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The Queue: A slap in the face! {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 1:33PM The hybrid tax exists for one solid reason, and I don't care if you down rank me, feel free. The reason is the mage forums. Besides being a remarkable tool of QQ (to the point where the guild saying when someone is complaining is "take it to the mage forums"), it has also been the source of several super nerfs.
Ok, maybe exaggerating their authority a little much, but to every other class, the mage forums should make your blood pressure rise.
My point is this: once upon a time, when bliz started their 'bring the player, not the class mantra, a mage once said 'Why would anyone play a mage when you can play a druid and range dps when needed and then switch to healing?'. This was supported to an extraordinary amount, with mages fearing competition on the dps meters. It then radiated to the other so called 'pure' dps forums, and then bliz came forth with a strategy known as the hybrid tax. They calmed all this complaining down by saying that hybrids suffer a 5% dps loss for just being a hybrid.
What was never taken into account, and should have been taken into account, was what most pure damage classes never realize:
1) Being able to compete in two different roles in higher end raiding settings requires you to keep completely up to date on knowing two different roles. Aka, you will spend twice as much time reading forums, doing gear calculations, and trying to know how best to fill your role. This takes too much time for the average player, and therefore they will never be the best at two roles in a overall sense.
2) Enchanting and gemming two sets of gear is remarkably expensive. It will drain your gold stores are a alarming rate. Again, spending hours upon hours farming to enchant your holy set when you are shadow in raids is something most players don't do. They will generally opt for lower ranking enchants, thus imposing their own hybrid tax.
3) I would like to place a situation for you to judge. Ubber healing piece of ubberness drops. This gear piece has only been seen once in 3 months of farming an instances. Do you: A) give it to the elemental shaman who is almost always elemental in raids or b) give it to someone who will use it every raid? Duh, and therefore a hybrid will more than likely not EVER have two sets of BiS gear, again, imposing their own hybrid tax.

It is outdate. It is stupid. And it is frustrating for hybrids to be the red headed step child of WoW's dps classes. And I don't even like holy. So remove the hybrid tax, kkthxbia.

/end rant

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 11:47AM WTB Guest Post: From manners to mechanics: Five tips for DPS in heroics {WoW}

Feb 10th 2010 8:04PM I don't know who you are Mr. Writer, but I think I am in love with your column.

Spiritual Guidance: On weapons, Nibelung, and the Lich King {WoW}

Feb 10th 2010 7:58PM Illidan felt epic, that is for sure. Players wearing pieces from his loot table felt special. The procs were awesome, the green flames felt good, the blind rogue look was super sweet. Who cares that it could track demons, it was just awesome that it had 30 lines of text attached to it. And holy crap at the respect I had for people with a Momento. What healer DIDN'T want that?

Inc downrank, but it is a not so special cap off of a not so special x-pac. Sad thing is, from videos of the fight, it actually looks like a really cool encounter requiring difficulty, skill, and many many wipes to learn. It, actually, deserves to have the epic feel on his loot table. It is arthas. He is supposed to be the baddy of all baddies. He FREEZES Tiron. But I think it is hard to make good drops in his loot table because of all of the gear we have been thrown with all of the inflation. Pshhhhh, eleventy billion haste? Who cares, I have that on my gear now. From someone who has not beaten the encounter (and take this all with a grain of salt because of that) it just feels like from the opening of the x-pac to now, we have been set up for failure in this regard. I don't look with envy on peoples drops from ICC like I did with illy's drops before I beat him. I am not jealous. And it doesn't make them special.

It is just another piece of gear.

Still have hopes for cata. /end soapbox

Reader UI of the Week: Your Addon/UI Columnist {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 9:27PM While he says it in kinda a harsh manner, I have to agree with Sedirex's opinion and aggravation. First: healing UIs tend to be more cluttered, and it is all the more important that we are at no point unable to reach a critical part of our UI. One of your DMB bars popped up underneath your chat log while on Lord Jax? Hope some other healer can see how close little Timmy is to blowing up your raid (I use this example because I have had it happen). And DBM is the most clutter-tastic Addon ever. Guaranteed to throw 14 timers, 2 bars, and 5 important messages up on your screen in at least 3 different location. In 5 years of playing WoW, I have to say my hate for a need for this addon has grown to ridiculous proportions.
I, too, am ready to see UI's of people in raid who are in the process of interacting with something other than the tree vendor in Dalaran. WTB screens of raid healers on boss fights.

Thoughts on Icecrown Citadel and gating {WoW}

Jan 28th 2010 5:21PM Me? I liked the hard rock. Where you really got into it, where the music took you up and you had no choice but to rock out to it with all of your heart. Music that made you feel glorious, that you knew was the pinnacle of how music should be. It was difficult to play, but that just made the achievement of getting through it all the greater to the point where completion of an act was so wonderful that 24 other people just SCREAMED when it was done. When you looked at others who had gone further than you into the music with longing, not knowing what it was like to climb to that next great height but dying to find out.

This new melody? It kinda puts me to sleep. It feels like the song a mother would sing to her child as he has weary eyes at the end of the night. It just doesn't have the same kick that the other did, it doesn't have the same glory, the elation, the fury. There are more voices singing to it, but it seems to me the song was brighter and greater when the few and determined sang along. And when was the last time you heard that great song that was 24 other people screaming with you when it was done? They just meekly say that we will see you all next week, and fade off one by one.

Thoughts on Icecrown Citadel and gating {WoW}

Jan 28th 2010 4:50PM "The problem here is that the only way to make the content gate itself is to make it so hard that even the hardcore elite guilds of the world have trouble with it, which effectively shuts out the other 98% of WoW players from every seeing it."

"The Gating is there to prevent world-class uberguilds from clearing the place within 6 hours of release because Blizzard had to make the regular mode accessible to less hardcore players."

Your two concerns are at odds with each other as much as bliz's philosophy. On one hand you are concerned about how fast ubber guilds will clear the content. On the other, you are worried that if they don't artificially gate and just make it gate itself, you are concerned the regular joe won't be able to clear it.

First, who care's how quick ensidia can clear content? Does that have any impact on you what so ever? (inc what I am going to get downranked for) Their ability to clear content as such a quick rate is a testament to how watered down the content is. Go look back in the records and see how long it took them to clear BT or Hyjal, and look at what it is like now.

And don't give me the "hard modes are hard" speech. I am no longer in a raiding guild now a days. Know why? Cause within weeks of the last boss of ToGC being available I got a pug kill on him. That's right, a pug.

Blizzard is systematically reducing the elitist content in the game. Problem is, that system has worked for them for years.

Blood Pact: Mistakes other people make {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 6:08PM Today, while healing a 10 man ToGC on lord jax, a warlock went banana's in my raid cause no one healed his pet. Now, keep in mind, this fight requires me, as a priest, to shield the tanks taking damage, heal those with all of the debuffs he gives out, target the portal for a quick SW:D when it comes out, use my CDs, such a PI, to help burn down the portals, and dispell the boss. After he got through with his nerd rage, he justified it to me by talking about this article, which I hadn't read yet. I paused the raid, came to and read this.

Then I alt tabbed back over to my raid, and kicked him from the group.

And I'll be glad to kick any other warlocks you send my way thinking with the stupid idea that anyone else but themselves is responsible for their pet.

Raid Rx: Raid bosses that brought healers to their knees - Part 2 {WoW}

Aug 17th 2009 1:32PM Wow, really good article. Those of us who lived and healed threw all of those fights appreciate the list.

Arcane Brilliance: More questions than answers {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 11:47AM From Azhoul: "Apparently shamans having to spend 5 seconds casting totems before a fight is game breaking if it does hold."

Please refrain from commenting on other classes in this way. Especially when you don't understand why a change like this is so important and even if you do, you break it down to one dig of a comment.

Seriously, take one second to realize that if you are a shammy you have one viable spec for anything other than 5s in pvp, and it is the "I really hope you love earthshield" spec. So escuse the rest of the WoW community as we point the devs towards fixing that. Or the fact that warlocks suck in pvp now. Or that balance druid dps is low. Or that most guilds prefer DK tanks over feral druid tanks.

So seriously, I really could not care less if you feel that slowfall doesn't have enough utility. There are much bigger issues to be handled. Holy crap, GC said you were in a good place as a class, and guess what, you are. Do you know the review he gave to shamans? Do you know why his review was so in depth? It is because there are alot of MAJOR concerns that he has with the class. He didn't waste time talking about sentry totem and why it should be given more utility. They have bigger fish to fry. So if you guys could politely step out of the way as a class, and let the rest of WoW actively converse with the Devs in such a way that it improves the way the game works, it would be appreciated.

In before massive amount of QQ about blink for four years. Owait.