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The Queue: Daily quests and Tastyfish {WoW}

Nov 19th 2008 3:42PM Stop pushing for 450! You can't fish anywhere, these are MY fish! RAWR.

Also, I recommend the Sunday fishing tournament in STV threefold, for the sweet, sweet +35 fishing pole, the sweet, sweet boots/hat/fishing line, and for skilling up - you'll be so focused on the prize, that skilling up takes a backseat, and by the end of the tourney, you've gone up 10-15 skill points without that mind-numbing repetitiveness:
"Will I skill up?" /lootfish "Sigh..." /castline

The supercomputers behind World of Warcraft {WoW}

Nov 18th 2008 3:28PM I don't think people realize the sheer amount of power required to host something this expansive. 11 Million+ player accounts all on their servers, as well as all the data of the World itself, all your gear, a regularly updated armory, not to mention data pings from addons for information vanilla UI's don't need, and interactivity between thousands of players on every server with a fraction of a second (ideally) between the time you hit a button and the time what you did goes through their system and shows on everyone else's screen, for several hours at a time for most players .... yeah. I'm betting they have some massive supercomputers running this beast of a game.

It's for reasons like this that I tend to give Blizz a lot of slack for stuff like server restarts and the like. The sheer magnitude of upkeeping these things is staggering, so next time the server shuts down for an emergency rolling restart, get up, stretch your legs, get a snack, and don't QQ so much. You can pick up that quest to kill 7 frost monkeys right where you left off when the server's up again.

Yeah, I'm a fangirl.

Keeping the wife happy: Wrath style {Massively}

Nov 18th 2008 2:12PM I'm more with you on this article, clutterskull. I don't think she sounds more crazy than your average OCD person - I'm married to one myself.

Is it so hard to believe that her excitement over him agreeing to play again is not so much based in her obsession with the game (obsession used lovingly, here), as it is that she'll get to play it with her husband again? I know I'd be pretty upset if my husband quit the game, he's my best friend and leveling-buddy; it's just not the same playing without him. And funny thing, my husband /gquit from my guild (he can't stand guild drama), and I stayed, but everyone knows that we're a package deal, I don't do new content without him, if we're playing together and a guildie wants me to heal, they invite him to go as well, since they know I won't leave him behind while I go off to run other stuff. Your guild is not the end-all be-all of WoW; if you can't get along where you are, find another guild - they're out there.

If I were in the author's wife's position, I'd probably react the same way. I'd be ecstatic to have my gaming buddy back! The writer's connotation is negative, because that's his point of view on a situation he doesn't like being in, for a game he no longer cares to play, and that's respectable... but she's no villian. After all, if you could have both your significant other and your favorite pasttime rolled into one, wouldn't you be excited about it too?

Breakfast Topic: Realm (in)stability {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 2:08PM Cautivo and KenMo have it right. Mob-tagging is not very cool to do to others of your own faction; I've had to scold my leveling-buddy for spamming Arcane Explosion when other horde where waiting. Since waiting for kills is a common thing right now, I suggest making a macro to /s "Sending invites to share the kill" and sending invites out to as many players as you can. The other players appreciate it, and if you're competing to get the kill against the other faction, you now have 4 more chances to snag that mob, and 4 players who won't want to have you killed for ninja-ing it.

If you're feeling particularly generous, go ahead and let the guy who was there first grab him, regardless of faction. Waiting 30 seconds to 1 minute really isn't a big deal, lord knows the respawn time is delightfully quick right now.

Nymh of EU Drek'thar first to level 80 {WoW}

Nov 14th 2008 3:05PM It's sad how people who are jealous of other people's accomplishments just can't help but resort to insults of "You have no life."

Of course, this says much for how much of a life those people have, hmm? Not even spending their time in-game, they prefer to stick to forums and comments, complaining about the accomplishments of others.

...Alas, the same could be said about me, actually taking the time to post on it. Haha.

Grats Nymh!

Wrath of the Lich King: Priest roundup {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 5:56PM You're right that it's hard to have decent mana regen without Meditation, especially for long battles. However, I find that if you're running out of mana on anything shorter than a five minute battle, either you're not using the most efficient spells for the task at hand, you're overhealing, or you're not stacking enough spirit. Something I learned the hard way: All the +heals (or +spellpower, now) in the world won't help you if 15 casts is all it takes for you to go OOM. Give up some of those +12 Spellpower gems and put Spirit gems there instead.

Are you remembering to set your shadowfiend out *before* you're out of mana? If you balance things just right, you can find a nice chain for especially long fights: I use my fiend when I'm around 40%, which usually gets me in the 90-100% area, pop a mana pot around 60%, again at around 30%, and can usually use my fiend again before I'm OOM, bringing me back up to around 60-75%. Of course, depending on how heal intensive the battle is, you can take turns with the other healers in taking a break in casting to allow regen, before you're tapped dry. Bangle of Endless Blessings or Earring of Soulful Meditation are both very helpful with this tactic.

I can't compare druid regen to my own, but I find that if even with all this, if you're still pushing it to the limit, and running dry before the battle is over, make friends with the Druids you run with (especially feral!) and stack spirit. In a tight spot, give them notice that you may need an innervate, and when they find a moment, they can send one your way; with enough spirit, you don't even need to stop casting to go from bone dry to 100% mana. If you're low on spirit, one of the trinkets above can be popped just before you are Innervated to boost its effectiveness.

Weigh in on the downtime debacle {WoW}

Nov 11th 2008 11:50PM Agreed. I'd rather have the servers be down right up until Wrath officially begins, so they work out all the kinks and fix these things now, than have it hit the fan server-wise, on top of the flood we can expect.

Go go Blizz-team, away!

Rumor: Activision Blizzard paying mall costs for Gamestop midnight launches {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 7:59PM Funny seeing Hawaii comments!

Hubby works at Gamestop, and is scheduled for midnight at Queen Kaahumanu. Of course, it's not like open-air malls have the same "closing time" issues as regular malls do.

Cooldown possibly coming to CoH, Wild Growth {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 9:38PM I love how your first response is to assume I don't know what I'm doing. Rest assured, I am well-loved on my server, precisely because I'm damn good at being a priest. Alas, as far as rogues go, my rogue is most assuredly the worst one in the guild.

I also never mentioned Green gear, I said blues and Kara gear, and pre-patch, I outhealed these players easily. For the sake of laying the facts out, I have no Hyjal Gear, I'm just geared enough to do it. However, have you ever run with 4 other priests spamming the new CoH? As previously stated, a flash heal just isn't as fast as instant casts.

Heal-meters normally matter very little to me. I know I'm Disc, I expect to heal less than a CoH priest in matching gear; as long as I do my part, no one dies, we're all good. But four CoH priests who previously averaged about 70%-80% of my heals should not suddenly be doubling my output. How does that make sense? If that's all anyone has to do to heal, why not *everyone* go Holy & spam? There is no reason to use any other spell, with how OP this is now.

Cooldown possibly coming to CoH, Wild Growth {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 8:13PM I am svery much in favor of this "nerf." CoH was a lovely spell, I used to spec it before I switched to IDS, for the good of my guildies. However, the numbers don't lie, CoH became very overpowered with the recent tweaks.

Pre-patch, among my regular raiding friends, I would usually be among a tight 1st-3rd place on the healing meter, one competitor being a pally, the other a CoH priest. Our gear is roughly equivalent of each other

The raid right after the talent tweaks, I took IDS again, knowing all of my priest friends would go CoH. Our next 25-man resulted in me struggling to keep 6th place on the meters, with the other 4 priests in the group doing more than double the output, and over 80% of each of their heals were from CoH. Priests who were still wearing blues and gearing up in Kara were out-shining me, and I'm Hyjal material. My overhealing shot through the roof, since even with +10% haste, instant casts will always beat out a Flash Heal. With 4 people spamming CoH over each other, I was lucky if any of my renews got more than one or two ticks per cast.

After a while, I gave up on healing, and resorted to DoTs and Lolsmiting. It was better use for my mana.

As far as it being "weak as hell", requiring several casts for it to do much good, consider this: PoH is for that kind of stuff. If you have time to cast CoH3+ times, you could have cast PoH in that time and done just as much healing. Yes, it's a 41-talent, and it needs to get a little love for that. That love comes in that it's not group-based, is a smart-heal, and an instant cast that can prevent things from hitting the fan too fast, not to mention that mana-wise, it's really not bad, either.

This cooldown isn't to say "No one use this ability!!" It's to prevent priests from just spamming til the cows come home. The CD will prevent it from being abused, but won't stop the spell from being useful! At level 80, I have every intention of getting CoH, six-second CD and all.