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WoW launcher and downloader causing validation errors [Updated] {WoW}

Nov 9th 2009 10:03PM Hello all :)

Look at the date of the BackgroundDownloader.exe, Launcher.exe and Repair.exe they where all updated. Haven't we seen this before when they are preparing to start allow us to start background download the upcoming patch?

//Thoorleif, Eller

Officers' Quarters: Hot-headed healers {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 2:09PM To begin with tell your paladins that the retri paladin should always judge light when you raid and the other paladins holy and prot should judge wisdom at least 1 time a minute for Judgements of the Pure. This because Judgment of Light scale with Spellpower and Attack Power and the retri paladin have the highest Spellpower and Attack Power.

I found this article before and it rocks, paladin's in your guild should read up on it. And if healers and other players in the raid can't understand that meters does not matter at all. Lets take some examples a disc priest's heals by putting up bubbles and stuff and they do not register as heal. An paladin can be assigned to cleanse or heal mt in a fight and thereby be low on meters. Meters is just crap if a healer is assigned to a tank and he do his job keeping the healer up.

Source for below quotation:

"If your raid has:

* Ret, Prot and Holy: Ret on Judgement of Light, Prot on Judgement of Wisdom, Holy on Judgement of Justice.
* Ret and Prot: Ret on Judgement of Light, Prot on Judgement of Wisdom.
* Ret and Holy: Ret on Judgement of Light, Holy on Judgement of Wisdom.
* Prot and Holy: Prot on Judgement of Light, Holy on Judgement of Wisdom.
* If all your group’s paladins are of the same spec, it doesn’t really matter who judges what. The best-geared paladin should judge Light, as it scales with gear, but it doesn’t really matter.

… But What About The Meters?!

There are holy paladins out there who will claim they should be judging Light so they get credit for all that healing done on the meters. There are raid leaders out there who look at healing meters and get angry if the Retribution paladin is nearly outhealing the Holy paladin.

To both of you, I say: fie on you! Healing is not a competition; the raid group is a team. Do you really side tricor effects want to give bad assignments that waste peoples’ potential, just so the meters look “right”?

If you’re that concerned about the meters, log the raid with WoW Webstats (aka WWS), look at the report afterwards, and ignore the amounts for Judgement of Light. Don’t let Meter Worry (or Meter Pride) goad you into encouraging the use of inappropriate Judgements, when in the right hands Judgements are powerful tools for your raid."


65% fewer Arena teams in Season 5 {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 12:57AM Blizzard should differentiate between arenas/battlegrounds and none arenas/battlegrounds. PVE should not be punished because for example paladins does to much burst damage in PVP. And ofc the other way around.

When you enter arenas/battlegrounds your talents become adjusted to for example reduce paladins burst damage and when our are outside of arenas/battlegrounds stats should become PVE based and not nerfed because of pvp.


World of Warcraft, as seen on television {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 7:05PM This is an old one I guess Stargate mentioning WoW and some odd facts *lol*


On lag and communication: Two interrelated issues {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 9:38PM I have been playing on Silvermoon EU sense the WoW was launched. And ofc Blizzard have updated the hardware many times. For example Silvermoon and allot of other servers where down for 12 hours plus before BC release. I have no complaints what so ever against this ofc Blizzard need to take down servers for service and fix network problems and so on. And sometimes at least us in Europa can blame Telia the isp for Blizzards server farm in France for connection issues.

The fact moving to another realm might help in some cases but in other it will not. When you enter lets say Naxx you enter an instance that means many different realms then yours can use the same instance server (cluster). So if you are unlucky you can move to a low pop realm and still get huge lags in Naxx becuse you are in the same instance server (cluster) as you where before.

I personally play wow because i like the guild interacting doing raids and kill new bosses. But with this lag i can see huge problems for guild management to get raids going if it continues like it is now for a few more weeks. People will stop play and cancel their accounts.

If WoW wasn't a online-game you would return the product and demand money back. If you buy lets say a news paper and every other page is totally white no text what so ever you would demand a new copy or money back. If you buy a car where the engine and breaks and all the rest works perfect but the doors wont open you would return the product. But because its only an online-game and one of the best on the market you/we/I keep paying because its computers and network and stuff ofc there will be problems now and then.

The lag problem on Silvermoon has most of the time ever sense 3.0.2 patch was released just before WotLK been huge in SWP, Naxx and every other 25 man instance. Its not lag in the sense of high ping/latency (ms) to the servers it has been server lags. For exampel i have most of the time been between 40-60ms ping(latency) but had huge lag burst and locks heals taking between 2-30 sec to cast and so on.

The most annoying is one of the post on the European forum saying "they did not know about this problem" and that was posted a few weeks after WotLK was launched even thou you could clearly read post commenting on lag. And i know of several guilds complaining to GM's about lag and they say they don't know about problem. Further on in the note string they say "they are aware of the problem and working on it" and a few pages later they refer to the note saying that next minor patch going to fix the problem.

The problem is that the lag is worse then ever. Around 7-8pm Naxx is unplayable you cant even kill the trash if you are unlucky. If you are lucky and many guilds wipe you can get some trash down and maybe even a boss.

I agree on the point lets do more minor patches and plz Blizzard stacking and opening clams when mounted is not the most pressing when the game from patch 3.0.2 before WotLK has been unplayable during peak hours in 25 man raids because of lag (on some realms).

Latency fixes coming for Northrend, Naxx {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 9:31PM Hello all :)

These issues has been going on for months at least on Silvermoon EU. The issues started when the 3.0.2 patch was released before WotLK. SWP became almost unplayable, trying to kill Felmyst with up to 10 seconds of lag avoiding the breaths.

And now look at Naxx and the same problems continues. Lets take the Construct (Abomination) Quarter, first we have Patchwerk a DPS race demanding allot of heals going on to the Hatefull Strike victim and then have allot of lag forcing healers to pre-heal and in some cases go OOM or you find all your melee dead after a sever lag burst, second blinking adds at Gluth one second they are at the back of the room the next they are under the boss getting eaten, and last but not least Thaddius with so bad lags so players interfaces don't update with plus or minus, or simply not enough dps because of the lag.

The lag issues has been reported time and time again under Technical Support on the European forum anyway. First they say they didn't know about, then they say that Technical Support cant do anything about it and that its been reported to DEV team.

Sometimes I wonder if this is the gold sink Blizzard was talking about before WotLK? Is it the the way to reduce players and guilds gold because of all wipes? I know they cant give the gold back and it's easy to get gold back just do some dailies... But it's the principle of it; If this wasn't a online game you would return the product and demand money back because one of the major features of the product don't work.

I am disappointed in Blizzard being so sluggish to address these problems and making the game allot less fun then it would be killing Thaddius on first try not on the 10'th or 15'th times.