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WoW Rookie: Primary stats for beginners {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 3:13PM Testing... testing...

If this comment goes through, my apologies, but I have been unable to post for the past 12 hours or so.

The Queue: Windows 7 and the Kalu'ak {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 4:56PM Thanks, Mith
I guess I did see the Lvl 80 Arena stuff for sale for Honor, but didn't process it fully in my mind.
Still, I ask does anyone know if Lvl 70 Arena gear is for sale anywhere for Honor?

(And sorry btw that i posted this as a response to the Story of Vanilla)

The Queue: Windows 7 and the Kalu'ak {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 2:35PM Thanks for the Queue today -- I have a question burning inside of me...

I have read in several places on the Internetz that Season 2 PvP gear was made available for purchase with Honor Points. However, the NPC (Horde-side) who once sold it, Lady Palanseer, has apparently been nerfed into a mere JC vendor.
Is this gear (or any other Lvl-70 gear from previous seasons) still able to be purchased with Honor?
It is so much better than the Lvl-70 gear offered by the regular quartermaster. I would sure like to get my Undead hands on some.
do you think it was just an experiment Blizz did, selling old arena gear for Honor? In other words, have they done anything like this since or do you think they will do something like this in the future. It would be awesome to be able to purchase something like Season 7 gear with Honor once my Lock hits 80.

Breakfast Topic: Crafting pride {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2009 5:53PM One word:
flying carpet

Wait, that's two words.

Okay, here's another one:

I don't know what you're doing wrong, but it's got to be something.
When I decided it was time to send my Lock to Outlands, I didn't want to do it without the right "outfit" and I certainly didn't want to end up with the same drop from Hellfire that my Priest and Mage were wearing (Raiments of Divine Authority), so I looked at what was available and came across Robe of the Void. One problem, it requires Tailoring.
But if you want something bad enough...

So, I power-leveled Tailoring from 1 to 300, cost me about 1000g, but I sold everything that I had made for about 500g total.

When the mount requirements were lowered, and I realized I could make myself a flying carpet, I again power-leveled. Going from 300 to 410 cost me another 1000g, but the expense was well worth it.

Additionally, don't forget that one word:

I have made close to 1000g in the past month or so just from selling bags, mostly Netherweave Bags, and I plan to make another 2000g or so over the next month with all the Frostweave I'll be gathering.
So, maybe I haven't quite broken even, but I have a steady means of revenue and a rather unique flying mount.

And just recently, I've made the move to Northrend, decked out in my Frozen Shadoweave set!

Breakfast Topic: Which class am I again? {WoW}

Oct 9th 2009 4:23PM Huh???

Kisirani on the world post-Icecrown {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2009 2:22PM I think it would be cool if we begin to see a gradual shift in the climate of Azeroth -- more severe sandstorms in Tanaris, hail in Durotar, WTF! it's pouring down rain in Desolace!! etc.

And then a series of events happening in small patches leading up to 4.0 -- the tidal waves knocking out SouthShore, earthquakes in Westfall, etc.

Finally, when we get a serious pre-Cataclysm patch (as we did pre-Wrath, with the zombie event) these burgeoning disasters will climax as the whole world is ripped asunder.

And considering that 3.3 looks ready to drop in November, I'm betting on a March release for Cata. Spring Break, maybe.

Breakfast Topic: I think this combat just might be mortal {WoW}

Sep 29th 2009 4:25PM I was one of those who QQ'ed quite a bit about the BG changes.
Not about the reduction of exp -- it seems to be a fine amount as is.
Not about the placement of 80s into their own playpen -- seems fair enough.
Not about the longer queue times -- doesn't seem any longer to me actually.

But I wasn't too happy about the placement of 70s at the bottom of the bracket, especially since I've been building up my Lock to be a badass 70 -- not a twink, just a badass -- mostly i just wanted to explore some of the BC endgame content and then put it to use in the BGs.

Also, not too happy about the way this change was ninja-plemented.
Had heard no word and was still under the impression that the bracket change was limited to AV, when I dinged 70, strolled into AB and got smushed like a bug by a level 79 DK. Needless to say, I spoke in ALL-CAPS for a long time after that.

But what I discovered later (after deciding to grit my teeth and bear it) is that AV involves such a large group that there are plenty of other 70s, 71s, 72s, 74s, etc. I guess the Exp gains does tend to diversify the playing field. Sure, I got my butt kicked a good deal, but I still managed to kick some ass and that felt extra-good as the low man on the totem pole (actually, undead female).
So, I'm going to continue with my BC endgame goals and continue queuing for AV -- maybe I won't be the bad-ass I dreamed of being, but I'll be the upstart in Epics wreaking surprising havoc on those 5 and 6 levels higher than me.

Of course, still, i would prefer my bracket remain 61-70.
It would be good for BGs, overall, perhaps if brackets could be reduced to roughly 5 levels each (10-15, 16-20, ... 55-60, 61-65, 66-70, 71-75, 76-79) -- of course, this would require consolidation of Battlegroups or cross-Battlegroup queuing, but it sounds as though that needs to happen anyway.
I would love to try out EotS or SoA, but there's NEVER one happening.

Details on the Alterac Valley bracket changes {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2009 5:18PM Can someone please answer two questions for me?

First, is the new bracket for AV 70-79 or 71-79? I've read it both ways so far. And if it is the former, for god's sakes! why? If someone purposefully gears up a character to play BGs at 70, how is it fair to bump them into a new bracket where they are suddenly low man on the totem pole?

Second, is this new bracket (70-79) for ALL battlegrounds or just AV? I've been searching but have yet to find the answer to this question. God, I hope and pray it's just for AV or that they undo this bracketing of 70s with higher levels.
Some people might actually enjoy leveling to 70 and getting the best BC-gear and then staying there at the top of their game. Some people don't even have WotLK yet -- now, they're going to get ganked in a BG when they're accustomed to being Top Dog???

Please let it be JUST for AV (even though that makes no sense either)!

But please can someone answer this question for me...
It's burning inside me...

SwagDog releases new design, limited time discount {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2009 6:16PM Has anyone ever ordered from Swagdog before? If so, what can you tell me about their shirts? Good quality? Do they shrink a lot?
Are the larges "normal-large" or "tent-sized" large? Do the larges hang down lower than a mini-skirt?
Are the mediums "normal-medium" or are they "kids-only" medium?

Insider Trader: Patch 3.2.2 madness {WoW}

Sep 18th 2009 5:25PM I don't know what game you're playing , idgemo,
but I think post-Wrath B-Smithing is the most well-designed -- the Plans call for a reasonable amount of materials, plans are provided consistently by the trainers, and most importantly, I can SELL what i make! The stuff B-Smiths make is actually IN DEMAND!

I regularly sell Honed Cobalt Cleavers for 140g each -- if i sold the materials by themselves, i would make about 30g max.
Compare that to almost anything pre-BC.
Pre-BC, materials could be sold for at least twice as much as the end-product, making crafted items nothing but a necessary money sink. On the other hand, almost every piece of armor i've made leveling post-Wrath, i've sold for an average of twice what the materials are worth.

And why did you spend thousands of gold to level up??
Let me guess. You picked up mining/b-smithing in the beginning, but got frustrated by the b-smithing, so you ended up at Level 75 or so with 450-Mining and 175-Blacksmithing. Well, you know what? That's your own fault. If you had leveled your Crafting profession alongside your Gathering profession, you would have spent MAYBE a hundred or two hundred gold along the way.

Myself, I haven't spend thousands to level my profession. In fact, since Wrath, I've MADE thousands FROM my profession, which is a testament to the improved game-design.