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BlizzCon 2009: Dance and soundalike contest videos {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 11:53AM Just to clarify, that last statement was NOT intended to be an insult to any of the dancers! As a girl uptight enough that you wouldn't catch me dead in a bikini, "mind boggling" seemed an apt description, lol.

Not that anyone reading this probably cares what I meant, but I have a friend in there!

BlizzCon 2009: Dance and soundalike contest videos {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 3:59AM AAAHHHHH!!!! CONGRATS, JORD!!

I didn't see the winners named in the video, but King Ikiss won the sound-alike. He's my brother, and he rocks :D

I went looking for footage of the contests on youtube earlier today, before got them up, and you can definately find some longer clips there (albeit split into several parts). Judging from the youtube pieces, the sound-alike video in this article did a good job capturing all the contestants, but there was a LOT missing from the bugged dance video--that has to have just been a little opening overview. Some were okay, some were awesome, and the contestants willing to, er, 'put it all out there' were...mind-boggling.

/congrats, little bro!

Mighty Battle: Hunter and Mage Tier 9 sets {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 10:58PM One of these days I'll learn to proof-read my comments >.

Mighty Battle: Hunter and Mage Tier 9 sets {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 10:57PM ^ This.

The Alliance hunters look rather southeast Asian to me, and at least it's at least original, but I find it aesthetically jarring, and it definately looks more ceremonial than functional. I suppose it could be seen as an echo of the Asian overtones in Night Elf culture (I hope you'll forgive that grossly generalized statement from a westerner, lol), but it completely misses the signature 'feel' of Night Elves: savage and yet ethereal, deadly cunning mixed with grace. I'm trying to set out of my own aesthetics to find something redeeming, but I find it just plain ugly.

I'm not overly fond of Netherwind specifically, but that robed-arcane-sorcerer look is classic for mages. Alliance vs. Horde in this case seems to come down to mage-ish vs. originality. I'm afraid I have to hand it to the Alliance in this case, just because I HATE that it forces Horde mages to be bald. I suppose you can suppress the helm Horde-side, but then that gets rid of one of the niftiest pieces of the set.

Horde vs. Alliance Tier 9 Mighty Battle! {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 9:11PM Am I the only one that would like to see the blood elf eyebrows clipped off when wearing a helm? Somehow I can't imagine most death knights carefully threading those through their bone-encrusted helmets every morning...

And speaking of hair, I am a bit perplexed as to why hair was suppressed in the Horde cloth sets. I really liked them until I got a closer look at that. I suppose it might be necessary from a coding standpoint given that the 'wings' of those helms would overlap with some hairstyles, but since the back is still exposed, it makes them look rather bald.

Horde vs. Alliance Tier 9 Mighty Battle! {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 8:59PM Yes, I fail at spelling. Wtb 'edit' button :D

Horde vs. Alliance Tier 9 Mighty Battle! {WoW}

Jul 20th 2009 8:57PM I'm afraid I find the corset a little silly on the male models, but it looks AWESOME on the females. Yes, a little sexist, but it's cool enough that this RL woman doesn't care, lol. What disappoints me most is that the Horde rogues and druids didn't get the corset! Not fair!!! Come to think of it, I'm surprised that we haven't seen corsets before, given how many variations on cleavage-baring tunics and stripper-black-mageweave sets are out there >.< That style of front-stitched leather armor is one of the few pieces of real-world clothing that (1) looks completely baddass, (2) looks sexy, and (3) actually has a practical purpose (both as armor, and from the perspective of a leatherworker stitching together hides into something useful).

The Horde certainly seem to have the market cornered on raw power in the cloth sets...though I'd be hard-pressed to identify them as cloth if they weren't labeled as such, heh. While I like both in their own ways, all the Alliance clothies all look like mages to me, and all the Horde clothies look like warlocks. I think the bared midriff on the Alliance women for the cloth classes seems a little forced; it looks like the art department came up with some pretty robes and then said, "How can we show more skin? I know, chop out the middle!". The Horde robes have similar bared areas, but they look more natural to the outfits, like they were designed that way from the start. *shrug* Maybe that's just me.

The main thing that sticks out to me is that, yet again, death knights, paladins, and warriors all look the same, at least on the Alliance side. (Horde had it a little easier, I guess, since the line between warriors and paladins in the Alliance has been blurred in lore, the death knight image is almost completely at odds with the Alliance's 'shining' crest, and on the Horde side, the designers had the option to go with a Blood Elf look for their paladins to separate them from the fur/claws/savage look of the other Horde plate-wearers.) Personally, I think the Alliance deathknights should have been colored gold-bone and black (rather than gold-bone and blue), and the Alliance paladins gold and white (instead of gold and blue). That would preserve the consistent, clean-cut Alliance look, while being more true to the classes.

My 2c.

Why won't Blizzard let me change my race? {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2009 7:39PM Someone may have already mentioned this (gah, too many comments to search through, lol), but I wonder if what they're concerned with not players changing races just for racial bonuses, but rather the server load that would result whenever changes are made to racials: anytime a significant change occurred, you'd have large numbers of people switching races. This doesn't apply quite as much to faction changes, because losing your guild, arena team, friends, and easy access to alts might give people enough pause that they wouldn't switch just for a racial (and if Blizzard ever introduces a faction change big enough to make people that eager to switch, WoW's got bigger problems). This also doesn't apply to gender or appearance changes because--unless Blizzard decides to make serious changes to existing character models--there's nothing that could spark a massive movement simultaneously.

Blizzard may be in serious trouble with faction changes, though, if/when they introduce new races. Can you imagine what will happen if they introduce, say, worgen on the Horde side? We'd have lvl 80 (90?) worgen the day the expansion was released!

Why won't Blizzard let me change my race? {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2009 7:29PM As far as PvP is concerned, yes, because their racial fulfills a role that would otherwise eat up a trinket slot with a pvp trinket: