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The Dos and Don'ts of getting a port {WoW}

Dec 24th 2008 12:41AM I agree with Nauwkie said - I hate it when people don't tip, expect it for free as if blizz gave us the ability to port so we're some sort of in-game service. yes, it's 20s, not really a big deal when you're 70 (or even 80), but it's the principle of the matter, I mean you don't not tip an enchanter or scribe for making you enchants or scrolls, why shouldn't you tip us for our services?

and I also happen to be one of those mages who gets snarky at impoliteness, or even when they say 'port to plz', because it's not formal, it's not polite, and if you're in that much of a hurry to get there, try getting there yourself - I'm sure it'll take you longer to walk/ride there then to try to type a polite tell.

incidentally I think I might become one of those mages who charge obscene amounts for ports if they're rude in asking - sounds fun :P


Breakfast Topic: To solo or not to solo? {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 11:57AM I"m with Cetha
I'm a mage and in the lull between 3.0 and wrath i was (trying to) solo BC instances (still haven't got wrath yet, but don't have any time either...), went arcane spec to try a few things out and haven't gone back since, and while going frost gives you a better shield and a big blue buddy, unless you're critting through the roof I don't see it kiting a lot of bosses too well. (or maybe I"m just naive - I'd try it out but I'm just against frost lore-wise - hurling big bolts of ice/frost at your enemy? turn him into an ice block/give him hypothermia? Id prefer to burn him down with fire or pure magical energy, show 'em what a mage can really do before they're eviscerated)
Frost seems to have less of a kiting ability than arcane (or is this me just being naive again?)

Arcane Brilliance: Patch 3.0.8, or Blizzard's love letter to Arcane Mages {WoW}

Dec 14th 2008 1:12AM I whole hartedly agree.

while atm I do have a pally and (dare I say it) a warlock alt (dw, it's only 17, might set it up for some mages on Khaz'Goroth as a punching bag if they ever want...) I'm still a mage at heart, and reading this article truly brightens my Sat/Sun. Thank you Mr. Belt for writing us in the mage-world such interesting, captivating and funny articles for us to read every week.

and for those locks that are reading this just so they can work out how to kill us more effeciently next patch - GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!


Arcane Brilliance: The wonders of Frostfire {WoW}

Dec 13th 2008 11:41AM kenn f said -
Now... FFB is something that I guess I will have to try at some point, but I am still having much more fun being able to MOVE with Arcane barrage as my main nuke! Woot!

I totally agree with you, after being an immobile fireslinger up until now, being able to actually wield pure magical power AND be able to move around while doing it AND it still turning out a reasonable amount of DPS (ABarrage seems to mirror fireball in most ways, though it does slightly less base damage I've noticed)...I just can't stop. Slow, ABarrage, FB, ABarrage, PoM-(insert normal cast-time heavy nuke here, for me it's fireball), ABarrage, it's just...unprecedented.

and yes, it probably doesn't have as much raw DPS as an FFB build, but I"m HAVING FUN with it, much like what Christian said in his disclaimer and what Kenn might've implied in his comment. if you want to try to feel superior in the damage charts then go respec to FFB, but if you want to do that I wonder why you rolled a mage in the first place (if you've got a 70 mage atm chances are you had one before 3.0.2 which means that everybody could out-DPS us then (usual exceptions of course) so what you were trying to do with a mage being top-dog with DPS at that time is anybody's guess.

ultimately though, I may roll FFB for an instance/raid when I get to 80 (when I F*****g finally get wrath - some you wouldn't believe how impossible it is to get wrath retail here - on second thought, maybe you might, it hasn't been translated into japanese after all...but that's a rant for another time) just to see those BIG JUICY CRITS everyone's talking about/drooling over.

(well, everyone in the mage community anyway, everyone else is probably wondering if this will make us more squishy or more living WoMD, and even more due cause to feign death/vanish/fade/go invisible (though if your opponent is a mage then I suppose you yourself could just go invisible and know where he is))

and to the guy QQ-ing about Christian using the term 'tea-bagging' - stop QQ-ing about 'political' issues and start QQ-ing about important issues, like why the hell we can't steal beastial fury from a hunter or his pet like we can with a pally and hand of freedom (again, another rant for another time... Christian, think WoW insider'll let me QQ about that if I wrote an issue of Arcane brilliance?)

Breakfast Topic: If you could choose your racials {WoW}

Nov 21st 2008 11:58AM good god people, I see more people qq-ing about this discussion than people properly replying to the topic. It's a hypothetical discussion, not a blizzard game balance meeting. (ffs...)

*takes a deep breath* as for me, I'm quite fine with my racials on all my characters (WotF on my mage lets me get back into the fight earlier, AT on my BE pally gives me that extra bit of mana as well as the resists, and gift of the naaru on my Drenei pally gives me a decent HoT (now).

wonder why forsaken only get 1% shadow resist and got a WotF nerf though...

Forum post of the day: They know their lore {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 9:28AM I'm sorry, is everybody missing the rather large army wanting to wipe out all traces of existence in the universe? Sure, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of other plot holes to explore, but I'm almost positive we'll see the burning legion once again (remember, we've only banished kil'jaden, not destroyed him completely, and no-one's even found Sergeras yet, nor even know what condition he's in, especially after players destroy part of his soul inhabiting Aitesh)