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PTR Notes: Patch note watch 3/5 {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 10:21AM Wellllllll.. sucks about the Rogues not having very much included on them lately. It "appears" as though no nerf and no buff can't be that bad - but really if everyone else gets the buff.. why not us too? It's our only useful multi-attack.. I heart breaking sheeps.. not. I've given up caring. If someone wants to sheep near the rogue, it's their fault ;) i'm just trying to kill skull!

What's a rogue got to do to get some love?

PTR Notes: Patch note watch 3/5 {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 7:39AM [Rogue] The combat log will now almost always be accurate in displaying the amount of damage done to a rogue when under the effects of Cheat Death.


How about making blade furry not break CC too since you're buffing every other classes aoe?

WoW Moviewatch: The Showdown {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 12:28PM sucks. i don't understand how anyone can appreciate this garbage.

65nm Xbox 360s starting to trickle out? {Engadget}

Sep 29th 2007 5:11AM I'm performing my sixth replacement right now. I have had nothing but bad luck and months of downtime. There's been some real bad feelings had by many

people towards Microsoft because they're experiencing having to go through the repair process multiple times without so much as a WORKING Xbox 360 (which

could easily be a $1,000+ investment) -- meanwhile certain members of the press get LOANER Xbox 360 ELITE units while there's is being repaired?

Sigh, and there's nothing that you can do about it because of the way the company distances itself from the face of repairs.

In Canada, the repair process involves 100% refurb replacements. They check two things: (a) did we get the 360? and (b) is it broken is some capacity?

After these conditions are met, they give you a newly 'fixed' 360. Problem solved?

Too bad it's a refurb, and the unit you just returned is going to be saved up, shipped out en-masse to America and 'fixed', returned to Canada and shipped to

another innocent victim.

Oops -- another problem: your XB Live purchased content won't properly work (trial games, no in game content for Oblivion, Saints Row, Dead Rising), and

you're either required to jump through MORE hoops to get the ability to take your console wherever you choose to play -- not just limited by where your magic

airwaves [Wi-Fi] can reach) thanks to the changed console serial number.

I've had the RRS team deal with my case twice (once Canadian, once American) and the only benefit to both is that THEY SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH! Over the course

of my 6 repairs I've probably spent 7 hours on the phone with 888-4MY-Xbox, 5 hours of which were on hold, and spent approximately 6 months of my purchased

Xbox Live! time FORCEABLY OFFLINE due to the hardware problems. The solution is staring myself in the face each time I call and have done all the

troubleshooting steps AHEAD of time.

The most recent return to me could not open the DVD unit. If I removed the faceplate and depressed an internal mechanism I could force the tray to eject,

and also close when you'd push eject on a hardware/software level, whenever you tried to eject the tray with the eject button or the remote, or the

dashboard, the tray would move a millimeter and then CLICK! it's either caught or locked.

THIS WAS THAT HARD TO CHECK FOR BEFORE IT WAS SHIPPED OUT? It's fairly basic functionality of a DVD-based console.

I've heard nightmares of people with more problems than myself but I have had enough of the excuses and I'm fed up with their lack of concern that I've been

out of a product for 6 months [estimate based on one month per repair cycle] since November 22, 2005.

I would be happy if they'd tried to ease my frustrations at all -- I'm not asking for the Halo 3 console but it'd be nice to have a HDDVD player for my

troubles or if they accidentally slipped up and sent back an elite that worked, I wouldn't complain..

But I can't even imagine how deep this problem goes.

I have no recourse, I have no console and I have spent way too much money on the 360 -- I could probably get a PS3 for all the stuff I could trade in -- Hiro

fight stick, FF racing wheel, countless games, GH2, extra guitar, 4x white controller, 2x black controller, the camera, the 360 Wireless adapter, I had

prepaid for XBL until 2009.. The list goes on and I have been given nothing but hard times and hoops to jump through with the repair process.

With respects to my claim against the console that wouldn't open recently -- I was referred to the American RRS team -- who ignored the suggested time for

calling (or else 4MY-XBOX didn't indicate the time to call even though they asked me).

I told them to call 5PM-MIDNIGHT eastern standard time.

They called twice (I have call display and it shows up) before 3PM, leaving two messages.

The first he left a number and a reference number.

I called back a non 4MYXBOX number and entered the long code for my reference and his not-as-long extension.

HE'S ON THE PHONE. It sounds like some other guy's voice. Whatever. I leave my NUMBER AND A POLITE MESSAGE AND INFORM HIM I NEED TO BE CALLED BETWEEN 5PM


The second time he calls (two-three days later, before 3PM as previously mentioned) he tells me he's tried to make contact 5x (like I said, his number showed

up on call display -- twice. Not five times.) and that he's going to go ahead and terminate the case.

I call back before 5PM on that same day, and he's already terminated the case, and even though I can get through the secret fort-knox of a phone system they

have to let me in (extension, case number matching employee who extension you put in).

He told me I had to contact 4MY-Xbox for support.

I just about took a dump in my pants.

I paid money for this?

I think if anyone's eligible to start a proper negligence lawsuit to get our money refunded it's people in the repair pool who have had 5 or more replacement

consoles -- and there's more than us out there who are treating their system with kid gloves and are still being F'd in the A.

A lonely, polite and disgruntled Canuck,


Today's hottest game video: XFPS demo {Joystiq}

Dec 23rd 2006 5:37PM couple stupid things;

sucks you gotta pay for it

sucks it won't seperate lobbies for mouse / gamepad

if i want to play a precision game that relies on mouse/kb i'll go play Q3 Threewave on my dual core 3.2 on my 42" LCD... and be totally satisfied with a game that's been out for 10 years. Then go back to playing non fps games on my threesixty! I'm not a real big fan of console FPS' just because of the whole audience that play it. Immature h0m0s3x3z. Clans on a console, good game!

The best Guitar Hero video. Ever. {Joystiq}

Oct 20th 2006 4:32PM So, UsedTabe, it'd be theoretically impossible to take apart an effects pedal and turn it into a cable splitter/repeater?

The best Guitar Hero video. Ever. {Joystiq}

Oct 20th 2006 4:11PM With a name like Erik, no wonder you hate GH -- no traditional viking theme songs.. here's one... "we're here.. we're vikings.. and it's our wive's we're striking!!"

Lost, BSG actors join C&C 3: Tiberium Wars {Joystiq}


"Turbo" button makes a return with DS Lite on steroids {Joystiq}

Jul 18th 2006 12:36PM Maybe he could put one together for the PSP.. y'know.. one where the game-load time doesn't exceed the fun-playing time..