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Cooldown possibly coming to CoH, Wild Growth {WoW}

Nov 9th 2008 9:32AM Im a resto druid infavor of the nerf. Given that I havent gotten alot of upgrades recently cause Im saving my dkp, some of the healers outheal me. But I find that when I spam Wild growth its useless becasue the CoH priests have already healed the person up. If the raid is taking slow damage over time then Ill pass by the shamans and pally but the priests far outheal anyone there.

An alt priest in blues and kara was eating me by a 'small' margin in Hyjal the other night, because of CoH spam. I like that I have an aoe heal and it is useful, but compared to the Priests CoH I find that anything I do leads to massive overhealing. Maybe with wildgrowth they could only put a smaller cooldown. Because I dont find it topping the charts esp with 5 Holy priests im my raid.

And btw, you dont need to be doing BT and close to KJ to know your class. If it took you that long then Im sorry. But for the record, I have blown thru BT and am on KJ.