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First look at Amazon's exclusive Ghostbusters 'Slimer Edition' {Joystiq}

Apr 18th 2009 1:51PM Ok, how about 45$ for the bust and 5$ for the keychain, either way the keychain lights up and stuff which is probably 5 bucks, and you'd be hard pressed to find decent busts much cheaper than 45$ anyhow.

First look at Amazon's exclusive Ghostbusters 'Slimer Edition' {Joystiq}

Apr 18th 2009 12:40PM This set is a little expensive, but when you break it down it isn't outrageous. 60 for the game, 40 for the bust, 10 for the key chain, and 20 for the minimates. As someone who just happens to collect minimates, loves ghostbusters, and was going to buy the game anyway, I will certainly pick up this edition

Joyswag: Nintendo DSi, Rhythm Heaven & accessories [update] {Joystiq}

Apr 7th 2009 12:09AM I'd show it to my dog

Joyswag: Steet Fighter IV (PS3) & launch party swagbag {Joystiq}

Feb 19th 2009 4:25PM The atomic wedgie

F,D,DF, Punch

WotLK breaks internal records at EB Games {WoW}

Nov 28th 2008 1:45PM ebgames=gamestop, I'm not sure why that wasn't mentioned...

Rumor: Activision Blizzard paying mall costs for Gamestop midnight launches {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 11:51PM I work at gamestop right now, at mall in maryland. Recently we have done midnight launches for gears of war 2, fallout 3, and fable 2, and we are doing a wrath midnight event on Wednesday. We got our shipments in today, I have myself seen that we do have collectors editions for those that preordered, but we will not have any extras available immediately. HOWEVER, it is our policy to sell preordered games that have not been picked up within a 48 hour period. CALL YOUR STORE ON FRIDAY, if they have any extras, they can and probably will sell them first come first serve. Also, for a store to be considered for a midnight launch, they must have a minimum of 100 preorders. If they don't meet this mark, then they will not host a midnight event. At any rate, this rumor is false, and midnight events will vary from retailer to retailer.