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Deathwing sculpture in progress {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 3:48PM Absolutely amazing in it's attention to detail BUT (now this is NOT the artist's fault) but what's Deathwing going to do with a chin like that, plow snow?

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite raid boss? {WoW}

Jun 12th 2009 2:00PM Sartharion.

Closest I'll ever get to Deathwing as a boss (Nefarion? Onxyia?)
Also because I LOVE the voice that was put with him!

"Such flammable little insects!"

Breakfast Topic: Performance anxiety {WoW}

Mar 16th 2009 8:40AM There have been a few times I've, even as DPS, been really stressed; my first time in Naxx, THE DANCE, and my first time doing Sartharion...


And when I was taming the Spirit Beast. My hands were shaking I saw so stressed, freaking out that someone would come by and kill it like the first time. >.

Breakfast Topic: Theme Songs {WoW}

Mar 15th 2009 11:44AM The most epic of epic battle songs would be (for me)


New Spirit Beast discovered on the PTR {WoW}

Mar 12th 2009 5:43PM I agree the druid skins/forms need attetion and I'm not even a druid!

On another note, it's kind of...*scathingly* irritating that they just rehashed an old skin, made it have smokey-blue vapor around it and gave it glowing eyes. One of the reasons I like my Spirit Beast so much is because it's not a traditional cat model, and I happen to like the leopard-like spots on him.

I also agree that some of the spirit beasts should be other types of animals or at the very least have one for each pet tree (Cunning/Ferocity/Tenacity) I don't see why this would be an would still have to be BM and have to put the point in the exotic pet taming...

WoW Moviewatch: Wrathgate 300 {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 2:35PM I second Narayan.

Breakfast Topic: Who's the boss? {WoW}

Mar 6th 2009 6:29PM Sartharion, of course!

I love the voice-over for him and...

"Such flammable little insects!"

Breakfast Topic: Why reroll? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 8:27AM My main is a 80 Nelf hunter...I love LOVE playing the hunter class. Recently I started a pally just as a fresh change but I wouldn't call it a 're-roll'. I've never felt the need to 're-roll'. Nope!

Gorilla Thunderstomp ability given to all tenacity pets {WoW}

Mar 1st 2009 8:57PM @ Dekota
ME to! I also have Gezzerak the Huntress aka Elli...
and I think Warpstalkers are THE coolest looking tanking pets.

Breakfast Topic: Pride in your Achievements {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 9:45AM Mine would be the 'Guardian of Cenarious' title on my Nelf hunter. :D

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