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The Queue: Allie gets lost in Icecrown edition {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 2:52AM How (or where) do you get to talk with the people of the Ashen Verdict?

I've done missions in Icecrown to the point where I only see daily ones, while still being just a champion of one city, and all I see is some silent people at the door of the castle that I cannot interact with.

Are the ones worth talking inside the raid or an instance?

The Light and How to Swing It: The low level tank, part 3 page 2 {WoW}

Dec 20th 2009 7:34AM "Consecration is a skill you nab at level 20 [...] , this skill could probably be avoided."

No way!

When you get a pull lay at least one consecration to get aggro on all the mobs. Keep hitting the skull (you or somebody else has marked them, right?) and all will be fine. This way the mobs won't get loose. Lay some more if you have plenty of mana or people are doing area attacks. If you have to rest between pulls do it (you have brought some water, don't you), but it's better to finish the fight without mana than to let the mobs kill your clothies.

I have a very bad experience from the mid 20s when, as a protection paladin, I went to Razorfen Kraul and another protection paladin wanted to "tank" and I had to heal. He didn't get the aggro on all the mobs (no consecration, he wanted the mana to heal himself? wtf?) and I had to frantically heal the other members, who didn't seem to care to be half tanking.

A leveling server, just for leveling {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 7:59AM I'd rather have a server where everyone started at 80, but all the mobs/items were 80 too. More variety in attires and repopulating the old world, all in one. Could be fun for roleplaying too.

UPDATE: Blood of Gladiators Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 7:00AM The cake is a lie!

Whatever, I want some cards :p

Breakfast Topic: Emotes to improve cross faction communication {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 9:08AM I think I managed to tell an alliance player (while being horde) to kill a player of my own faction, but I don't know for sure, as I left the area for a while.

While being in a group trying to kill some demons in Ashenvale some other horde was tagging the mobs before us. I couldn't get him to leave the area, and did not know what to do about it. Then I saw an alliance player, that had enough levels more than us that could kill us separately but not in a group.

He saw us too, and started to get away (PvP realm) only to stop because I was /begging at him. Then I started some rounds of begging the alliance, pointing and roaring at the tagger. Afterwards we (the group) went to other places for a while (5 minutes top) and no stupid tagger there when we came back.

Fun times :D

Breakfast Topic: Most frustrating moment {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 10:35AM Mid twenties with my palatank I went into a Razorfen Kraul run. In the group there was another palatank who though he was a pro or something, relegated me to healing (no dedicated healer could be found) and started to tank single mobs, while the rest of the group also off-tanked.

Not a single consecration did he cast, I still hate paladin-healing since that day. And no, showing him how it is supposed to work (tanking one group) did not show him the light.

Gosh, I hated that run so much that I did not connect with that character in some time just to let the other paladin outlevel me so he would not ask me to heal him.

Breakfast Topic: What? That's it? {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 12:53PM Hasn't anyone noticed the shadows that run amok the main cities? Untargetable undead critters, usually one or two in the whole city, but disturbing nonetheless.

Also I fought against a "neutral" level 63 elite undead (I guess it was neutral just to let normal players of the hook) inside Undercity. The guards attacked it too, and it gave away a necrotic rune.

If you are a paladin go with detect undead, and you'll see this clearly.