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Rumor: Best Buy is sitting on your New Year PS3 {Joystiq}

Dec 28th 2006 10:32AM My local Best Buy manager confirmed that to me. They will be running PS3s on their Sunday newspaper ads.

Joystiq White Friday giveaway: Lost Planet codes [update 1] {Joystiq}

Nov 24th 2006 9:48PM Just a slice of apple pie and a mug of hot chocolate -- yet satisfying.

Amazon honors Wii test pre-orders, actual pre-orders to recommence {Joystiq}

Oct 30th 2006 10:11PM I was one of those guys who managed to preorder a Wii last friday!

My whole report's here:

I just thought I was lucky! At least they're saying they will honor it, right...? Right?!

Breakfast Topic: How Many Alts? {WoW}

Sep 6th 2006 1:54PM I have an Undead Mage as the primary, a Night Elf druid, and a Human Priest. The last two stop me from finally leveling up my Mage to 60...

Battlestar Galactica flying onto Xbox Live [update 1] {Joystiq}

Aug 10th 2006 6:15PM If Microsoft started offering HD programming through the Marketplace (along with a bigger hard drive) and stuck it with a fair price (I like Apple's $2 dollar model) per episode, it could easily be one of the best services, hands down. The 360 would become THE media center of the future.

Delicious Library Gambler's Sale enters fourth and final week {}

Jul 17th 2006 10:02PM Delicious Library really is a great app for anyone with a large media collection. If anyone's interested in reading up on it, I did a review on it just last week:

Now that it's priced at $20 for a limited time, it's perfect.