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The Queue: Orange Coke is totally Warcraft-related {WoW}

May 18th 2011 1:01PM I just spit coke (not orange) all over my keyboard when I saw Kivharo get called out in the queue. Hilarious.

The Queue: That's "Famous Titles" {WoW}

Jan 17th 2011 11:37AM There are some low level rewards. At revered there's a 16 slot bag, and at exalted there's level 35 cloaks. But that's really the only reason to grind Gilneas rep other than achievements.

And Josin, the reason to grind other city reps is for mounts. Gilneas, of course, has no mount.

Officers' Quarters: How a guild dies {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 3:32AM I totally agree about not splitting the focus of a guild. The guild which I was a member of, then an officer of and finally the GM and raid leader of for three years began as a casual raiding guild. As time went on, the casual elements largely boiled away and we were left with a group that was very serious about raiding.

Unfortunately, a few people (officers among them) were the sort who reacted to frustration poorly. When we would have a bad week or two, either due to attendance or raid wipes or losing someone to a big raid on another server, some would retreat back into the casual raiding mode as a defense. When I tried to get the guild back on task and asked people to really put in a strong effort for the guild (both in the raid and out), they'd play the casual card. These people who were more than happy to call themselves hardcore raiders when things were going well attempted to deflect the blame when things went badly. If we weren't #1 on the server, they'd say it was because they weren't interested in hardcore raiding. But when we were climbing the ranks and pulling down firsts, they'd be right there in it.

The moral of the story is that a lack of distinct focus - and a lack of specific communication about what that focus is - can rip a guild apart. My guild disintegrated at the foot of the Frozen Throne because, for too long, we tried to have it all. We tried to keep the casuals (both the real ones and those just hiding from frustration) happy and tried to be on top. You just can't have it both ways.

I loved leading a guild, and for my part I was pretty good at it. But whether you're casual or hardcore or somewhere in between, WoW is about having fun. And no matter what kind of experience you want from the game, a guild that only partially wants to play the same way you do will never really fulfill you. I stuck with my guild to the bitter end, and I wish I hadn't. In the end it soured me on WoW for many months. That might not have happened if I'd accepted a bad situation for what it was and moved on when I recognized it. I urge everyone out there to do the same. There's millions of people playing this game, and finding a few dozen who want to play it the same way you do isn't that difficult. Fond memories and hopeless optimism just can't make up the difference.

Lichborne: Death knight changes for Cataclysm beta build 12942 {WoW}

Sep 15th 2010 4:38AM Okay, now we just need glyphs for Dark Transformation that will cosmetically turn our ghoul into other types of undead. Make it happen, Blizzard!

Breakfast Topic: An alternative to tailoring {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 8:50AM I think the pairing of Enchanting and Tailoring is overhyped. Specifically, I think that the demands of leveling enchanting are blown way out of proportion. You do not need a self-contained second crafting profession to easily and cheaply level enchanting. While being a tailor (or blacksmith or leatherworker) will provide you with tons of DEables, this is only really important if you're trying to powerlevel your enchanting and tailoring (or whatever) at the same time. And if you're powerleveling them, you probably have enough gold sitting around that you don't have to worry about the cost of enchanting mats.

Simply put, enchanting mats will crop up quickly, whether you're producing the DE'd items or not. Quest rewards and random greens will provide more than enough mats to level enchanting from 1-450 as you make your way from 1-80. Enchanting is not "free" to level, it's paid for by not vendoring your greens.

So although another self-contained profession would be nice, I don't think it's necessary to request it on behalf of Enchanting.

Breakfast Topic: Sorry, not happening! {WoW}

Apr 18th 2010 8:18AM Uldaman. Sure, I ran it a couple times years ago when I didn't really know better. But now it's on my "I absolutely refuse to participate in this instance" list (a list which is exactly one instance long). It's ugly. It's hard to navigate. It's full of Troggs. Never again.

Twitter developer chat for April 16, 2010, organized by category {WoW}

Apr 16th 2010 9:43PM Most likely what this means is that mounts will no longer be 150% or 280% or 310%. There will simply be "flying mounts", all of which will scale to match your level of training. I doubt they will restrict the training to only people who have a 310% mount already, as it would leave many casual/newer players without any way to attain 310% speed, until they can complete a year's worth of holidays (which many people would describe as decidedly non-casual).

Most likely they'll just make 310% training the first big gold sink of Cataclysm (there will be many, of course - gold sinks are necessary) and grant it for free to those of us who already have a 310% mount.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 8:01PM sparkle pony!

Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 9:41AM loot loot!

Know Your Lore: Current Horde politics - the Orcs, page 3 {WoW}

Mar 28th 2010 12:06PM I think what makes Varian so badass (at least compared to the other Alliance leaders) is that he's the only one who isn't carrying around a bunch of guilt, and second guessing themselves because of it.

Magni's feeling guilty (or at least was) because of the loss of his brother and maybe even Brann (certainly he had to be presumed dead once or twice in his travels), combined with his daughter carrying the child of a Dark Iron dwarf. That's pretty heavy stuff for a guy who never really wanted to be king in the first place.

Mekkatorque obviously feels incredibly guilty for allowing Thermaplugg to get the best of him, and losing all of Gnomeregan for his people (can't wait to see him do a bit of Varian-style badass raging when they retake the city).

Tyrande feels guilty for.. well.. basically, for Illidan as a whole. She let him out of prison, he proceeded to accept the blessing of the Burning Legion (even if it was in an attempt to destroy the Lich King). Clearly she doesn't fully trust her own judgment anymore.

Velen feels guilty for not doing more to dissuade Kil'jaeden and Archimonde in the first place. He's been carrying the guilt longer than any of the other leaders and has learned to manage it, but he's still bound by it as well.

Varian, on the other hand, doesn't feel guilty about a damn thing. The orcs killed his father. The orcs enslaved him. His kingdom was corrupted by a dragon. His childhood friend went bonkers (with a little help from the Legion) and tried to kill everyone. His wife died. His regent was killed by Putress. None of this (at least from his perspective) is his fault at all. And that's what makes him the baddest badass of all the racial leaders - he's the only one who's 100% certain that what they're doing is justified and best. Well, except maybe Sylvanas, but that's apples and oranges of badassitude.