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Cooldown possibly coming to CoH, Wild Growth {WoW}

Nov 8th 2008 11:42AM I think priests who are claiming it's not overpowered right now might not have optimized end-game gear, a CoH-optimized talent build, haven't tried spamming it for 70-80% of their healing, or something. I've seen priests who have CoH but don't use it much doing half the healing output of the CoH spammers.

For raid trash pulls, if things are going smoothly, I rarely even bother moving my hand to my mouse, and just switch between targeting me or a tank for CoH, and still wind up as a top healer. A mana pot and shadowfiend are enough for an unusually mana-intensive fight. Granted I can heal better by mixing in a few other spells (70% CoH instead of 100%) and more attentive targeting, but I can be completely lazy yet still heal more than non-CoH healers.

However, while I agree it's overpowered, I also think several above suggestions on a lesser cooldown or other nerfs might be better. I wonder if upping the mana cost, like maybe doubling it or more, would be a good approach. That would allow it to continue its use as a great instant-cast aoe panic heal, stabilizing damage until other heals take over, but prevent priests from relying on it as their primary heal.