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The Martin Fury scandal: Karatechop reveals all {WoW}

Apr 30th 2009 7:58PM I'm not sure why people are furiously defending him, I assume because they want to see Blizzard as a "big bad company" out to get people. Look the issue I have here is say he got the item and he went and killed a world mob or Hogger or even some heroic 5 man dungeon...and he did it once and said "Holy crap this thing is real" and reported it etc I bet they wouldn't care. The issue is he took it into the most current raid and used it there basically saying "I want free stuff" not "I want to try this out" and the fact that he used it more than ONCE...he says "We went out and reset it to heroic" like come on now you tried it on Normal and said holy crap we have a free loot button you didn't even try and JUST settle with doing the 10 man you went out and put it on HEROIC with your 10 players just to get better loot. And then he proceeded to CONTINUE using the item.

The interview lead me to believe he knew 100% full well what he was doing and was happy to make an excuse in his head (Blizzard wants me to have it). His guild mates got a SUSPENSION (1 day big deal) most likely because Blizzard wanted to check out if anyone else had used it etc. I think the quote from KC says a lot "Some are upset at me", yeah because you didn't tell them you were cheating and got them in trouble for your poor judgment. I hope Blizzard took the item from the raids away from the guild as well. KC you deserve your ban, next time consider the consequences.

Someone compared it to finding a gun and people got ancy ok fine how about this. You file your taxes and are getting a return of $1000 but you get $10000, would you say hmmm I guess Uncle Sam wants me to have this because I was such a good citizen. No you would know it was wrong, would you keep it and use it? That's on each person morally but the fact remains you would KNOW it was not right and you would have to expect a consequence.

The awesome weapons of the Argent Tournament {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 12:31PM To people talking about the stats/usefulness: I think these are best aimed at your alts if you are a regular raider. I know my warrior didn't get to make it to very many runs (as my main usually tanked) and his luck was bad when he did, I am happy he can get some 200 level stuff so that if he gets to go into Ulduar later he won't be a COMPLETE waste.

Also good for rerolls or new 80s, we have a couple DKs that have finally gotten tired of being the most popular class and are changing over, being that they geared their DK and not their new toon the Argent stuff will be a decent filler so they can hopefully pull some weight in Uldaur.

Also the weapons look awesome and I hope this is the quality we are going to see from here out (since they claim art is what takes so long).

How to decide who's getting Val'anyr {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 7:10PM INC /gquit's over this mace. All I can say is that I am glad I am not someone who is in charge of choosing who gets it since there will probably only a few that get assembled before 3.2 or whatever.

As for WHO should get it; other posters are right, make sure it's someone that plays a lot and isn't going to burn out or stop playing after they assemble it and make sure it's someone who even understand WHY they want it (why is the proc bubble good or not good for me). Anyone that just wants it because it's orange or looks good or whatever would be instantly off my list of canidates for looting a frag.

Blizzard did the wrong thing with Ulduar-10 emblems {WoW}

Apr 10th 2009 2:05PM I can't believe there was 4 pages of people who didn't really read the post and just rushed to the comments to scream "QQ" so they could brag to their buddies about how they put the casual in his place.

I raid 25's and agree with the article, it makes zero sense to say the tokens are buying gear that is inferior to what drops in the zone. Why even have token drops (heirlooms or whatever I guess) if the gear isn't going to be stuff you buy.

@ The people who said "if you are 10 man you didnt see EoV" get over it, everyone saw EoV because pugs were so easy. Even retarded 2 year olds were picking up 2 EoV a week from VoA. I would imagine most 10 man raiders pugged 25 VoA and OS at the least and even if they pugged a wing of 25 naxx they would have a decent amount of EoV's per week. Not sure you all remember but we have all been sitting around waiting for content for ohhhh 3 months? You think anyone that was a raider 10 or 25 just sat around and said ok well im done with the raids gg. Most people sat and played for 3 months doing the raids each week and pugging into more.

Grow up about trying to call out 10 man raiders. And for anyone saying 25 takes more time, /sigh nothing takes much time these days. And as far as them being harder to coordinate or get together, bad news but 90% of the raid doesn't help in that they just sit in the raid waiting for the few officers to do all the work. Want to reward them for letting officers have more work to do? Reward the RLs, GLs, and officers and not the regular raiders since THEY are the ones putting in all the "time" people talk about.

Breakfast Topic: Pride in your Achievements {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 3:03PM The Undying and Salty. Undying is my current favorite because we had 2 weeks of bad luck on KT. Salty was a pain though and I was only the second person that I had seen with it ok my server.

When AFK attacks redux {WoW}

Feb 9th 2009 2:31PM Do you think the Gnome (if he really had been on a month long search as well) would have done the exact same thing if HE had come upon a Horde with the dragon tagged? I would bet money he would. Does it suck for him? Yeah sure it does but as someone else pointed out you should probably have had your trinket equipped. If I am out in the world and expect to be farming or whatever for a while I always put on my pvp gear just in case. Don't have pvp gear? Well you have a sob story to tell your guild now.