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WoW 3.1 PTR: Swimming mount video {WoW}

Mar 4th 2009 12:32AM Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see this impacting water form/druid. In water form you get a good speed boost while swimming, while it's mentioned in the article that mounted swimming speed is the same as unmounted swimming speed.

So, while your sabre is doggy-paddling along, I'll be blasting by you in the acknowledged UGLIEST form in the game!

(*HINT* Blizz PLEASE do something about druid forms!)

Ready Check: Guide to Naxxramas (Kel'Thuzad) {WoW}

Jan 27th 2009 8:27AM Firestride
Try grid. It is incredibly customizeable ( is that a word?) and might do what you need. I'm balance (yeah, I know) and offheal, find it very useful

Shifting Perspectives: Let my kitties go! {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 9:09AM I recently respec'd as Moonkin on my GM's advice and haven't looked back...but...I WILL admit the fluffy attack-owl isn't the most intimidating thing as it lumbers around gracelessly :( love the buffs to myself and party members and the respect when you change form. The dance? Not even going there.
Kittie is cool, I like my NElf form, travel form is scrumptious
Bear form? Almost deleted my Druid when I saw it.
No one except Dawnseven has mentioned the most hideous...water form!
For the love of Azeroth, WTF were they thinking?? I remember chasing this quest chain, finally scoring the form, then...ewwww.....what's with the rabid manatee? I team with my best friend's hunter and refuse to use the d*mn form unless we're killing things underwater...WAY underwater.

15 Minutes of Fame: Proudmoore guild plays out GLBT pride {WoW}

Nov 11th 2008 10:12AM I am amazed.
...and proud!
The fact that people will defend other gamers rights to be who they are so vehemently is wonderful! The posters who are so rigidly anti-GLBT are usually those who:
A) Believe blindly everything their pastor(mother, father, neighbor,FOX news) tells them
B) Don't RTFM of their own religion (See Grayewolf's post#365)
C) Don't bother to just talk to the people around them. You'd be surprised how many people you think you really DON'T know.

Open your eyes, think for yourself, question...and have fun...IT'S A GAME

For the Alliance!