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Officers' Quarters: When raiders hold your guild hostage {WoW}

May 9th 2011 5:32PM 1. I don't approve of bench warmers and subs, as a policy. We have a few who can't make raids full time, but that's not the same thing.
I do believe a 10 person guild has to run at least a roster of 11 - I can't be in the only raiding guild in the world that has people with internet problems from time to time, emergencies, getting stuck late at work, et cetera. What I don't believe in is having 10 full time raiders and a sub. That won't work.

But again, make sure everyone knows the rules in advance. A player hired as a sub, *knowing* that they're a sub can't complain. A person brought in as the 11th raider, expecting to be a full member of the team, shouldn't expect to sit more often long-term. BUT, if in the short term, you tell them clearly you will bring in the better geared player for heroic modes until their gear catches up - that's fine. Note: firelands will be out soon: gear reset. That player should be on full equal status at that time. [And if you'll routinely sit a melee, because you can't afford to sit a ranged, it needs to be understood that your policy is that winning comes first, and raiding favors ranged, so if you have 4 melee and 2 ranged dps in your guild, the melee have to understand they'll sit out one raid in four.). But it shouldn't always be the *same* player or two players. You have to recruit smarter than that.

2. Guilds need a policy on RL Friends/Spouses. We make it clear to all applicants that a spouse may be expected to sit, and we won't tolerate demands that "both of us sit or neither of us do." Some people have different opinions--this goes back to the golden rule of Raid leadership: Make your rules, publicize your rules, explain them very, very clearly to new applicants, and consistently follow them. And remind people of them from time to time.

If you have an 11 person 10 person raiding guild, and you have one couple, those people are now immune to sitting? I don't think so. You're the one dps who can't be asked to sit because your wife is a main tank? No way. Now, if one spouse gets asked to sit on Monday, and one on Tuesday, every week, that's different. But if the dps spouse gets asked to sit once every 2 weeks on a 3-night raiding schedule? If your relationship can't handle that calmly, you have bigger problems.

The Daily Quest: Against insurmountable odds {WoW}

Apr 14th 2011 12:07AM (apparently it deletes things in greater than and less than signs, must be some htlm or bbs code I am unaware of)
But the guild tag there is: Insurmountable Odds

The Daily Quest: Against insurmountable odds {WoW}

Apr 14th 2011 12:05AM Hehe, I laughed at this post.

-Heremod , Moon Guard!

Blood Sport: Arena should be more like rated battlegrounds {WoW}

Apr 6th 2011 12:20AM (The assumption in the second hypothetical is that this is my team mate, who is a 2400 player, playing his low-rated alt---whether he's intentionally tanked the rating or is just working his way up the ranks). At some point our average rating will be well below our skill, but within the range where I get points).

Blood Sport: Arena should be more like rated battlegrounds {WoW}

Apr 6th 2011 12:17AM So basically personal rating would determine everything . . . here's my problem.

I"m an MMR/Personal Rating 2400 warrior.
I team up with my friend the newby healer.
Our avearage rating starts at 1200 (he's a 0, I"m a 2400)

We massacre teams. Do I get points?
What if my team mate has an alt, and he tanks his rating intentionally on the alt.

Now I'm a 2400 player, playing with an 1800 friend, so we won't hit 2400 teams, we'll hit 2200 teams - that's within 200 of my rating - so is worth 1-2 points. My personal rating goes up.

Isn't this the problem if you implement the bg system straight up in arenas? (it doesn't cause as many problems in rated bgs, because you have to talk 9 other people into letting you tank your alts rating with you, which takes a lot of coordination, is a huge time sink, and is pretty easy to detect compared to simply losing 10 2 v 2 games.

Gold Capped: Monopolizing the market {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 8:48PM Buy Orders would help a heck of a lot I think . . . not sure about with the epics.

But if you could put up a standing Order "will buy X for Y", there would be less need for Trade chat shinnanegans.

Right now it's entirely a seller's market . . . you can't even sort by buyout price.

Breakfast Topic: Have rated battlegrounds met your expectations? {WoW}

Mar 8th 2011 10:28AM Sadly, the single biggest thing keeping me out of rated bgs may be herb prices . . .

It costs over 2000 gold to raid for 10 hours a week right now . . . which means I simply don't have the time to form the arena team to farm the points to get the gear to want to do bgs and rated bgs . . .

Add on the fact that I need to schedule rated bgs exactly like raids . . . and suddenly I'd be scheduling raids or raid like activity 4, 5, 6 nights a week! I can't do it! 10 hours is more than enough.

Ultimately, I have to agree with the strong majority. The problem is that I have to queue as a full premade, I can't just queue by myself or with my 1-2 close friends who pvp. This basically ruins it for me, as bgs were always that thing I could just log on and do. I don't have the time or the inclination. I would also add that once I have to *schedule* a bg for a full premade, it's srs face time. That makes it 30 min long stressful matches--whereas boss encounters are 10 min (and more like a rhythm game once you have practice--and you don't lose anythign when you lose) and arena matches are usually 1-2 minutes of stress.

I just want to say there is absolutely no way your in-bg performance should or could ever measure your performance . . . there is no system that would ever work.

I would also add that part of my problem may be that I hate TB. Again, I don't know how to fix it, but I simply will not play a bg where I get nothing for losing. I can't control my team, and while no one seems to ever realize this . . . the other team are a bunch of people playing to win too. You, personally, can do everything right and still lose. And then you've just wasted 30 minutes for nothing. [Whereas when you wipe in a raid, you're learning.]

Of course, maybe it's just that Tol Borad bores me---I hated it when I was winning. I'm not sure why, it just feels like I'm part of a mob of people, and whether I live or die depends entirely on who randomly targets me and who randomly heals me --- I kill 30 people, I die 20 times . . . it's all blah! But I should add I hate world pvp, so that's just my playstyle :-p.

Rambling ideas:
However, I think they could build a win/loss record for you personally. . . but, the problem is, then people who premade *can't* queue solo . . . because the risk of losing and tanking their rating . . . (or they get an alt from a rival team on their team who thinks "hey, let's sabotage his rating) . . . so I guess I think you need to go the opposite of arenas:

Rewards such as title based on the *higher* of either your team or your personal rating. . .
And you would have to chose to queue with or without a charter. [If you just queue as a "group" with friends, that would only affect your personal rating . . . and if you queued as a chartered team it would *only* affect your chartered team---so you can't tank your personal rating and then queue chartered against weak people - you'd always be MMR'd against the same rating.

The probelm of course with charters before is that you could buy a fresh one, but maybe you'd have 3 ratings?
1. Your solo and small group rating - applicable when you queue as 1-5 people. This would not be perfect, but let's face it, you're not going to hit #1 queueing as 1-5 people anyways--this would be for "casual" competitive bgs. But it would be enough to keep the bots out.

2. Your personal chartered & team chartered rating - which would work just like the current arena system (so you couldn't team swap or sell highly rated charters).
Of course, this would probably lead rapidly to people selling titles . . . maybe limit non-chartered queueing to groups of no more than 5 for rated? :-).

Then you could either "queue as group/solo" (5 max) or "queue as chartered team" (full premade). If you "queued as solo/group" you'd be MMR'd based on your personal win/loss ratio. But if you queued as a chartered team, you'd MMR however blizzard does it right now.

This way even the ultra-serious pvpers could queue solo during off-nights, which would help populate the mid-range rated bgs. Right now, there's just NO POINT to be a mid-rated rated-bg player.

I guess my point is, I wouldn't mind watching my rating fluctuate based on good luck or bad luck drawing a team . . . as long as I could queue casually. And I would be content if my rating ended up 1600, but my games ended up bot free (statistically, bots should win fewer games in the long run than actual players).


Looking for guild feature available on patch 4.1 PTR {WoW}

Feb 25th 2011 6:33PM My only request would be that blizzard link to the official realm forums from the browser - or tell people to look there.

I don't think this can or will replace the realm forums, but it's another tool that can be helpful.

Of course, will it permit links to guild websites? If it doesn't, it's very blah. If it does, I smell scammer!

Raid Rx: What druid and shaman cooldowns would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 2:27PM Part of the problem is that I think he misrepresents Guardian Spirit.

The huge thing with Guardian Spirit is the Ardent Defender-like proc. The tank gets one free death.

Two types of cooldowns:
Keep the Tank Alive CDs:
There are any number of fights where we've established rotations along these lines:
"Priest X uses cooldown first, then Paladin Y, then Priest Z, then Paladin N*
Halfus Wyrmbreaker leaps to mind in current content. Early Lich King 25 also leaps to mind. As well as Sarth 3d. You weren't going to "pop tree of life" on a breath. You were going to use Guadian Spirit, Pain suppression, or a paladin ability. We chose our healers in some attempts based very clearly off those cooldowns.

None of a druid's cooldowns are comparable to these.

We need as much Healing as Possible CDs:
Shamans are especially hit hard because, does anything compete with Divine Hymn/Raid Wall/PW:Barrier/Tranquility for a shaman? Although here I think mana tide is at least relevant because it lets people use very mana-inefficient, high-througput spells more. [With more mana, my HPS goes up, that's true of most classes under the current design. There's a direct correlation. Tree of life can also be strong here.

While they don't strictly speaking have good burst healing cooldowns, priests also have the ability to spam poh, and our efficient raid heals mean we can conserve mana for flash heal type spam - which makes up for our lack of druid like, low-cd burst healing. Similarly, paladins have more mana control than druids and shamans, so they can make conscious burst-healing mana-based decisions in how they heal the whole fight.

On the other hand, during those aforementioned halfus/LK/Sarth 3d moments, there's nothing at all a shaman or druid could do, even with a full mana bar.

Raid Rx: What druid and shaman cooldowns would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 2:17PM I wouldn't worry too much about holy - it's hard to see pw:shield ever being anything other than very situation, just because everything else holy priests have is so overpowered - buffed PoH, Great COH, strong cheap renews now . . . buffed PoM. And of course our holy word penance. :-).

All holy's other tools are OP enough that there's not a lot of room for a damage absorb if it only absorbs about as much as renew heals for for more mana.

I just don't know how disc can compete except as single-target healers (focused, reliable, incoming damage). But maybe that's just my opinion, I haven't tried discipline. Either bubble spam is good, or go holy, seems to be how I'd see raid healing as disc - how can disc *possibly* compete? It needs something like a 0.25 second reduction in the cast time of Heal :-p.