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Two Bosses Enter: Mannoroth vs. Lord Godfrey {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 6:50PM Tyrande and Illidan stood before the mighty pit lord, as the Well of Eternity churned. Illidan looked up at the sky impatiently, looking round, waiting.

"Where are those fools? They should have been here by now!" he growled.

"Look, Illidan! There!" Tyrande exclaimed, pointing through the trees. A shadowy figure walked towards them, a pistol in each hand. He cocked the triggers as if about to fire-

There was a roar as Mannoroth began to accelerate the casting of his dark magic. The undead form of Lord Godfrey took a step backwards, as if to retreat. Illidan stared him with with a piercing gaze, while Tyrande took a step towards him.

"Whoever you are, you must help us or this world is doomed," she warned him, preparing her bow."

"This is just a bad dream. I'll wake up any moment now..." Godfrey sneered. From the distance, a gnomette was watching with great amusement.

Illidan marched over to Godfrey and shoved him. Caught off guard from the night elf, he tripped and fell to the ground.

"I can assure you that what is happening to the Well is very real. We must fight!" Illidan roared, charging off towards Mannoroth with Tyrande in tow. Godfrey mumbled and climbed to his feet, walking after the pair. Varo'then, Lady Azshara's faithful servant, was pushed aside by Illidan, who proceeded to lock arms with Mannoroth. Varo'then charged towards Godfrey.

Eager not to be outdone by the night elves, Godfrey fired off a cursed bullet at Varo'then, before engaging him in battle. Varo'then continued to assault Godfrey with his blade, the undead trying to step backwards and fire off a few more shots, even trying to hit back in melee with his pistols. Fuelled by devotion to his beloved Azshara, Varo'then continued to strike at the undead nobleman, as a portal opened up and demons began to flood out. Tyrande was keeping them at bay, but for how long?

"Let's even the odds a bit!" Godfrey proclaimed, raising several ghouls from the ground. A couple began attacking Varo'then, while the rest ran off towards the demons Tyrande was instantly-killing, and generally rambled about over there. Godfrey sighed.

"Lord Sargeras, I will not fail you! Sweep your molten fist through this world, so that it may be reborn in flames and darkness!" Mannoroth roared, a fel inferno whipping up in the air above them and crashing down. Godfrey kept on the go, running from Varo'then and firing off bullets back towards the elf, smart enough to stay out of the fire. He turned and fired off a pistol barrage at Varo'then, who took the full brunt of it and suffered severe damage.

Tyrande collapsed as two Debilitating Dreadlords appeared and stunned her with magic.

"Help her!" Illidan barked.

"She'll be fine."

Godfrey fired off another pistol barrage, causing Varo'then to fall to the ground, defeated. His sword landed in the soil. Godfrey shrugged at it.

"Use the sword!" Illidan yelled.

"I prefer guns!" Godfrey cackled, firing at Mannoroth. The shots were roughly as effective as paper pellets would have been.

"Your world shall be UNMADE!" Mannoroth declared, as the fiery fel inferno descended once more. Plethoras of demons continued to spill from the portal, as Tyrande was still trapped by the Debilitating Dreadlords and unable to act. The demons continued to attack her, as Godfrey fired at Mannoroth, working as a team not being in his nature.

"Pathetic elves. I could kill him myself!" Godfrey threatened, summoning his ghouls once more before firing cursed bullets at the pit lord. Varo'then's sword was still stuck in the ground, ignored.

"Who are you to think yourself as mighty enough to stand before a pit lord?" Mannoroth asked.

"Lord Vincent Godfrey!" he screamed, firing off a pistol barrage at said pit lord, while the group of easily-shootable grouped up demons continued to ravage Tyrande and Illidan, both of who silently wished anyone else had turned up but Godfrey.

Mannoroth blinked, staring at the undead.

"I don't know what you're doing here, you ugly fat monster, but I sense dark magic. I'll kill you and take your place and then the whole world will never forget the dreadful terror and unrelenting power of-"

Mannoroth stomped over and picked him up, tossing him as far as he could straight into the Well of Eternity.

"That's quite enough of him."

For once, the Night Elves agreed shortly before Mannoroth killed them both and the world fell into darkness.

Mists of Pandaria Beta: Temple of the Jade Serpent overview {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 2:20PM If that option makes it to live, I'll eat his hat.

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Sylvanas vs. Warlord Zon'ozz {WoW}

Mar 20th 2012 2:50PM I'd like to summarise one key event of this fight to demonstrate what might happen.

If Zon'ozz pushes Sylvanas into casting Wracking Pain and Sacrifice, he'd be trapped in the middle of a ring of ghouls. If the shadowy orb is up, it'd have nowhere to go and be bounced back by any one of the ghouls, forcing him into his shadowy "take extra damage" phase, while Sylvanas is immune to all damage during that time. By that point, sacrifice will hit and wipe most, if not all, of his health.

It doesn't matter how much life he drains from her or the amount of damage he does before she jumps up into the air, poor Zon'ozz's abilities are his own handicap here.

The Queue: Whoa, it's Saturday! {WoW}

Mar 17th 2012 8:45PM I recently finished the second assassination mission for the rogue legendary chain.

You can keep Deadwind Pass.

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Baine vs. Echo of Jaina {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 10:50AM I mostly play Alliance, yet I think Baine would win.

However, it's probably a factor.

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Baine vs. Echo of Jaina {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 6:47PM The bleak future of the End Time was silent. An echo of her former self, Jaina wandered the desolate remains of Dragonblight, never stopping, looking for some loose thread to explain what had happened. The dusk clung to the sky and dawn never came. Weeks passed before a sound was heard from the distance. An unrelenting cry. Curiously, the echo of Jaina began to walk in that direction. After hours of wandering, she arrived at the place formerly known as the Obsidian Dragonshrine.

She wandered slowly down towards a large pool of lava, with four floating platforms on the surface. As she crossed the first two, her footsteps alerted the hulking remnant of Baine Bloodhoof to her presence. He turned to face her, recognising her face but unable to remember where from, except the distant past. Why did he remember her? It had to be his rage. She did this. She brought this disrespect to his ancestors. She had to die.

Without warning, Baine charged through the lava and onto the platform she was stood on. Luckily, Jaina was prepared (not from being used to men charging at her, but from being a powerful mage) and channelled a volley of frostbolts at him, slowing the charge to a saunter. Baine swung at her violently with his Molten Axe, dealing some damage but lessened by the frost magic lingering on his body. He swung again but hit only air, as Jaina used Blink and appeared on another platform, firing off a Pyroblast. It hit Baine in the chest, angering him and causing him to charge once more. Empowered by the lava as he charged, Baine roared. Jaina launched a flurry of frost blades, but the Tauren was charging and therefore unaffected. He slammed into Jaina, striking twice and then pulverizing the platform, causing her to drop into the lava.

"...not like this..." she gasped, firing off a Flarecore and Blinking onto another platform. Baine climbed out of the lava and towards her, noticing the Flarecore out of the corner of his eye and wondering what purpose it served. As it detonated and bathed him in flames, he roared in pain, being hit by another frost volley but striking hard at her nevertheless. After about ten seconds of exchanging axe blows and pyroblasts, Jaina used Blink and reappeared on another platform, firing off another fan of ice blades. Baine prepared to charge, but threw his totem at Jaina instead, knocking her back into the lava, as he himself was hit by the icy blades and frozen temporarily. As he cooled down, he thought of his father, taken away from him. His father would have won this already, he thought. His father would have been strong and smart enough to know how to handle the fiery orb that the mage had fired off...

The ice unfroze. Baine charged for Jaina, jumping across the lava to her platform. Jaina fired off another Flarecore, which landed on the platform he'd come from. After the realisation of what was happening hit him, Baine turned and ran back onto the other platform, touching the Flarecore and detonating it prematurely. The damage was bareable. He turned and charged again, smashing his axe into the ground and breaking this platform. Jaina smirked and disappeared, reappearing on the platform. Baine swam through the lava, heavily injured and approaching her, narrowly avoiding the ice blades. He stepped towards her and swung again.

"Why do you persist? Stop now and I will spare your life!"

"I cannot fail my ancestors!" Baine roared, striking again. Jaina took the repeated axe blows, firing off a few frostbolt volleys but by this point the two of them were in danger. The fight continued for a few more seconds before Jaina realised what was going to happen. She couldn't take much more.

"You fight with honour. You have won."

She blinked and disappeared. Baine looked out over the pool of lava. The two middle platforms had been destroyed. The last one remained, but it was so far away...

The bubbles under the lava stopped.

The Queue: Soon {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 12:33PM Worgen can't be monks because of their claws - they'd interfere too much with the martial arts style.

Goblins are too greedy and gold-obsessed to even consider such a lifestyle.

Does WoW need more minigames? {WoW}

Mar 10th 2012 10:01AM "No one is going to want to play a farming game."

My crippling childhood Harvest Moon addiction wants a word with him.

Breakfast Topic: Been waiting an excrutiatingly long time for this {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 9:51AM 73 attempts at Stratholme, over 200 for the Raven Lord before it dropped. Still working on the Fiery Warhorse.

Four years of Brewfest/Hallow's End without a mount is a bit grating though.

The Queue: Everything is better with a ukulele {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 11:56AM Does anyone else think that a Caverns of Time: Deepholm, where you have to defend the Twilight's Hammer from the Infinite Dragonflight while they revive Deathwing would be a cool idea? I know Murozond is "dealt with" but I'd love to see that dragon rise up and break out in-game.

Even though the cutscene was cool.