic classes. It reminds me a lot of Everquest at its core, But the daunting task of getting it all set up is a real chore.

Still though, back to my first thought, Some of those weapon models look awesome... always makes me think of the mmo that never was :(
(at least for me)