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EA to be the sole source for SWTOR downloads [updated] {Massively}

Jun 2nd 2011 10:51PM @JoolaPrime

Also keep in mind that this will be a new download platform and not EADM. I have faith that they've taken the lessons they learned with EADM and applied them to Origin to make it comparable to other Digital Distributors.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

May 31st 2011 4:35PM /facepalm

Around Azeroth: Freaks flock together {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 2:51PM From the quest related to him:

He was as terrible as my grandfather described.

The Queue: Go away, meteor head {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 12:55PM That post was obviously taken in the Rapture.

Around Azeroth: Freaks flock together {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 12:49PM Pro Tip: Mazzranache is actually a male. Not a female.

Guild Wars 2's explosive seventh class: The Engineer {Massively}

May 19th 2011 9:43AM @(Unverified) Last I checked we were all still entitled to our opinions. Don't embarrass yourself trying to pass off your own opinions as fact. Remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Portal 2 Authoring Tools now available in beta for PC gamers {Joystiq}

May 11th 2011 10:49PM @John Z

I was fortunate enough to pick up my PS3 copy at midnight. Linked my accounts and left the game downloading on Steam while I got some sleep.

A buddy of mine wasn't so fortunate :-\

The Queue: The cool girls {WoW}

May 7th 2011 2:40PM Death Knights don't have Magenta hair O.o Magenta is a purplish pink. DK specific hair colors are pure white, blue and teal.

The Queue: Dark Phoenix Alchemy Lab {WoW}

Apr 17th 2011 3:28PM @SR

Try this. Split an avocado in half, remove the seed, sprinkle the insides with a little bit of sugar, and eat with a spoon out of the skin. Just make sure the avocado is ripe enough to be eaten with a spoon. Delicious.

On topic: Rabbit. Now bear with me, Rabbit tastes good (it actually tastes just like chicken). However, it wasn't the taste that was gross. It was the fact that the rabbit I ate happened to be my pet who, as I was told by my dad, had supposedly jumped into the river behind our house and drowned. I was told I was eating chicken at the time. I wouldn't find out for another year or so what I had actually eaten.

WoW Rookie: How to learn mouse turning {WoW}

Apr 14th 2011 7:10PM Actually, even a tank can strafe and continue dodging and parrying. Speaking from experience.