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Player documents the two-headed monster of his own WoW addiction {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2012 12:29PM @Rob

1.) Read last paragraph. Slowly. Come back when finished.

2.) TL;DR last paragraph - he DOESN'T blame the game - just like I don't after getting over my problems with the game.

See, when I first read your comments, I thought you were completely and utterly cruel and ignorant. I then took a little time to get over the initial emotion and feeling of personal attack (/nerdrage), and I realized you had a point. Anything that brings up the fact that WoW has "ruined" lives ends up implying that the author/creator/person blames the game. I've seen it, and I've raged against it. But when I realized WoW was a problem for me, I quickly realized I raged against it because I didn't want to admit my own problems.

(NOTE: This is not implying you or any others who have an opinion against the director have a problem with the game, as you state that you have time management, love life, job, etc.)

He found out that WoW was a problem for him, and he's been able to move on from it. I'm still working on it. But "WoW addictions" are legitimate. Just like any other addictions. Just because there is no drug component doesn't mean our brain chemistry works in a way to facilitate it. WoW filled a void created by said problem - therefore it caused the continuation of said problem. McDonald's doesn't make people fat, but the food and desire for it cause people to come back (and McDonalds wasn't going to turn away more money).

Does that mean McDonalds is the Devil Incarnate? No. Does this make WoW the Anti-Christ? No. Should we riot against these companies and tear them down? No. Should we try to help one another as we deal with the brain chemistry imbalances of our minds, which is something scientists are still trying to figure out? Yes.

In your first post, you say "Its time management - its an aspect of growing up." Do you also tell people who are clinically depressed (which is different from being simply depressed/sad) to just "get over it - its an aspect of growing up"? No. You can't "will away" depression. It takes time, patience, therapy, and general understanding that you may not get over it (also admittance of a problem from the patient). Its a chronic illness like any other. And that line of thinking that you said was a reason why I STAYED depressed - telling myself its just a time management thing - I just need to grow up.

For you - it worked. I'm happy that you are successful and happy. For others, like myself, - they need a bit more help. However, when was it "easy" for a normal person to admit their own problems, go to a therapist, and get the help they need? With attitudes implied by your statement, very hard.

Its easier to condemn a man who is going through something you've never experienced. Its also easy to condemn a man who is having trouble with something you can easily manage. Its hard to accept differences between people, and reason out that we need to count our blessings and help our fellow man/woman. I hope you maybe understand and agree, but then again, you are entitled to your opinions. And my arguments don't always flow right. But maybe you can read through this and understand my problem with what you said, without going away thinking its an attack. And maybe we can all go away, working towards a better world instead of hoping for one. But maybe that's my idealism and optomism clouding my realism and cynicism.

Massively's guide to The Old Republic for WoW players {WoW}

Jan 21st 2012 6:59PM Not to burst anyone's bubble or reality - but even with the bugs (which I know several people who dealt with some of the worst bugs in the game), the disjointedness of the planets, the endgame not being exceptional, the bugs, the mishandling of some patches (which resulted in more bugs), and the forum community, I still like the game.

Yes, I like it. I'm just burned out from WoW. And the expansion is not as exciting as the last two have been (FOR ME, please read as opinion, not fact). SW:tOR has given me something new, and its fun for me. I enjoy most of what trolls and other people criticize as bad and not "MMO." It makes the game for me.

So what I will say - Have fun with WoW. I enjoyed the game, and I hope it makes people happy. I know I won't be missed (except by the friends I have made in the game). I know WoW will continue on strong.

Just don't trash SW:tOR. It is buggy, but WoW has had bugs come in during patches. Other games have come out too early and needed more time in development.

Also, don't look to TITAN or GW2 as the "saviors of MMOs." SW:tOR was publicized as such. Rift was publicized as such. In fact, a lot of games with the biggest hype (Skyrim, anyone) has come out with this "savior/best game of all time" syndrome. Some games will be amazing, some won't, and its always based on the gamer's perspective. I'm off to enjoy SW:tOR. Y'all continue to enjoy WoW. Is that too much to ask?

5 great holiday gifts for World of Warcraft players {WoW}

Dec 16th 2011 7:40PM Um...I think you forgot one gift idea.

Star Wars: the Old Republic.

Note: this isn't meant to replace WoW. WoW is a great game still, but I think Star Wars: the Old Republic is too good to pass up because you are playing another MMO. Yes, there are kinks and bugs that are being worked on - but so far, I've enjoyed launch and the classes and the story. If you are an MMO fan, you should definitely not go into the whole "WoW vs. SW:tOR" troll debate. Give the gift of Star Wars, and just enjoy the game for what it is - a game.

12 Days of Smack Talkin' {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 12:42PM Going into studying for my final exam tonight. After watching this video, I feel so much better and less stressed. I'm looking forward to SW:tOR this Christmas break, but seeing the WoW vs. SW:tOR battles beginning makes me excited. I almost want to see an epic rap battles of history of least after SW:tOR comes out.

1,000 guilds have killed heroic Ragnaros {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 2:01AM Hence why the internet should not ever be a forum for debates. Scooter, I understand what you are trying to do, and what you asked and attempted to do was admirable. However, Everclear and Knob are anonymously here. Their joke isn't directly against any of the rules of WoWinsider (as I know), so it won't be removed or stopped.

Again, what you ask is admirable, but also be realistic - the internet is going to do dumb jokes for that little bit of fame they get for being so clever. Its better to simply ignore it and move on - energy is better spent in reality than on here. So word of wisdom - Don't feed the troll.

As to the post - I'm glad 10-mans are dominating; they were always better-made in my opinion. I think Blizzard will be happy because they have essentially balanced what developers wanted - content that was accessible to be seen by raiders while giving hardcore players a challenge. There can always be tweaks, and I will miss long raids like Ulduar or Kara.

Go go Power Rangers Online! For real! {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2011 12:58AM I'm sorry...but it isn't Power Rangers unless its the original show. These "Magirangers" have nothing on Zordon, Rita, and the Putty Patrol!

Breakfast Topic: Where will we hang out in the next expansion? {WoW}

Nov 1st 2011 10:05AM I don't understand the water hate. Of the two starter zones, it was the more fun and interesting story. Sorry, nothing really pushed me in hyjal until near the end. Granted, underwater was buggy at times, especially if you have lag. However, bugs could've been fixed and made a wonderful zone.

New Mists of Pandaria talent calculator live {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 2:52PM After looking over some of them...I can say it definitely won't be as easy to say which build is "PVE only" and "PVP only." Most of the talents are utility only stuff. It'll come down to personal preference in most cases (or what most theorycrafters have put their investments into figuring out provides the most benefit to the raid group). Not a bad move, but it makes talents not very important. They do help, and could save a raid group. But when you're leveling up...they only provide nominal utility. There isn't a thrill to get these things, unless they change the abilities (which I think they said these things will be altered from their current form).

All in all, good move if balancing is such a nightmare. A part of me thinks they kept this until they needed to implement it to keep people from leaving - marketing strategy and all. There will still be cookie cutter builds for PvP or PvE (For hunters, no PvE hunter will take frost arrows), but they will be more flexible and allowing for alterations.

What confuses me most is this - if they truly wanted players to feel "different" from each other, then why don't they allow for armor color changes? I know they have said its difficult to implement and would require more work in the design department...but its much easier to identify differences from players if you can see the differences in armor.

On top of that...I never really cared if I looked different from the other hunters...I was a dwarf. That's all that mattered to me, I was seperated from the hippy elves and latestart humans, the twilight worgen, the cant drive dranei, the "FOR THE HORDE BECAUSE WE BECOME COOL FOR BEING ALL WARRIOR LIKE WHEN WE ARE JUST NERDS!" orcs, the other hippy trolls, the modern hippy/eco-green tauren, the deadlatestart undead, the greedy goblins, and the blood elves (self-explanatory). Dwarves=epic.

BlizzCon 2011: Lore Q&A Liveblog {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 8:59PM So...a lot of "I don't know" and "We can't answer just yet" and "Soon TM."

What's the point of Q&As again?

Sarcasm aside, I hope they are right that they aren't basing this totally on the Pandaren. They already said this would be a one continent xpac, but there could have been a lot more involved with this - the Kirin Tor, Goblin big island, troll islands, and lots more. Here's to hoping they don't mess this up. I don't want WoW's death, but I really want to see the awesome soon. And a better leader than Varian. Order and Discipline for the Alliance, not bloodthirsty and /rage over EVERY ORC! varian.

BlizzCon 2011: Classes, Items, and Professions Q&A Liveblog {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 5:16PM Gotta be a downer, but there were some stupid questions, and there were some legit questions that were not given good answers. I know Blizzard keeps secrets, but why have a Q&A session when you answer questions like a corrupt politician and say "Soon TM."

Also, WHY DID NO DRUID FAN ASK ABOUT THE RETURN OF TREE FORM?! Killed druid healing for me (note, personal opinion, not a statement of fact. I just miss jumping around as a treant...not these stupid war trees).