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Ghostcrawler talks about Paladin nerfs {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 6:21PM Ok guys be happy for the nerf on the paladin as me, but you are ignoring the mage^^ The class with most dps atm. And quess what they are getting buffed....Arcabe Blast is going to be a filler between AB, CS, AB etc etc....

Paladins needed a 20% decrase. Still they tear down people so they wont have a problem to nuke a Fury Warrior ^^loool.

Anywyas Moonkin aint that OP as everyone wants them to be. Atm im playing a Brutal druid and they are fun in random bg, but in arena u never really manage to do that insane dps you guys complain about. I really want to see it...Either your keyboardsturners or I don't know :S